How to Write Relationship Status in Instagram Bio

Discover some creative ways to showcase your relationship status.

When you’re in the beginning stages of love, you might want to express it to the world by sharing it on your Instagram handle. Users on Instagram may get curious as to whether there is a similar way to express one’s relationship status. Although Instagram does not have a built-in relationship status indication like Facebook does, still there are numerous methods for displaying it on your profile. In this article, we will learn in detail about how to write relationship status in an Instagram bio. 

How to write relationship status in Instagram bio

How to Write Relationship Status in Instagram Bio

Your relationship status can be mentioned in several ways in your Instagram bio. A clickable link that points to your partner’s profile is a good place to start. Additionally, you can use different emojis to indicate your romantic status or add a hashtag or a descriptive description to your post. Whichever approach you use is entirely up to you. 

To include your relationship status in your Instagram bio, you must first change your profile. Follow the instructions below to accomplish this:

1. Launch the Instagram app on your iPhone or Android device.

2. Tap the profile symbol in the lower right corner of the screen.

tap on profile icon instagram | relationship status in Instagram bio

3. Next, tap Edit Profile from the menu.

Tap on Edit Profile located below your Instagram bio

4. At this point, you can change the Bio section to add information about your romantic status.

Note: To make it more engaging, be imaginative and utilize hashtags or emojis.

5. Tap Done to save the alterations you just made.

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What Should a Couple Put on Instagram Handle?

The following information can be included in a couple’s Instagram bio:

  • The name of their partner.
  • A pleasant or humorous nickname to describe their relationship.
  • A simple description of their relationship, such as You’re the apple of my eye or Two heads, one heart.
  • An activity or passion that both people enjoy.
  • The place (if they live together or travel together often).

How Do I Mention My Boyfriend in My Bio?

Simply follow the instructions in the previous section and enter your boyfriend’s username followed by the @ sign to mention him in your Instagram bio. Write @boyfriend username, for instance. By doing this, a clickable link to his profile will be created, making it simple for others to look him up on the platform.

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How Do You Mention Love on Instagram?

There are several methods to mention love in a bio on Instagram. You may make sure that everyone who checks your Instagram profile can see your relationship status by using this list of popular techniques.

  • Mention your relationship status in your bio – You can reveal your relationship status to other Instagram users by including information about your relationship status in your Instagram bio. The name of your partner and the day you started dating each other are typical approaches to making this clear in your bio. Anyone who visits your profile will be able to see your bio at the top.
  • Mention them in your bio – Another popular approach mention your love on Instagram is to simply @ the user in your bio that you are in a relationship. A user’s account will become a clickable link when you @ them in your Instagram bio. In general, it is assumed that someone is in a relationship with that person if their Instagram bio includes the @ symbol for that person.
  • Share images of them to reveal that you are not single – You might also think about regularly sharing photos of you and your significant other on Instagram to let other users know that you are currently dating someone. If you constantly post about your romantic partner, your friends, followers, and profile visitors will know that you are in a committed relationship.

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What are the Best Ideas for Relationship Bio for Girls?

There are several best ideas for a relationship bio for a girl:

  • Share a fun fact about yourself or your lover.
  • Write about the traits of your mate that you admire most.
  • Describe your feelings using a love quotation.
  • Mention your shared passions and pastimes.
  • Display your personality and relationship by being humorous.
  • Highlight your partner’s qualities and why you love them.
  • Share images of your love and joy as a couple.

What are the Best Ideas for Relationship Bio for Boys?

Include your girlfriend’s name in your Instagram bio when posting images of her. Even though it could be challenging to think of a good caption. There are several best ideas for Instagram bio for relationship boy:

  • Highlighting her hobbies and interests.
  • Naming her preferred authors, films, or TV episodes.
  • Including journeys and experiences with her.
  • Showing enthusiasm or a humorous tone.
  • Mutually held values and beliefs.
  • Expressing gratitude to loved ones.
  • Mentioning one’s achievements or significant dates.

Hopefully, following this guide has helped you understand how to write relationship status in Instagram bio in a few easy steps. We hope that you now have profound knowledge about trending Instagram features. Please feel free to express any remarks, inquiries, or concerns in the section below, and we’ll do our best to respond. 

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