Can I Call Alexa by Any Other Name?

Explore how to change the wake word for Alexa to one of four alternatives to avoid confusion.

To prevent unintentional activation of the virtual assistant, you may avoid using the wake word, Alexa. Additionally, you can personalize the assistant by setting a trigger word that suits your preference and personality. This tutorial will explore whether it is possible to call the virtual assistant by a name other than Alexa and change it to something else, like Ziggy.

Can I Call Alexa by Any Other Name?

Can I Call Alexa by Any Other Name?

Changing the wake word for Alexa to a name you prefer can simplify the process of activating the device and offer a more personalized experience. This can also avoid confusion and miscommunication with other users or devices, resulting in smoother interactions. Let’s see if it is possible to change the wake word and, if yes, how to do that.

Can I Give My Alexa Another Name?

Yes. You can change Alexa’s wake word to a different name of your choice. By default, Alexa’s wake word is Alexa, but you have the option to set it to Amazon, Echo, Computer, or even Ziggy. However, keep in mind that changing the wake word might create confusion with other Alexa users or devices. Therefore, it’s important to inform other people who use the device that you have changed the wake word.

Can I Call Alexa by Any Other Name?

No, you cannot call Alexa by any other name apart from the alternate four wake words that Amazon provides: Ziggy, Amazon, Echo, or Computer. Attempting to use a different name would result in an error since Alexa is programmed to respond only to its predetermined wake word list.

However, it’s possible to create custom skills using the Alexa Skills Kit that use unique names or phrases to activate specific actions or responses. Developing such skills would require programming expertise and skill design, but it provides more options for engaging with Alexa. Keep in mind that this option is more advanced.

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Can I Change Alexa’s Name to Jarvis?

No, you cannot change Alexa’s wake word to any custom name, including Jarvis. Only the supported wake words (Ziggy, Amazon, Echo, or Computer) can be used. You cannot create your own wake phrases. However, you can change the name that Alexa-enabled speakers respond to when you call them. To wake Alexa up and start listening for your next command or query, you need to say the wake word. This is how you grab her attention. Unfortunately, you cannot modify this parameter beyond the provided options at this time.

Why is Ziggy for Alexa?

Amazon launched Ziggy as another wake word for Alexa. It is an additional wake word to the existing wake words Alexa, Amazon, Echo, or Computer that users can use to activate their Alexa device. The name Ziggy is most likely a tribute to David Bowie’s characterZiggy Stardust” from the 1970s. Other popular culture references include Ziggy from the comic strip Ziggy and Ziggy Marley, the musician and son of Bob Marley. The addition of the Ziggy wake word, according to Amazon, is meant to provide customers with more alternatives and help eliminate misunderstanding when numerous Alexa devices are present in the same area.

What is Alexa Celebrity Wake Word?

The Alexa celebrity wake word is a unique wake word that allows users to engage with their Alexa-enabled device by selecting from a list of celebrity voices. For consumers that enjoy interacting with their Alexa device, these celebrity voices can give a more customized and entertaining experience. It also makes you feel like you are talking to your desired celebrity by calling their name instead of Alexa.

Amazon has collaborated with a number of well-known celebrities, including Samuel L. Jackson, Shaquille O’Neal, and Melissa McCarthy, to supply their voices as celebrity wake-word alternatives. You can enable a celebrity voice by saying Alexa, introduce me to [celebrity name]. Once the celebrity voice is activated, it will replace the usual Alexa voice for most interactions, while some responses may still be supplied by the regular Alexa voice.

Note: Celebrity voices are only available for specific types of interactions, such as jokes or trivia questions, and may not be available for all Alexa tasks. There may also be an extra cost to activate some celebrity voices.

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Can I Create My Own Wake Word for Alexa?

No, Alexa only offers a limited range of alternate, pre-defined wake words, and you can call it these names: Ziggy, Amazon, Echo, or Computer. These wake phrases are tuned for accuracy and dependability and are specifically developed to function with Alexa’s voice recognition technology.

Developing a custom wake word would necessitate considerable changes to Alexa’s underlying voice recognition engine, which are not easily accomplished by consumers or third-party developers. Furthermore, implementing a custom wake word may have an impact on Alexa’s voice recognition system’s reliability and accuracy, as well as confuse other users who are familiar with the default wake phrases.

Note: If you’re using a third-party device with Alexa built-in, you might not be able to change the wake word.

How Do I Change Alexa’s Name to Ziggy?

Ziggy is just a fun name to use, especially as compared to the generally monotonous possibilities available on Amazon. You can change Alexa’s name to Ziggy and call it by this name by following these steps:

Note: Ziggy wake word is only available on select Alexa-enabled devices, so check to see if your individual gadget supports it before following these steps.

1. Launch the Amazon Alexa app on your iOS or Android devices.

2. Tap on the More tab from the bottom right corner.

3. Then, tap on the Settings option.

tap on the Settings option

4. Tap on Device Settings > desired device.

5. Tap on the Settings gear icon from the top right corner and then select the Wake Word option.

6, Now, tap on the Ziggy word from the list to call Alexa by this name and select OK from the popup.

tap on the Ziggy word from the list

After you’ve done these steps, your Alexa device will respond to the wake word Ziggy rather than the default wake word.

With this guide on whether can I call Alexa by any other name, you may have understood that it’s not possible to change Alexa’s name to anything you want, apart from the predefined wake words. Mention your remarks about this article in the comments box below, and we’ll see you in the next tutorial!

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