14 Best Face Swap Apps for Android and iPhone

Tired of basic animal and beauty filters on social media? It is time to explore face swapping!

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, but what if it not only reminds you of good old times but rather provides a fun and playful experience? Many editing apps offer unique and advanced features which can add interesting elements to your images. In this article, we have curated a list of the best Android and iPhone apps that provide you with face swap options to create fun moments with your friends and family.

Best face swap apps for Android and iPhone

Best Face Swap Apps for Android and iPhone

These apps offer a range of features like AI-powered cutout face swaps, live face swaps during video calls, etc. You can create funny memes, swap faces with your friends, or even impersonate a celebrity for a day with these apps.

Note: It is important to keep in mind that these apps are for entertainment purposes only, and one should always be respectful of other people’s images and privacy.

1. Reface


Reface face swap app allows you to create funny face filters and videos where you can swap your face with celebrities or fictional characters using deep fake technology, you can also play with live face swaps and gender swaps. It helps to create hilarious memes and videos to share on social media. Reface uses Artificial Intelligence to generate unique images and avatars based on your photos and offers a wide range of funny face filters and GIFs. It features a photo animator that brings images to life and an AI photo editor for changing hairstyles and more. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

2. YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect photo editor and beauty camera app allow you to edit selfies and photos with a variety of tools, including face retouch, photo effects, camera filters, collages, fonts, stickers, frames, and animated effects. It also offers a premium version with unlimited access to 2000+ exclusive effects, frames, filters, stickers, and beautifying tools. The app features AI-powered photo editing and beautifying tools including skin flaw masking, eye enhancer, and multi-face detection for group selfies. YouCam Perfect is considered one of the best face swap apps available, with powerful AI tools and realistic and smooth transformations.

3. B612


B612 is a popular beauty and filter camera app that is commonly used for taking stunning selfies, which also features a Face Swap option. To use the feature, all you need to do is to click on the Smiley icon and then select the face swap option from the menu. This feature only works in real-time, so keep in my mind that you must have two people in your shot. Once you have enabled the face swap option, you should simply start recording a video or take a picture, and the app will automatically swap faces. It also allows you to swap multiple faces in a single photo because the Face Swap app automatically finds faces in pictures and places a new face over them.

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4. Face Blender

Face Blender

Face Blender is a face swap app that allows you to blend your selfie photo with another photo to create a new image. You can take a selfie or select an existing photo, and blend it with another photo of your choice. The app includes features such as Edge/Face, Fill, Beautify Face, and more advanced options, and the app is available for free on both Android and iOS platforms it is one of the best face swap apps for iPhone and Android in 2023. The user-friendly interface allows users to easily create fun images by swapping their faces with any picture.

5. FaceApp


FaceApp mobile app for photorealistic editing and advanced photo editing allows us to transform our selfies into modeling portraits and offers a wide range of filters and features. Key features of the app include the ability to enlarge or minimize facial features, try out different hairstyles and colors, apply aging filters, and even swap genders. You can also borrow styles from different photos and try weight filters to appear bigger or smaller. FaceApp has gained popularity for its ability to create entertaining and realistic face swaps and it is available for both iPhone and Android devices.

6. Face Swap Live

Face Swap Live

Face Swap Live mobile application allows you to switch faces with a friend or a photo in real-time using your smartphone camera. You can also record videos or take photos while changing faces with celebrities. It offers features like built-in face filters and effects, a web face search to find millions of faces and a face editor to edit faces for a perfect fit. The Face Swap Live app has gained popularity among users who want to create fun and entertaining videos and it is available for both iOS and Android devices.

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7. Face Swapper Live

Face Swapper Live

The Face Swapper app allows you to change faces with celebrities, movie characters, or friends using advanced face swap technology. You can create funny videos and photos by replacing your faces with others in real time. It is available for download on the App Store. It offers features such as live face swaps, gender swaps, and a face changer that can completely transform your appearance. Additionally, you can share hilarious face-swapped clips or funny memes as GIFs or videos on social media and messaging platforms. The app has gained popularity and is recognized as one of the top face swap apps in over 100 countries.

8. Snapchat


Snapchat’s Face Swap app is a feature that allows you to swap faces with other people’s faces or objects in real time using facial recognition technology. To use the feature, users need to open the Snapchat app and tap and hold their faces until a mesh map appears. Then, you can swipe through lenses to access various Snapchat filters that may provide face swap options. The app’s facial recognition technology looks for photos with recognizable faces so that you can swap faces with your friends, family, or even celebrities.

9. Instagram


The Instagram Face Swap app is a custom filter that allows two friends to swap faces. This feature uses augmented reality to overlay effects, costumes, and more. The app is part of Facebook’s augmented reality plan, which aims to use AR through its app’s camera to show things like menu information at a restaurant, virtual steam rising from a real coffee cup, and virtual, 3D art that cascades from a blank wall. Augmented reality will be a big part of the future of digital experiences, and companies are developing new camera filters that recognize human faces and bodies and the distance between objects captured in a scene.

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10. Face Swap Booth

Face Swap Booth

Face Swap Booth mobile app allows you to swap faces with other people or objects in real-time using the device’s camera and offers features like swapping faces across multiple photos and swapping faces of celebrities with your own photos. The app allows you to easily swap faces with friends, family, or even celebrities and it is just like one of many face swap apps available. With Face Swap Booth, users can have fun creating amusing and entertaining pictures by swapping faces with friends, celebrities, or even objects.

11. Funveo


Funveo camera app is available on iOS App Store and Google Play Store for free and it offers features and filters to give its a fun selfie-taking experience to the users, including face-swapping filters. It provides thousands of hilarious filters that can be used to take selfies alone or with family and friends. You can try live pictures or videos, or upload photos from your camera roll to see how different face swap filters will affect your or other people’s face in that picture.

12. Cupace


The Cupace photo editor app allows you to cut and paste faces in photos. You can create memes, and funny photos, and swap faces by cutting a face or a part of a photo and pasting it onto another photo. It offers features such as Cut Mode, where you can cut a face by drawing a path on a face in a photo with magnifying glass support, and Zoom mode which allows you to zoom in on the face you want to cut. It has a Face Gallery where all the faces you have cropped are saved which allows you to reuse them on multiple photos without having to cut them again.

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13. Photomontage


Photomontage Face Swap app allows you to swap faces in photographs and morph them into animals or celebrities. It features automatic face detection, which seamlessly morphs one photo into another. You can edit facial features and add filters to your photos. Photomontage Face Swap is available on both Android and iOS platforms. It is a quick and easy-to-use app with no ads. Some users have reported excessive ads and the presence of watermarks on pictures, videos, and gifs. But Photomontage provides a fun and entertaining way to transform and edit photos.

14. Face Changer

Face Changer

Face Swap AI is an app developed by Leo Legaltech Limited that allows you to swap your face with another face using AI technology. It offers a variety of features, including the ability to paste your face onto your favorite celebrity’s face, place your face on famous characters in movies and videos, and swap faces with just one click. You can even change the clothing style and swap your face with a template. It has over 1 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

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The best face swap apps for Android and iPhone are a fun and creative way to swap faces with your friends and family. Whether you’re looking to create hilarious memes or just have some fun, these apps offer a range of features to suit your needs. So, download one today and start swapping faces. 

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