YouTube Music to Let Users Create Custom Radio Stations

YouTube Music has recently revealed that the app is introducing a new feature for users that allows them to create custom radio stations. Until now, YouTube Music users could only play music from already existing playlists, radios, and albums. However, now that YouTube Music to let users create custom radio stations, users will be able to create their radio stations on the platform.

YouTube Music to Let Users Create Custom Radio Stations

The application is planning to introduce a wide range of features along with the new updates. Users will be able to select up to 30 artists to add to their radio stations. Users will also be able to decide how frequently an artist appears on the radio. The app will also allow users to choose if they want to listen to only a single artist or want to listen to songs from other artists as well. Users will also be able to further improve their radio searches by using specific filters such as new discoveries and chill songs.

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YouTube Music’s rival applications, such as Spotify and Amazon Prime Music, allow users access to radio features and allow them to create playlists from the artists appearing on the radio. However, these applications do not provide broad customization features to enhance the music listening experience.

Users will be able to access these features on the YouTube Music app from the homepage by navigating to the Your music tuner option. The new feature will be available for iOS and Android users, and the features will be available everywhere the application is available for both paid and free users.

Now that YouTube Music’s latest feature lets users create custom radio stations, it will be interesting to see what new features are provided in the upcoming updates and how other music streaming applications respond to YouTube Music’s update.

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