15 Best Google Play Store Alternatives (2022)

15 Best Alternatives for Google Play Store (2020)

Google Play Store is the primary source for all android users across the globe for downloading various apps, games, books, and movies. However, due to Google’s restrictions, many apps are not available on Google Play Store. Popular Sports gaming Apps like Dream11, My Team 11, which are of great demand, are not available on Google Play Store. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy them on your Android device. APK files are available for download for such apps on your internet browser. 

So if you are a fan of any such popular app and cannot use it for various reasons, you don’t have to worry. This is the right place that will solve your problem by showing multiple alternatives to Google Play Store. One-stop solutions to all your app downloads that are missing from Google Play Store, 

These third-party sources will help you in downloading those unauthorized apps. Apart from downloading unauthorized apps, these will also help you download paid apps for free or offer discounts and money-saving opportunities. Some of the highly-priced apps on the Google Play store are offered at cheaper rates on these third party sources- Google plays store alternatives.

Moreover, some of the applications are unavailable in some regions or still in the early development stage. It will not be possible for you to download that app from Google Play Store.

So if you are facing any of the above issues, you can rely on various alternatives to Google Play. Such alternatives can be downloaded from the web browser.

15 Best Alternatives for Google Play Store (2020)

Pre-requisites to Download these Apps on Android Devices

However, before proceeding further, you need to change your settings to allow downloading from an outside source. All android devices have blocked such downloading from external sources by default for security reasons.

So you need to follow the below steps to enable downloading from an outside source:

1. Open the Settings widget from your home screen on your android phone

2. Go to security.

3. Enable downloading from an unknown or outside source.

15 Best Google Play Store Alternatives (2022)

Here are the best Google play alternatives that you can consider downloading:

#1. APK Mirror

APK Mirror | Best Google Play Store Alternatives

APKMirror is one of the best Google Play Alternative. It only contains free apps that you can download without incurring any cost. Beta applications that are not available on Google Play Store can be downloaded from this platform.

Applications are all arranged in the proper order of chronology. It’s completely safe to download from this source. It also shows various charts of popular apps daily, which may help you find popular and trending apps quickly. You can use this source from both the desktop and your android device.

APK Mirror has its official website, accessed from any desktop or mobile device for downloading it. It also shows ratings and reviews of various apps to help you know the quality of different apps on its websites. It is also available for download from Google Play Store itself.

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#2. F-Droid


Apps on F-Droid are categorized properly to ease your search. It is one of the trustworthy alternatives to Google Play Store. It is also one of the oldest sources of downloading apps. A cool fact about F-droid is that it is a charity run application that works on donations mainly. 

However, F-Droid is mainly used for productivity applications. So it is a perfect one for developers to explore. But lately, many generic apps have now become available on F-Droid. The Games section is a little small, but it does have various other apps that are not there on Google Play Store.

F-Droid has its own separate app which can be downloaded from its official website for free. App design is wonderful and simplified for making it easier to download apps. One of the disadvantages of F-Droid is that, like Google Play store or any other alternatives; it does not provide ratings or reviews of the apps available on it.

But the variety of free apps available on F-Droid is immense, so you will not really mind such a small drawback.

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#3. Amazon Appstore

Amazon Appstore | Best Google Play Store Alternatives

Amazon Appstore is one of the largest stores of applications with more than 300,000 apps.

So it becomes one of the best alternatives to Google Play Store. It works in a very similar way to google play store, and thus it enjoys good attention from the majority of the user who is looking for a Google Play alternative, which is equally impressive.

It used to be an Official page of Amazon Prime. Since a huge brand backs it, you need not be worried about security and privacy. It provides premium apps for free or at cheaper rates. This Appstore has one unique feature, which offers various paid apps for free on different days. This feature is known as ‘App Of The Day’. So you can come around and check every day for different paid apps, which are beings offered entirely free.

Amazon Appstore has its app, which can be downloaded without incurring any charges. It has a beautiful and simple interface, which makes it a trendy alternative compared to other alternatives of Google Play Store.

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#4. Aptoide


Aptoide is another oldest third party open source to download apps. Popular apps such as Facebook and WhatsApp are also available, which can be downloaded for free. It was launched way back in 2019 and has more than 3 million users across the globe now.

Apart from the mobile user, desktop users can also use it to download different types of apps.

This source also allows you to download adult apps which are not available on Google Play store and has more than 7 Lakh apps available for you. It is one of the most popular and downloaded alternatives to Google Play Store.

Aptoide also has various other software apart from Aptoide Apps. Another version of the software provided by Aptoide is Aptoide kids for children’s use, Aptoide TV for smart TVs and set-top boxes, and Aptoide VR, again for children.

However, some loose apps might affect your phone system, so it is better to download antivirus beforehand to ensure that your android device is protected from any such virus.

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#5. GetJar


GetJar is one such alternative that has been available even before Google Play Store. With more than 800,000 apps, GetJar is another healthy alternative for Google Play Store.

GetJar provides different games and apps and provides you with options of ringtones, cool games, and amazing themes that can be downloaded for free. For convenience, apps are categorized and subcategorized properly with innovative options that you will love. Detailed introduction of apps is given to help you with installation, requirements, and use of the app.

One major problem associated with GetJar is that some of its apps are not updated correctly, which will force you to download outdated apps.

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#6. GetAPK Market APK

GetAPK Market APK | Best Google Play Store Alternatives

GetAPK Market APK is another alternative for Google Play Store, which is quite unique and vast in size and variety.

All APK files of Google Play Store apps are available on this third-party app store.

It provides an easy search option that will assist you in finding your favorite app quickly. One of the best things about this app market is that once the app is installed, it sends you regular notifications about various updates and ensures that all your APK files are updated to the latest version. There is no single application on this secondary app store that will ask you for any money for the installation. All of them are free! 

One super fantastic feature is that you can store APK files and install them whenever you wish to later, even without a working internet connection available.

The installation size of the get APC Market APK is 7.2 MB, but it does not have the Split APKs or OBB Data.

Safety is one area of concern for this source. Therefore, it is advisable to pre-install any antivirus software in your devices to protect your android device.

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#7. Mobogenie


One thing which makes Mobogeniedifferent from other alternatives is that it allows you to select your preferred language out of various languages available. So it benefits even non-English users as well.

The user base of Mobogenie is much larger than many other alternatives to Google Play Store. Mobogenie also provides you with a backup option. You can use Mobogenie on both your laptop and mobile phones. The best feature of this alternative is that you can transfer apps between mobile phone and laptop without downloading it again separately.

Rather than an APK Downloading file, it is more inclined towards helping you organize and manage these APK Files and acts as a utility. It will seriously help you out in maximizing file management. Some cool features are smart navigation, extra commands, view all files, debugging mode. You can access loads of content from MoboGenie.

Apart from a large collection of apps, Mobogenie also allows you to download audio clips, videos, and images for free. You can even backup and transfer these files quickly.

Some drawbacks of the app are maybe the limited collection and its inability to detect some mobile models. All over, Mobogenie is a great utility.

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#8. App Brain

App Brain | Best Google Play Store Alternatives

App Brain provides you with a catalog of premium apps that can be downloaded for free. App Brain has both its website and app, which can be used to download different apps, especially premium apps. The main aim of the App Brain is to make Android developers successful and give them an avenue. So, if you are a developer, you can promote on AppBrain and earn money through the apps you make. 

Since this is the first platform developers use to test their application, you can find some paid apps for free on App Brain. 

App Brain nearly has all the apps of Google Play Store and others apart from a few. To start using App Brain, You will first have to create and register your account with App Brain. After registration, you can download apps as per your wish.

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The navigation and user interface is simple, but its game section is a little weaker, modified, and improved as per user’s requirements. You can access the catalog on App Brain through its website and its App brain.

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#9. APK Pure

APK Pure

APK Pure is yet another alternative to Google Play Store for Android users. It has good app selection with many categories.

Design and navigation are quite good with a clean user interface. Apps and games of huge size like Call of duty and PUBG, which are more than 2GB, are also available for download on this platform. Even essential apps such as Google Maps and Gmail are also available.

This Source comes with another software called APK updater, ensuring that all your existing apps are updated regularly without any technical glitches.

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#10. Slide Me

Slide Me

Slide Me is similar to Mobogenie and Aptoide. Various office-related applications such as WPS Office, Ms Word, Ms Excel can be downloaded from this source.

If the apps are already downloaded on your device from any other alternative then slide me can also be used to update those already installed apps. Slide me’s app size is very small, and it doesn’t occupy enough space of your mobile phone’s storage. The app has a good collection of games and other utility apps for Android users.

Slide Me app can be downloaded for free from its website after following the home page’s instructions. You will have to visit the home page regularly to check for new updates. One major complaint about this platform is that it is supported on the older version of android devices.

This Alternative is also helpful to App developers who want to get their Android application out there for people to try and like.

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#11. Yalp Store

Yalp Store

Yalp Store is another good alternative to Google Play Store for downloading apps of play stores without actually using Google Play Store.

You don’t need any account registration to use this app. It is there and ready to be used. Yalp store provides basic information of all apps such as number of downloads, launch date, develops name, etc

There is no need to download a separate app for the Yalp store; you can directly download apps from its main website. However, its user interface is a little old, which makes it a little less famous than other alternatives of Google Play Store.

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#12. Samsung Galaxy Apps

Samsung Galaxy Apps | Best Google Play Store Alternatives

The most authentic and genuine source of downloading apps after the Google Play Store is Samsung’s official app store called Galaxy apps. Knowing that Samsung is a well-appreciated name in the technology department, you can trust galaxy apps to be a good alternative. 

Samsung phones usually have this application pre-installed, and the users love it! 

Galaxy Apps is a very good option for Samsung users. It has an excellent user interface and navigation. It is the most secure alternative as it is backed by the popular brand of Samsung.

Numerous themes, ringtones, wallpapers, and fonts are offered apart from the Apps made available to you. 

The interface of the galaxy store is so appealing and comes in various skins. It is a great secondary app store for Android users who have Samsung phones. 

Despite the above benefits, Galaxy Apps are not very popular because of its obvious disadvantage that is only available for Samsung users. Moreover, the majority of apps are available at a premium price, which many users do not afford to pay.

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#13. AC Market

AC Market

Just like Aptoide and GetJar, AC Market has huge collections of apps and games. With more than 1 million apps and games, AC Market is a strong alternative to Google Play Store.

AC Market have both paid and free apps. They mostly offer free versions of paid apps by cracking them. The AC market provides many payment options that are not available on Google Play Store for the paid ones.AC Market website can easily be accessed by any android devices or even desktop.

They claim to be a secure place for downloading apps as they test most of the apps that they host. AC market supports 20+ languages for an easier understanding of users. The speed of the app store is not at all disappointing because it is super responsive when it comes to downloading from there.

They have a warm community and support system to answer all your FAQs and other doubts.

The major disadvantage or limitation of this source is that it doesn’t allow the user to review or rate apps. Many users have also complained about AC Market crashing regularly and affecting their mobile phone’s battery health.

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#14. Opera Mobile Store

Opera Mobile Store | Best Google Play Store Alternatives

Opera Mobile was initially launched as a web browser. However, now they have opened their own app store called Opera Mobile Store. Opera is slowly gaining popularity in all mobile spectrums as their utilities have been performing surprisingly well in the market.

This is another safe and trustworthy alternative for Google Play Store and provides various paid games for free. The interface is clean, and web design is superb. Besides applications, music can also be downloaded. This is one such alternative that provides browser service along with its store for mobile applications.

Opera mobile has started its app store recently, so it is not very popular among users since many of them are not aware of it. In the coming years, it could emerge a powerful alternative for Google Play Store.

For developers looking to release their apps into the Android market, it is a very good option.

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#15. Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle

Like the previous alternative Opera mobile store, Humble Bundle wasn’t launched as an app store on an earlier stage. Initially, it was used as a platform for playing online games by some premium fees.

Recently they have started allowing users to download games and apps. Humble Bundle is the same destination for gamers since it has a lot of exciting games available that are not available on Google Play Store.

One of the reasons which make Humble Bundle a weak alternative for Google Play store is that it mainly focuses on games, and very little attention is given to non-gaming apps. It is not a good store of applications but a gaming hub to download different types of games.

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Above 15 are some of the great alternatives for Google Play Store. We have researched thoroughly and picked these 15 third-party sources, which serve as alternatives for Google Play Store. Few of the above sources can also be used on the desktop for downloading applications.

All these 15 platforms have different kind of features and satisfy different types of needs. Some are good for games, while others are good for non-gaming apps. Some provide options for various payments that are not available on Google Play store. There are also a few platforms that provide the option of downloading themes, images, ringtones, wallpapers, and many more.

Depending upon the type of your need and requirements, you can choose any of the above 15 secondary sources to download apps or games. Since all the above source is secondary in nature, we would suggest you download good anti-virus in your devices or PC before downloading any applications to secure your devices.

However, all the above platforms are just an alternative to Google Play Store and cannot replace Google Play store’s original aim. This alternative can be used to download those apps which are not available on Google Play Store or available at Premium Prices. I hope we have satisfied your problem of finding the best alternative to Google Play Store.

It is also essential for you to know that APK files are not authorized, and therefore no one can guarantee their safety and security. Several unknown sources are built with bad intentions by their developer and threaten the data and its safety on your phone.

So, you are free to download these apps but at your own risk. We will not be responsible for any mishap or hacking that may take place.

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