Why Do I Have a Bumble Match But No Message?

Find out what is keeping your Bumble match from approaching you!

Progressive societies have a new way of finding love and it is none other than relying on dating apps like Bumble to find a suitable partner. Getting a match on the platform is typically smooth, but the real challenge arises when users struggle to initiate conversations with their matches or unfortunately, get a Bumble match but no message. If you are in the same situation then we are here to your rescue with our guide that will help you know what percentage of Bumble matches message. So, without wasting any time, let’s get started!

Why Do I Have a Bumble Match but No Message

Why Do I Have a Bumble Match But No Message?

Even though it is easy to match on Bumble with someone, not everyone is comfortable at initiating a conversation after that. In some cases, both individuals may find themselves waiting for the first message to arrive. There can be some other reasons too that stop your match from messaging you first and leaves you with a Bumble match but no message. Let us explore them below:

  • It is possible that your match is busy with their working schedule, making time for friends or family, or other important things that have taken over their time, and hence no message from them.
  • Another possibility is that your match is not in a good place to start a conversation or lacks their hand in conversation openers.
  • It is also common for people on Bumble to turn their notifications off which might have kept them from seeing you as a match in time and therefore no message.
  • While some people are extroverts, others can get anxious while starting a conversation. Hence, you should also take in mind the possibility of it being hard for your match to send you an opening message.
  • Also, another reason can be that your Direct Messages on Bumble are closed off so even if your match wanted to message you, they could not.

What to Do If Bumble Match Doesn’t Respond?

It is completely okay for your Bumble match to not respond. There can be a few reasons behind their incompetency to start a conversation as stated above. Nevertheless, you can put your foot forward and start the conversation yourself. There are a few tricks and tactics that you can put to use in order to do that. Let us look at these tricks below:

1. Personalize First Message: Simply saying Hi to your match on Bumble can be quite monotonous and boring. Therefore, to keep it interesting while starting on a light note, you can personalize your first line of the message by adding your match’s name to it. A personalized message has more chances of getting a reply than a simple text.

2. Inquire about Mutual Friends: If you don’t know what to do if Bumble Match doesn’t respond then you must know that it is easy to start the conversation by asking them about mutual friends. This will help you to create a type of intimacy in your conversation and also a sense of comfort as you both know some mutual friends.

3. Ask them about a Photo: You can also start the conversation by asking your Bumble match about a specific photo on their profile. Whether the picture is of a vacation, pet, or hiking, it can help you in initiating the talk with your Bumble crush and engage in a long conversation as well.

4. Compliment Them: Complimenting never goes out of trend. Some people get flattered easily and therefore completing a Bumble match can help you in starting a chat with them. So, show your match that you are paying attention to them specifically. 

5. Avoid Yes or No Questions: Another trick that can go a long way in helping you if your Bumble match doesn’t respond is to avoid yes or no questions while sending your first text. Try to keep the questions or your first message open-ended and specific to your match.

6. Move on to the Next Match: Finally, if you are still not able to get a response from your Bumble match, it might be good for you to move on to the next match. You must not get fixated on one person as they might not be interested in you. So, rather than wasting time and effort on them, find another suitable match on Bumble.

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What Percentage of Bumble Matches Message?

Bumble homepage on Windows

Getting a match on Bumble is extremely easy but the difficult part starts when it comes to messaging first. According to statics, the matches who message on Bumble are less than 50%. This is because some matches might change their minds, others get buys, while the rest might have accidentally matched.

Why Do People Match and Not Respond?

Go to profile icon as you log in to your Bumble dating account.

On Bumble, after you have a match with someone, they only have 24 hours to respond or the connection expires. In case you clicked with a person and also sent a text to them and still have not gotten any reply there can be a few reasons behind it. Let us look at some common reasons why do people match and not respond:

  • They are super busy.
  • They have met someone else.
  • They have forgotten about the match.
  • No notification by the Bumble app.
  • Your message was too lengthy or boring.
  • Your message did not include a question.

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How Long Should You Wait to Message After Matching on Bumble?

message to your bumble match

After matching, Bumble members have the privilege of making the first move by sending a message to their match. You can directly send messages from the You Matched section. The first moves on Bumble are time-sensitive in both Date and BFF modes. You only get 24 hours from the time you match with someone on the platform to send the first message. Also, keep in mind that on Bumble, only women can make the first move after a match.

Why Do Guys Ghost on Bumble?

Even after you match on Bumble and start a conversation with your Bumble partner, they can ghost you and never respond. It is quite normal than expected and there are a few reasons behind that. If you want to know why guys ghost on Bumble, look at the points given below:

  • They think you are not a perfect match.
  • They might feel dating is not a priority.
  • They are busy with work.
  • They are interested in someone else.
  • They have a personal emergency.
  • They are not ready for a relationship.

This brings us to the end of our guide on Bumble match but no message. We hope that all your queries regarding response, first messages, and Bumble matches were answered. Do share your thoughts by leaving your comments below. You can also send us your other queries and suggestions below.

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