9 Best Free Movie Streaming Apps in 2022

9 Best Free Movie Streaming Apps in 2020

Who doesn’t like movies? Aren’t movies the best source of entertainment? If you have had a boring day or have a sleepover at a friend’s place, movies have you covered, for at least 2-3 hours straight. And what’s better if you can enjoy your favorite movie in your bed? For those with a Netflix or Amazon prime account, streaming movies online is not an issue, but for those who don’t want to pay extra bucks for movies, there are many free movie streaming apps available to download on their mobile and watch unlimited movies for free.

9 Best Free Movie Streaming Apps in 2020

So, if you’ve got an internet connection, you’ve got movies. Wait for a second, not just movies, you also get access to the popular TV shows and binge watch all day. Here’s the list of free movie streaming apps that you can download on your mobile or tablet and enjoy watching movies anytime. No, we are not talking about YouTube, it’s not the best when it comes to the latest movies after all.

9 Best Free Movie Streaming Apps in 2022

Note that all the given apps may not be available in every country, so you may have to use VPN to stream movies on them.


SONY CRACKLE | 9 Best Free Movie Streaming Apps in 2020

First things first, Sony Crackle works on almost all devices including Android or iOS-based mobile phones, many smart TVs, Amazon Kindle, Amazon Fire, gaming consoles like Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and 4, etc. It has a user-friendly interface and offers a large collection of movies and TV shows. It covers a variety of genres including action, drama-comedy, horror, romance, adventure, animation, among many others. It also offers its original content apart from these.

What’s best is that you don’t even need to create an account to watch the movies. However, there’s no harm in creating an account as it will help you keep track of your watched movies. You can also seamlessly use Sony Crackle over your multiple devices so that you can resume your movie from the same instance where it was paused on some other device. Also, you get captions for all the movies, so you don’t have to put in extra effort.

Crackle lets you stream any movie even when you are looking for other movies. Another important thing to note about Sony Crackle is that it streams videos in high quality so you would need a good internet connection to watch movies without any interruption. You can watch movies on Crackle and also share them on social media.

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Tubi is among the best free movie streaming apps on the list. It is supported on many devices, including Android, iOS, Amazon, Windows, etc.  You can also use it on Xbox, Chromecast, Roku, or even your smart TV. Tubi is available everywhere except for the European Union. It has a pleasing black-themed interface and offers movies in genres like action, drama, thriller, comedy, romance, horror, documentary, etc. On Tubi, you can stream a variety of content for free without a subscription. Movies are streamed in high quality, and subtitles are also available. You can resume your movie from when it was last paused.

Tubi also has a newsfeed section that shows the latest news and announcements. The best thing about this app is that here you can find almost every movie or show that you are looking for, thanks to the weekly update. Overall, this a decent app if you want to watch fresh content in high quality.

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Another amazing app for streaming movies and TV shows online is Viewster. This app is available for Android, Roku and iOS users. You can use this app for streaming not just movies and TV shows, but also news, cartoons, documentaries, etc. and for all the anime lovers out there, this app is the one for you. It has a huge collection of anime and which is continuously updated. You can search for your desired videos from the channel menu, browse section, or by directly using the search bar. It has a neat interface, and you are not required to sign up to watch the videos. You can select the required video quality, and you also get subtitles for the videos.

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Here you will find movies dating back to the 1960s. Also, it has some user-generated content as well. It may not be the best one for movies and TV shows because of its narrow range, but for all other stuff like anime, Viewster is amazing. An important feature of Viewster is password protection with parental control features. One drawback of Viewster is its video quality, which may not be as good as the other free streaming apps. Hence, it is not recommended to be used for casting on a big screen.

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Snagfilms has over 5000 movies and is famous for its collection of classic movies and documentaries. It also offers movies and videos based on LGBT. You can use this app on Android, iOS, Amazon, PS4, and Roku. Movies range from as old as the 1920s to as recent as the 2010s. Snagfilms also lets you watch movie trailers. Subtitles are not available on this one, but there other features like fast-forwarding that will compel you to try it. There may be some problem with buffering if you are streaming videos in high quality. Also, fast-forwarding on high qualities may lead to video being stopped.

Note that its American library covers the largest range of videos, so you may want to use it with a VPN. Snagfilms does show ads like other online movie streaming apps, but they are very less. One real plus point about this app is that you can even download the video for offline use. We really need this one, don’t we?

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POPCORNFLIX | 9 Best Free Movie Streaming Apps in 2020

Popcornflix is yet another awesome & free movie streaming app. There are sections dedicated to new arrivals, Popcornflix originals, and popular movies. you will also find other special sections like kids, entertainment, independent movies, etc. It has a simple interface, and you can stream videos without having to create an account.

A special feature of Popcornflix is that you can add videos to the queue. Another good thing about this app is that there are no ads, unlike most other free streaming apps, so yeah, this one is definitely worth checking out. And yes, for those obsessed with GIFs, this app lets you make GIFs from the videos. Also, you can add comments to parts of videos specifically, which are visible to other users. For these features, however, you will have to create a free account. There might be some issue with buffering, and the video may stop to complete buffering, but overall, it is a really good app.

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Yidio is a free movie and TV aggregate app that lists all the sources which offer the content that you are looking for, so you know exactly where to find it. This app is available on limited devices based on Android, iOS, and Amazon. Filtering movies on Yidio is really easy as you can use filters like premiere date, rating, genre, source, etc. Also, you can hide the videos that you have already watched so that there’s no confusion at all. Yidio covers many genres like classics, science fiction, horror, comedy, action, adventure, documentary, animation, drama, cult movies, etc. It also has a 10-second rewind button, so you don’t need to struggle with video scrubber for a quick replay.

Note that since Yidio is an aggregate app, you may have to download additional source apps for the content you have searched for. While all options on Yidio may not be free as Yidio shares some content from Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc., but there’s a “Free” section that will solve the purpose for you. Yidio is great as it makes movie searching and locating extremely easy.

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If you love watching movies in high quality and wouldn’t want to compromise with it, you should try this app for sure. You can stream videos in 1080p and amazing video quality. Movie categories include action, comedy, crime, horror, musicals, foreign, classics, etc. It is supported on many devices with Android, iOS, Windows, PlayStation 4, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and many other devices. The app has a simple and clean interface. New movies are added very often, making Vudu’s collection one of the most extensive ones. While Vudu is a premium paid app, but it also offers many free movies. To watch movies for free, you will have to create a free account. You can find free movies in the section named Movies on Us and New Movies. Note that Vudu is available only in the US so you may need a VPN.

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PLUTO TV | 9 Best Free Movie Streaming Apps in 2020

Pluto TV is supported for a wide range of devices including Android, iOS, Amazon, Windows, Mac, Roku, etc. The available genres include action, comedy, drama, horror, sci-fi, anime, romance, family, etc. It is available only in the USA. Pluto TV offers live movies on Channel 51. It has various channels available for live TV streaming apart from the regular movies and TV shows section. You can stream live TV channels without having to sign up and instantly flip through the channels without buffer time. Its live TV streaming speed is really worth it. Some of the channels are Pluto TV movies, CBSN, FOX sports, Food TV, Crime Network, etc.

A nice feature that Pluto TV offers is that you can even hide some channels if you don’t want to watch any content on them. Apart from this, you can watch movie descriptions which are to be played next. While you can see what content will air over the next few hours, it does provide the content details for the far future. While there are over 100 channels, there is only a limited number of movie channels.

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BBC iPlayer is available for Android, iOS, Amazon, PlayStation 4, and Windows. With its quality programs, it is one of the best video-on-demand services. With BBC iPlayer, you can easily download movies and shows to your device for offline watching. These can be stored on your device for up to 30 days. It has a neat grid layout and offers movie streaming in high quality. With its new Watching feature, you can keep track of what you have viewed and resume from where the video was last paused. You can also continue watching the video on a different device. It also has a 5-second rewind button so no struggling with video scrubber!

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Its advanced options, including tracking viewing habits, creating personalized lists, etc. It also offers fast-forwarding and rewinds options. If you have a slower internet connection, you may experience issues with buffering. Also, live TV streaming quality may not be as good as the on-demand content. Note that this app is available for only the UK market.

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So, these were the 9 best free movie streaming apps that you can use for binge-watching your favourite movies and shows all day without having to spend at all. Download the app that best suits your taste and needs, and you are good to go.

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