10 Best Flash Player Alternatives for Chrome and Windows

Ensure seamless multimedia content access with these practical Flash Player substitutes.

Flash Player was a once-beloved web plugin used for multimedia playback on browsers. But it slipped behind due to security concerns and the rise of new technologies. In 2020, Adobe stopped distributing and updating it, and major browsers like Chrome also ended their support. It led to a demand for alternatives that are compatible with Chromium-based browsers. Hence, let’s explore the best Flash Player extensions and software alternatives you can use on Chrome and Windows PCs.

15 Best Flash Player Alternatives for Chrome and Windows

Best Flash Player Alternatives for Chrome and Windows

Searching for a software program for viewing diverse flash material, including films, games, and multimedia after Adobe Flash Player? We review the top Flash Player alternatives for Windows to guarantee an uninterrupted multimedia experience.

While only a few are available for use on Google Chrome browser, others are Media Players designed to play SWF or Adobe Flash files stored on your PC.

Note: We do not endorse or sponsor any of the third-party apps/tools listed in this article. Users should ensure the protection of their data for privacy and to prevent data loss.

1. Ruffle


Ruffle is a Flash Player emulator written in the Rust programming language. It can be used as a Flash Player alternative for Chrome and other browsers that no longer support Adobe Flash Player. Designed to be fast, lightweight, and cross-platform, Ruffle works on various devices and operating systems.


  • Ruffle works natively on all modern operating systems and browsers.
  • It is a more secure alternative to Flash, as it doesn’t depend on outdated and vulnerable plug-ins.
  • It is being constantly updated and improved by its development community.


  • It may not support all Flash features or be fully compatible with all browsers or devices yet.
  • Ruffle may not be as performant as Flash, especially for more complex or resource-intensive Flash content.

2. CheerpX for Flash

CheerpX for Flash

An alternative method for running Flash content on current web browsers, such as Google Chrome, is CheerpX for Flash. It functions by translating the Flash bytecode into JavaScript or WebAssembly code, which the browser can run directly. This enables the use of Flash content without the need for any additional software or the Adobe Flash Player plugin.


  • API compatibility
  • Improved safety and security
  • Free and open source
  • Does not require additional software or plugins


  • May not be compatible with all Flash content
  • May not be as performant as other solutions in some cases

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3. SuperNova Player

SuperNova Player

SuperNova Player is a standalone player that includes its browser plugin. It’s designed for playing SWF files in web browsers such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, making it a top alternative to Flash Player for Chrome. Users no longer have to depend on an outdated and potentially risky plugin to play older Flash content, all thanks to SuperNova Player.


  • The app can play older Flash content.
  • SuperNova Player may offer more customization and control over how Flash content is played and displayed.


  • Installing and using a third-party app like SuperNova Player may be more cumbersome than relying on a built-in browser plugin.
  • It could introduce its own security vulnerabilities or other issues.
  • Limited features

List of Best Flash Player Software Alternatives for Windows

Let’s explore some software options for your Windows PC that will allow you to play Adobe Flash content smoothly.

1. Lightspark


Lightspark is a Flash Player alternative for Windows that is free and open source that can be used instead of the dated Adobe Flash Player in web browsers. It is designed using cutting-edge, open-source technologies, including Cairo graphics, LLVM, and OpenGL.


  • It has excellent support for modern web standards and can handle complex multimedia content with ease.
  • It provides a stable and consistent experience for playing multimedia content.
  • It is available for Windows and other popular operating systems like Linux.


  • Users reported occasional speed lags and bugs
  • It may not support all features of the Adobe Flash Player.
  • Lightspark may have a smaller user base and community support.

2. Gnash


Gnash is an open-source, free multimedia player. It was initially created as a component of the GNU project to implement the SWF file format, which is used to produce tiny files for showcasing amusing animations, images, and videos on websites. Most Flash animations and videos can be played using Gnash just as well as Adobe’s native Flash on a variety of operating systems, including Linux and Windows.


  • Gnash is more secure than the Adobe Flash Player plugin.
  • Gnash is based on GameSWF, which supports almost all SWF v7 features as well as some SWF v8 and v9.


  • The user interface of Gnash may not be as intuitive or user-friendly as the Adobe Flash Player plugin.
  • No support for SWF v10
  • The project appears to be inactive

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3. BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint

BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint | Best Flash Player Alternatives for Chrome and Windows

BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint is a community-made project that aims to preserve and archive legacy Adobe Flash games and animations from the internet’s early days. Since Adobe ended its support for Flash Player in 2020, many of these Flash files have become inaccessible, leaving a gap in web history. Flashpoint software is a free, open-source tool that allows users to download and play these legacy files offline.


  • An extensive library of over 70,000 games and 8,000 animations for preservation purposes
  • Continuously updated to ensure files are playable and preserved for future generations
  • A standalone Flash Player that can play all SWF files


  • Some games or animations may not work as expected due to compatibility issues.
  • Downloading and storing large amounts of Flash files may require a lot of disk space.
  • You may encounter issues with sound or graphics due to compatibility issues.

4. Lunascape


Lunascape is a web browser also regarded as one of the best Flash Player alternatives for Chrome. It has a built-in Flash Player that can play Flash content on websites without the need for a separate plugin or downloaded software.


  • Lunascape supports multiple rendering engines, including Trident, Gecko, and WebKit, on browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
  • It has a high level of compatibility with websites and web applications that use different technologies.
  • The browser includes features like tabbed browsing, ad-blocking, and mouse gestures.
  • It is available for free and is regularly updated to address bugs and security issues.


  • The browser may not receive as timely security patches as more popular browsers.
  • The performance of the built-in Flash Player may not be as fast or reliable as others.

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5. Shubus Viewer

Shubus Viewer

A free and open-source software program called Shubus Viewer was created to provide a Flash Player alternative for Windows without the requirement for the Adobe Flash Player plugin. Users can see Flash animations in.swf format and convert them to other audio and video file formats like AVI, MP4, or GIF using the standalone tool that is provided.


  • Works as a Flash and Unity3D game player
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Users don’t need to install any browser plugins to use Shubus Viewer because it has its own rendering engine for displaying Flash content.
  • Plays all SWF files


  • May not work with some newer Flash content
  • Limited support for ActionScript 2 and 3
  • Some users have reported issues with audio playback.

6. SWF Opener

SWF Opener | Best Flash Player Alternatives for Chrome and Windows

You can watch Flash movies (SWF files) using SWF Opener, a Chrome alternative to Flash Player. It allows you to play SWF files in full-screen mode and offers playback options.


  • It allows you to view SWF files without a web browser.
  • It has basic playback controls, such as play, pause, and seek.
  • You can set a default playback quality for SWF files and customize the playback settings for individual files.


  • No user support
  • No regular updates
  • It is only available for Windows, so it is not an option for Mac or Linux users.

7. Quick Flash Player

Quick Flash Player

An alternative to Adobe Flash Player, specifically designed for Google Chrome, is Quick Flash Player. It allows users to watch Flash content on websites that still utilize this technology. This free and compact plugin serves this purpose effectively.


  • Quick Flash Player is simple to set up and operate.
  • It runs SWF files smoothly.
  • The plugin can be downloaded and installed for any website that needs it in order for users to access Flash content.
  • It is compatible with several browsers.
  • The plugin plays Flash material without any additional settings, automatically detecting it.
  • It allows you to play flash games.


  • No user support
  • No regular updates

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8. XMTV Player

XMTV Player

XMTV Player is a versatile multimedia application that allows you to play both locally stored files and streaming videos. To use XMTV Player, you can easily download and install its APK and run it on a Windows PC using an emulator.


  • Google Chromecast functionality
  • Suitable for family use
  • It offers hardware acceleration for smoother playback.
  • It supports multiple audio and subtitle tracks.
  • It allows users to create playlists.


  • It may not work with all websites that use Flash content.
  • It may have limited support for modern multimedia standards, such as HTML5.

9. OpenSilver


Alternative to Adobe Flash Player, OpenSilver is compatible with Chrome and other contemporary web browsers. It was developed as a direct substitute for Microsoft Silverlight, which used to be a web application framework similar to Adobe Flash Player.


  • Easy-to-use UI
  • Cross-platform base
  • Compatible with Flash and other content
  • An open-source code base
  • OpenSilver enables developers to construct rich online apps.
  • The created apps can operate in any modern browser without requiring users to download additional plugins or software.
  • It is developed using open web standards like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


  • No active support
  • Incompatible with Windows 11

10. FLV Media Player

FLV Media Player | Best Flash Player Alternatives for Chrome and Windows

You can replace Adobe Flash Player with the free and open-source media player, FLV Media Player on Chrome. This player allows you to directly play Flash Video (FLV) files in your browser without requiring an additional plugin like Flash Player. These FLV files are commonly found on various websites and are used for transmitting video content over the internet.


  • Compatible with the Chrome browser as it can be installed as a plugin or extension
  • Easy to install and use
  • Supports playback of FLV files without requiring a Flash Player plugin
  • FLV Media Player offers a secure and stable method for playing FLV files.
  • Offers many useful features, such as Windows CMD support, Stepless scaling, etc.


  • Struggles when playing videos online
  • May not be as well-tested or widely used as other media players, so there may be occasional bugs or issues

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11. Photon Flash Player and Browser

Photon Flash Player and Browser

An alternative Flash software like Shockwave or RealPlayer, you can use to play online games with the help of its Flash architectures.


  • It can be used on your current web browser.
  • Supports both Adobe FLV and SWF formats
  • Offers limitless tab support and a smart URL bar for faster searches
  • Watch videos in fullscreen without compromising image quality
  • Functions as a VPN server, allowing access to commonly blocked websites


  • The free version contains numerous ads
  • It was last updated in October 2016.

12. FlashFox Browser

FlashFox Browser

The FlashFox Browser features a widely used built-in Flash Player, enabling you to access Flash content without the need for extra plugins or apps. Users highlight its effectiveness in video streaming, making it an excellent choice for avid Flash fans to seamlessly stream their gaming sessions on various devices.

Note: You will have to run it using the Android emulators on your Windows PC.


  • The browser also supports other features such as full-screen mode and tabbed browsing.
  • A trouble-free display of Flash content.
  • It offers a secure alternative to Adobe Flash Player.


  • Too many ads
  • Unstable with reported security lags

We hope that this list will be useful if you ever need to explore the best Flash Player alternatives for Chrome and Windows. Your choice among these alternatives will depend on your specific needs and use case. With these solutions available, you can still enjoy diverse Flash multimedia experiences. Feel free to leave any questions or suggestions in the comments below. Keep visiting our website for more informative guides!

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