Can Someone Delete Text and Phone Call Activity from Verizon Bill?

Learn whether anyone can secretly wipe off your text and call activity from your Verizon bill.

Verizon sends the bills of the services you use, either on an online account or through the mail, to you to update you on your account activity. It is important to handle these bills carefully to protect your account information and maintain privacy and security. Let us find out if someone can monitor and delete your text and phone call activity from your Verizon bill.

Can Someone Delete Text and Phone Call Activity from Verizon Bill?

Can Someone Delete Text and Phone Call Activity from Verizon Bill?

Your Verizon bill serves as a record of your account activity and is meant for your reference. It summarizes your account activity for a specific billing period. But can others really access and change this information? Let’s find out if it’s possible and also learn what kind of account information is visible on Verizon bills.

What Shows Up on Verizon Phone Bill?

On your Verizon phone bill, you can see:

  • Your full name
  • Your address
  • Your phone number
  • Total billed amount for the current month with taxes
  • Due date of billing
  • Invoice number
  • Ways to contact Verizon

While Verizon sends you the bill to your registered address, or you can download it from your Verizon account. From your Verizon account, you can view a very detailed view of your billing, which includes:

  • Data usage
  • Bill comparison with previous months
  • PDF version of your bill
  • Older bills of up to 18 months
  • Monthly recurring charges
  • Add-ons
  • Surcharges
  • Taxes
  • Government fees
  • Bill payment options

The Verizon e-bill contains much more details as compared to the Verizon paper bill.

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Do Text Messages Show Up on Verizon Phone Bill?

No, text messages do not show up on Verizon’s phone bill. In general, Verizon’s phone statement will show the phone numbers that you have sent and received text messages from, as well as the date and time of each message. However, the actual content of the text messages themselves is typically not included on the bill.

Verizon may provide a separate breakdown of messaging charges, which would include information on the number of messages sent and received and any additional fees associated with those messages. This information is usually accessible online through the Verizon account management portal or via the My Verizon Android and iOS mobile app.

My Verizon iOS mobile app

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Do WhatsApp Messages Show on Verizon Phone Bill?

No, WhatsApp messages do not show on your phone bill of Verizon. WhatsApp uses the internet to send/receive messages and files, not the cellular messaging service. Therefore, your messages won’t be visible on your phone bill, even if you use the internet from your Verizon number.

However, on Verizon’s paper phone statements, only the billing amount and other useful information are visible, not the messages sent or received from your number. Even if you view your phone statement from your Verizon account online, you will not see messages from any messaging service that uses the internet to send/receive messages.

Can Someone Delete Text and Phone Call Activity from Verizon Bill?

No, it is not possible for anyone to delete text and phone call activity from a Verizon bill. The bill is generated based on the usage data stored on Verizon’s servers, and this data cannot be altered or deleted by anyone other than authorized personnel at Verizon. Every piece of information that is present on your Verizon bill cannot be changed or altered by anyone. If you do not want your texts and phone calls to show up in your Verizon statement, you can use third-party messaging apps that use the internet to send/receive messages.


This way, we have tried to clear your doubt about whether can someone delete text and phone call activity from Verizon bill or not. If you are still unsure about anyone wiping off your data from your Verizon bill, mention your doubts about it in detail in the comments section below. Your feedback and queries are valuable, and we encourage you to share what you want to learn about in our next article.

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