26 Best Apps for Couples with Trust Issues

Improve connection and trust with your partner using these relationship-enhancing applications.

Being in love is the most beautiful experience. It is a blessing to have a companion who is there for you always. However, trust problems between partners can complicate things. Trust is important for any relationship, but blindly trusting someone can lead to unexpected problems. Therefore, to make you feel less anxious, some apps help couples to improve their relationships. In this guide, we have compiled the best apps to build belief and reignite affection for couples with trust issues.

26 Best Apps for Couples with Trust Issues

26 Best Apps for Couples with Trust Issues

Effective communication and understanding are the best ways to deal with trust issues. However, in today’s digital age where we heavily rely on mobile devices, it can sometimes be necessary to use apps to help when a partner’s honesty is in question. To assist you and your partner during challenging times, follow the list below to discover various reliable apps that can aid in overcoming trust issues.

1. mSpy


Want to keep a closer eye on your partner’s activity? If yes, mSpy is considered to be one of the best apps for couples with trust issues that can help you improve your relationship.

  • Using this sophisticated tracking app, you can follow your partner’s phone activity, including texts, calls, emails, and locations
  • Access erased data
  • Cloud synchronization service allows it to track the data even if you don’t have physical access to the phone
  • Ability to install this app remotely if you have iCloud credentials
  • View all contacts and call logs with timestamps
  • Notice changes in behavior, like sudden changes in location and much more
  • Easy to observe if your partner is talking to someone on social media
  • Access emails and internet browsing history
  • Ability to limit their access to particular websites and applications
  • Get alerted if your companion makes touch with an unknown or suspect entity
  • Offers the Hide App feature if you want your partner to not be aware that the app is installed

2. obimy

obimy | Best Apps for Couples with Trust Issues

obimy app offers lovely couple-friendly features that will help you and your partner stay connected and appropriately build trust. Your partner will get reminded of your love and care every time they receive a hug or kiss on their lock screen using this app. The reasons why it is one of the best apps for couples with trust issues to improve relationships on the list are:

  • Send virtual hugs and kisses through a chat feature in a single tap
  • 20+ entertaining activities
  • Reminders of love subtly
  • Straightforward and user-friendly interface

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3. Love Days Pro

Love Days Pro

By allowing partners to create a schedule that is uniquely theirs, Love Days Pro aids partners in maintaining a healthy relationship.

  • A simple app made to help you remember important days like birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions
  • Set instructions like when to notify you of impending events, the type of notifications you wish to receive, how frequently you desire reminders, and how regularly they should occur
  • Remember milestones and anniversaries, such as your first date or the day you declared your love
  • Set reminders for significant dates or gift surprises for one another
  • Add photographs and videos to the calendar to make it more unique
  • Personalize the app depending on your taste

4. Vowly


Vowly allows couples to track their routes out and about so that both partners can see if their partner has reached home safely. Unlike other relationship-building applications, this one actually works.

  • Real-time tracking of your partner’s whereabouts
  • Establish guidelines and control expectations
  • Track important milestones for your anniversaries to commemorate them
  • Helps you to set up rules for your relationship, like how long you can stay out and how late you can be
  • Create a secure environment where couples can feel confident about setting up their boundaries and improve their relationship

5. Lovedays Couple D-Day Love

Lovedays Couple D-Day Love | Best Apps for Couples with Trust Issues

The saying distance makes the heart grow fonder is true. Nonetheless, there are occasions when a small warning is necessary to make sure the heart does not grow frightened due to distance. It makes sense in long-distance relationships to have a widget, like Lovedays Couple D-Day Love, on their phones to help remind them about it because we use our phones on a daily basis.

  • Regarded as one of the finest for long-distance couples who want to keep track of how many days they’ve been together
  • Record milestone occasions and anniversaries
  • The D-day counter allows couples to keep track of their time spent together
  • The couple’s next meeting or an upcoming critical date can both be determined using the D-day calculator
  • Employ widgets in a range of sizes for varied tasks

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6. Rave


You can now Netflix and chill with your partner even from a distance with Rave, as this app is considered one of the best apps for couples with trust issues to improve relationships. As a result of allowing users to broadcast videos with anybody they like, Rave is also regarded as one of the greatest applications for couples.

  • Watch videos on Netflix, YouTube, Vimeo, Reddit, and other websites
  • Converse while watching a streaming video, giving the impression that everyone is watching the same show or movie at the same time
  • Upload videos to Google Drive or Dropbox for group viewing
  • Enables users to use RaveDJ to make their own music mashups
  • Link to speakers and sync right away
  • Join friends in virtual reality on iOS and Android devices

Due to its ability to watch shows together and discuss them in real time, this app is regarded as the greatest chatting app for couples.

7. Couple Tracker

Couple Tracker

Couple Tracker app is made to promote relationship transparency. Its features are as such:

Note: Keep in mind that this is not a spy app because it requires the permission and cooperation of another person to function properly.

  • User-friendly interface, making it easy for both partners to navigate and use its features effectively
  • Quickly set up the app and begin using it without unnecessary complications
  • The best part? Its regular version is accessible and cost-free
  • See anything on your smartphone, including Facebook, texts, SMS, and call history
  • Records the location of your partner and reveals the current location in addition to giving precise results
  • By linking their accounts together, couples can dispel all uncertainties and foster transparency, which greatly reduces the likelihood of infidelity in a relationship.
  • Check deleted texts and call logs, but only with the consent of the other person involved

8. Pathshare

Pathshare | Best Apps for Couples with Trust Issues

Pathshare is a unique app that monitors your partner’s honesty level and offers updates on the safety status of your partner.

Note: Keep in mind that this software only functions if your partners consent to have their location tracked.

  • Share each other’s locations with your loved ones with this app
  • Enables all-day communication with your spouse through widgets and an in-built chat box available on the app
  • Assist you in communicating with your partner and dealing with the consequences
  • Allow to spill your partner’s location
  • Give updates about the safety level of your partner

9. 1800Flowers


You can use the 1-800-Flowers.com App for convenient gift and flower delivery. It allows you to surprise your spouse with various gifts at any time. The following are the features of this amazing app:

  • Send flowers, plants, gift baskets, gourmet food, and more
  • Convenient and quick ordering in just a few clicks
  • Perfect for birthdays, love and romance, sympathy, congratulations, and more
  • Enjoy FREE shipping on flowers and gifts for the year
  • Send gifts from our Family of Brands all year long
  • Same-day or advance flower delivery by local florists
  • High-quality and fresh blooms
  • International flower delivery available
  • A wide variety of flower types to choose from
  • Secure checkout and streamlined browsing on the app

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10. LoveByte


Naturally, the LoveByte app’s name suggests that it was created with lovers in mind and is one of the best apps for couples with trust issues to improve relationship.

  • Add notes, send secret images, and receive surprise scratch cards in a private chat with your partner
  • Particularly designed for couples
  • Exciting scratch cards feature
  • Send sweet notes and private chats with emotions

11. Between – Private Couples App

Between - Private Couples App

If you’re searching for an app only for you and your loved ones, consider the Between app. This app also offers to store important notes, videos, and photos.

Note: Remember, this app not only helps you catch your partner’s activity but also suggests what a person can do to be a perfect couple.

  • Collects the location and timestamps of the photo
  • Manage notes, videos, and photos
  • In-built calendar to mark important dates
  • Schedule your special day and create reminders
  • Offers built-in calendar feature through which the user can save the schedule to help review the partner’s plan
  • Latest features like romantic emotions and GIFs are available in this app but not in the above-listed app

12. Couple Game: Relationship Quiz

Couple Game: Relationship Quiz | Best Apps for Couples with Trust Issues

The Couple Game app offers couples the opportunity to participate in a quiz, guessing their partner’s answers to specific questions. This enjoyable activity helps build trust in your relationship and can bring you closer to your significant other.

  • Get a relationship examination quiz
  • Card decks for various situations
  • The app provides a free three-day trial, allowing you to access it for free for three days to see if it’s the right fit for you

13. Merge – Couple Organizer

Merge - Couple Organizer

Merge is known as a simple app that helps couples stay on top of their day-to-day responsibilities and improve their relationship through that.

  • Partners can make lists and divide their tasks into many categories with much more ease
  • Couples can set due dates, create reminders, make recurring tasks, prioritize tasks according to urgency, and reassign and edit tasks
  • Make tasks and assign them to your partner
  • Clarify tasks with remarks or amend them if necessary
  • To avoid forgetting crucial activities or duties, set reminders
  • To effortlessly check in and update your partner on your day, use Merge status updates

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14. Kindu


Kindu has been featured in Mashable, Parenting.com, Yahoo.com, and NBC News, making it one of the best apps for couples with trust issues to improve relationships. In fact, it was created by a few doctors who were interested in discovering human relationships and how intimacy plays a crucial role in any relationship.

  • Explore intimate desires through countless romantic date ideas and different activities and offer couple messaging features
  • With the match system in this app, couples can communicate privately and safely
  • Double-blind matching system so they can view concepts they both concur with
  • Access to extremely adventurous and delayed free content in the app requires in-app purchases
  • Wild-card entry to send your lover your thoughts privately
  • Preferred method for saving your most beloved ideas
  • You can star items and make a list of your favorites using the favorite option

15. DateNight


If you have been dating for a while, it may be difficult to think of fresh ideas for a date night. No matter where they are, folks may locate the ideal date night concept using the DateNight app.

  • Couples can find ideas on this app based on the time of day, the event, and their budget, thanks to the variety of categories available
  • Users may create their own curated lists and view those created by others
  • Categorize ideas to find the greatest and most appropriate options for their special night
  • Users can also read through suggestions made by others
  • The admins reserve the right to remove any concept that receives negative feedback
  • If none of the users can locate what they are looking for, they can offer suggestions

16. Love Nudge

Love Nudge

You can use the Love Nudge app to learn about your partner’s amorous tendencies and what to expect from them. In a relationship, there are always dreams and expectations, and if you don’t live up to them, trust issues will arise. Therefore, try Love Nudge to strengthen your relationship together!

  • It is a playful, habit-forming tool that enables you to consciously show your partner your love.
  • You and your partner can pick up new skills and share fun prodding.
  • Together, you may define and monitor your activity goals.

17. Relish: Relationship & Couples

Relish: Relationship & Couples | Best Apps for Couples with Trust Issues

With Relish, you can improve your marriage or relationship in just 5 minutes a day by fostering enduring connection, greater affection, and greater love and intimacy. Below are some features from one of the best apps for couples with trust issues to improve relationship:

  • Get highly personalized instruction, interactive tests, and journaling exercises based on therapy
  • A daily reminder to put your relationship first
  • Creative ideas for a romantic night based on your characteristics
  • The relationship assessment tool is based on psychology
  • Enhance communication, keep your marriage or relationship strong, and maintain its vitality
  • Your Relish strategy is highly personalized for you based on a comprehensive psychology-based assessment
  • Relish will check in with you once a week so you can monitor development over time

You can rediscover your passion and develop a deeper love for your other half with this app!

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18. KidsGuard


This app is well-known for being a feature-rich phone tracker that can quickly track the info of your loved ones.

  • You can use KidsGuard to monitor your partner’s behavior from a distance in an undetected manner.
  • It can also track 30+ different types of phone data, including texts, phone logs, and images. location of a social media app.
  • You may also use this software to take screenshots, record phone calls, listen to the background noise on your phone, and more.
  • It offers live tracking of your partner’s location.
  • It operates in stealth mode.
  • It has a remote-control feature to record phone calls.
  • Because of the simple user interface, there is no need to root or jailbreak the phone.

So, if you think your partner is cheating on you, the KidsGuard app can help you find out the truth.

19. Raft: Shared Calendar

Raft: Shared Calendar

The Raft app offers a personal calendar that allows you to connect with your loved ones, see their plans, and find opportunities to spend time together. You can also use it for your spouse or partner!

  • Personalize plans with images, emojis, and GIFs
  • View and share plans with others
  • Like and comment on plans to interact
  • Choose to share some plans while keeping others private
  • Countdown to special events with a built-in feature
  • Instantly invite people to your calendar events
  • Chat directly within calendar events to coordinate and communicate easily

20. Cozi Family Organizer

Cozi Family Organizer

Cozi was designed to simplify the management of our daily tasks. This app ensures that everything falls into place, even when schedules change. If you sync your Google calendar but tend to forget to add or share events, installing the Cozi app is a smart move.

  • Integration with Google Calendar and the ability to create grocery lists and update to-do lists
  • Create grocery lists and share up-to-date information with your family members or companions
  • Track your companion’s activity in a single, public location
  • Colour codes identify the parties involved
  • Manage the practice schedule and appointments
  • With the help of agenda emails and automatic notifications, other family members are kept informed

21. Lovewick: Relationship App

Lovewick: Relationship App | Best Apps for Couples with Trust Issues

One of the most known applications for couples looking to learn more about each other and find new ways to keep their relationship fresh is Lovewick.

Instead of just asking people, “What’s your favorite animal?” they display interesting prompts. It’s not always up to you or your spouse to think of something enjoyable to do on a date; there are many in-person and virtual date ideas. And Lovewick gets you covered there, too, if you need any more suggestions on how to make a kind gesture or liven up your personal life.

  • Question and answer cards
  • Trivia quizzes to improve communication
  • Offers a section called Forget Me Nots for your partner to fill with fun facts about each other

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22. Been Together

Been Together

Been Together has quite a straightforward principle- to celebrate your love for your partner and remember happy moments. You enter the date that you began dating or the anniversary of your marriage when you start the app. The app then determines how many days have passed since that anniversary date using an automatic calculation. 

  • You can modify the background image and add a photo of both yourself and your spouse to the app to make it more unique.
  • You are allowed to insert as many events as you would like, such as the first time you shared a kiss or an I love you declaration.
  • Offers inbuilt notes section
  • Provides a To-Do List
  • Add images to commemorate special dates together
  • Select new themes

23. Desire – Couples Game

Desire - Couples Game

You and your significant other can enjoy playing the game of Desire occasionally or daily. This software for couples is essentially a mobile version of Truth or Dares but with only dares. Each dare has a number of points assigned to it based on how difficult it is.

  • There is always a refreshing challenge to try out thanks to the app’s weekly upload of hundreds of new dares. 
  • The points you earn increase as you and your buddy successfully complete dares. This is a fantastic method to compete with your spouse to see who can pull off the most dares if you’re highly competitive.
  • The game offers a variety of genres, including Outdoor, Dress Code, and Love Sensations.
  • You can strengthen your bond with fun games.

24. Lasting: Marriage Counseling

Lasting: Marriage Counseling

The Lasting app is primarily for couples that require some extra help in resolving important issues. One of the greatest apps for couples that struggle with infidelity or recurrent fights. With the help of the couple’s therapy app Lasting, working on your relationship more deeply is really simple and reasonably priced.

  • Lasting Premium additionally offers extra features like working connection, financial trust, etc. with your partner.
  • Additionally, the app’s solo sessions, relationship reminders, and conversation starters are all free.
  • Offers couples’ therapy sessions
  • There are many free materials in the app if you don’t want to go out and spend any money right away.
  • The foundational topics of healthy relationships are covered in a total of five sessions of Lasting’s Foundation series.

25. SumOne – Couple Diary

SumOne - Couple Diary

You have a basic understanding of what SumOne is if you have ever bought a diary app with regular writing prompts for yourself. However, this software is intended for partners rather than solo users.

  • You and your companion are asked the same challenging question each and every day. When you desire to reflect on the future, you can view the responses from one another and all of the entries.
  • Pebbles, the in-app currency, are earned when both you and your partner provide correct answers to daily questions.
  • Offers inbuilt journal for both partners to go through
  • EggMon’s home can be customized with unique things or adorable décor by paying with pebbles.
  • Although earning Pebbles takes time, it gives you and your love interest an additional incentive to continue on these daily prompts the app offers.

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26. Coupleness

Coupleness | Best Apps for Couples with Trust Issues

One of the top dating apps for partners is Coupleness. If you spend 3 minutes a day using this application, you will learn what your partner likes and dislikes and gain insight into improving communication with them.

  • This app has the expertly created Relationship Boosters feature to aid in cutting down on screen time and increasing snuggling time.
  • Additionally, this app’s suggestions and articles will assist you and your spouse in growing closer.
  • On top of that, you will have the chance to respond to a number of questions to learn more about how your spouse feels.
  • The app’s tracker asks you about your emotions and romantic interests.
  • This app offers relationship advice based on the data.
  • It provides a question-answer quiz.
  • By applying the standard emojis provided by the app, you are able to respond quickly to the questions.

That’s it! Our list of best apps for couples with trust issues comes to an end, and we hope you got the app you were looking for to improve your relationship with your partner. If you have any more suggestions, please leave your comments in our comment section. Until then, enjoy the blissful feeling of being in love with your significant other and building a healthy relationship!

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