Mee6 Discord Bot: A Complete Guide with Commands List

Know all about the Mee6 Bot and enhance your Discord servers!

Is handling all tasks on your server as a moderator tiring you? It is the added pressure of managing a community as well as providing a rewarding experience for all new & existing users. If you relate to it, then Mee6 bot can help you out. It has a comprehensive set of rules to manage your server and create a friendly environment effectively. Learn how to set up and use the Mee6 bot on your Discord server and know all about its commands list.

How to Setup and Use the Mee6 Bot

How to Add and Use Mee6 Bot Commands List on Discord

Mee6 bot is a discord bot that can be used to manage your server. It has several automated moderation techniques to help take over the tasks and carry them out efficiently. Knowing how to add Mee6 bot will help you conduct your moderator duties with ease. Follow the below steps to do so:

1. Visit the Mee6 official website to invite the bot.

2. Click on Add to Discord button.

 Click on Add to Discord button | Discord bot Mee6 commands list

3. Click on Authorize to proceed.

click Authorize to proceed.

4. Click on the Setup button on the server to which you want to invite the bot.

Click on the Setup button | Discord bot Mee6 commands list

5. Click on Continue.

Click on the Continue button

6. Click on Authorize again when asked.

Click on Authorize again when asked

7. Check the option I am human and complete the captcha or use the Captcha bot if you have it added.

Tick I am human and complete the captcha | Discord bot Mee6 commands list

After inviting the bot, you will be redirected to the Mee6 dashboard. There are various plugins you can activate on the dashboard and enable them. Here are some of our recommendations:

  • Welcome and Goodbye: This plugin will allow you to send a message when a new user joins your server. There are endless customization options available.
  • Reaction Roles: This will allow you to create reaction roles for users and the bot will assign the role automatically to each new user when they enter your server.
  • Embed Messages: This plugin will allow you to create embed messages for rules and announcements to be made.
  • Record: With this plugin, you can record voice channels and listen to them when needed. This is useful if you want to avoid users to exchange abusive words.
  • Moderator: This option allows Mee6 bot to automod give the moderator free time.

Mee6 | Discord bot Mee6 commands list

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Mee6 Discord Bot Commands List

Here’s a Mee6 bot commands list on Discord that will help you initiate the bot easily across your servers:

Command Function
!ban [member] [reason] Bans a member from the server
!tempban [member] [duration] [reason] Temporarily bans a user from the server
!mute [member] [reason] Prevents a user from communicating by chat on the server
!tempmute [member] [duration] [reason] Temporarily prevents a user from communicating by chat
!unmute [member] Allows muted members to talk in chat
!slowmode [timeout] [off] Enables the slow mode which limits the amount of messages a member can send
!kick [member] [reason] Removes a member from the server
!infractions [member] Lists the rule violations performed by a specific member
!warn [member] [reason] Shows a message warning a member who violates a rule
!clear [member] [count] Clears channel message
!youtube [search] Helps to search a video on YouTube
!twitch [search] Helps to search for a channel on Twitch
!imgur [search] Helps to search for an imgur meme
!urban [search] Helps to search urban slang terms
!anime [search] Helps to look up a kitsu for an anime
!manga [search] Helps to look up a kitsu from manga
!pokemon [search] Helps to lookup Pokemon

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Mee6 Custom Commands

To create custom commands through Mee6 bot on Discord, follow the below steps:

1. Click on Custom Commands.

click on custom commands

2. Click on Activate Custom Commands.

click on activate custom commands

3. Click on New Custom command.

click on new custom command

4. Choose the action to be performed by the bot.

choose the action to be performed

5. Type the message and click on Save & Close.

enter the message | Discord bot Mee6 commands list

Note 1: If you want to customize the command, click on Advanced options and permissions. Here, you can add Command Description, Visibility, and Cooldown.

click on Advanced options and permissions

Note 2: You can unlock more actions by joining the Premium version.

Features of Mee6 Bot

There is an extensive number of features that Mee6 offers. Read the list below to learn some of the features:

  • The moment a user joins your server, they will be welcomed as per your personalization and given intro to server rules and the environment you provide can make a great first impression to the new user.
  • Advanced custom commands are present in the bot so you can add any commonly used commands to gain even more control than what Mee6 bot offers.
  • You can also create engagement with users by connecting them with your YouTube uploads or Twitch gameplays when you create new content. This way you can easily stay connected to your interested users. The Mee6 bot makes sending new video alerts to server members very easy.
  • Mee6 bot streamlines the reaction roles by auto-assigning roles to users when they react with the interface. What’s more, you can completely customize the roles to give your server a personal touch.
  • It includes a fun leveling system with XP-based leveling. Now your users will be feeling more rewarded the more they interact with other users, this in turn will make the community more active.
  • Along with all these, Mee6 includes a ticket system that receives any bug messages faced by a user and automatically sends the message to the moderator, who fixes the bug and closes the ticket, Mee6 bot will notify users about the bugfix

How to Customize Mee6 to Suit Your Server

Mee6 is one of the bots that you can completely tailor according to your server’s taste and give a feeling that you have created a custom bot. Read more to learn about these.

  • The features for making Mee6 bot your own bot are by adding the bot’s name, its own backstory, status, and avatar. Incorporating these is crucial for your server since it looks more branded and authentic, this will lead to a stronger community.
  • Do you want your bot to mimic Harry Potter or Edward Cullen from the Twilight series or Kratos from God of War? Anything is possible with the Mee6 bot.
  • You can design your bot the way you want. Mee6 will always represent the bot only as per your input. No need to code or anything, everything is possible with Mee6 plugins.

We hope that our article on how to setup and use the Discord bot Mee6 commands list was helpful. Keep reading more articles like these to gain more knowledge about discord bots. If you encounter any problems during the installation or usage of the Mee6 bot, don’t hesitate to drop a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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