20 Best App Lockers For Android in 2022

20 Best App Lockers for Android (2020)

There is hardly anyone in this age of the internet that does not use a PC or a Smartphone. Smartphones enable access to a lot of data and contain many sensitive personnel messages and information that, falls into the wrong hands can be highly disastrous. So if someone wants to use our phone, it must be ensured that he does not have access to our data. To safeguard ourselves from such inquisitors, we make use of App lockers.

Do we all know what an App Locker is? Nevertheless, before detailing the Best App Lockers for Android in 2022, let us begin our discussion with a brief understanding of what an App Locker is? An App Locker is a security feature or a software program that prevents access to your apps without a password. If a person does not have a password, he cannot breach your data or files.

So an App Locker is a set of apps that are simply created to secure your private documents. Thus with the use of an App Locker, you are free of the fear of anyone, maybe a friend, colleague, or a family member trespassing into your documents without your permission. An app locker can be downloaded from any place and at any time.

20 Best App Lockers for Android (2020)

20 Best App Lockers For Android in 2022

Some of the best app lockers for Android in 2022, which we can download, are discussed below:

1. App Lock (By Do Mobile Lab)

App Lock (By Do Mobile Lab)

This app is one of the best, free to download, and most popular apps for use on Android available on the play store. It comes with many featuresThis app locks incoming calls and adds a fake cover to your locked apps, helping against unauthorized access. It protects any app on your phone from being uninstalled by any third person by setting a password, or generation of a PIN or the use of fingerprint.

This App also allows for hiding and storing of photos and videos from the gallery into a private vault. It speeds up the phone by deleting its cache memory and cleaning the phone. This app also provides the option of locking an app using any profile, from any location, and at any time. Premium features can be unlocked by making a donation or allowing the use of ads.

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2. Norton Applock

Norton Applock

Most of the people know Norton as antivirus software. Not many know it as a free-to-install, lightweight, fast ad-free app locker for android. The Norton app lock also protects apps against unwanted access by the generation of a four-digit PIN or the setting up of the password or use of fingerprint or a pattern. Besides the option of app locking, it also helps to secure data, photos, and videos from uncalled-for ingresses.

This app lock is also known to protect against the uninstallation of apps by any third-party intruder. In addition to this, it also takes a footprint of intruders who enter a wrong pin or pattern more than three times using a feature called a sneak-peak feature.

The simple to use Norton app locker also recommends a list of apps to help you know which apps should be locked. Overall, it can be considered as an appropriate choice, a feature-filled app that performs its job with excellence.

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3. Perfect Applock

Perfect Applock | Best App Lockers for Android (2020)

It is an ad-supported free to use the app with its paid version being free of ads. There is no other difference between the free and paid versions. This app helps lock Bluetooth, Wi-fi, and internet data, and with its screen filter feature, you can increase or decrease the brightness of individual apps. It also has an unwanted screen rotation attribute, which by using a rotation lock, you can prevent unwanted rotation of the screen.

In addition to the above, it acts as a watchdog whereby it takes a footprint or clicks a picture of an intruder who enters a wrong pin or pattern more than three times. It also protects apps and secures any application on your device against unwanted access using a gesture, a pattern, or by the generation of a four-digit PIN. Perfect Applock can also lock outgoing and incoming calls.

You can use this app remotely also through the use of an SMS facility. It confuses people through a display of fake error messages on locked apps. Due to the above features, it is also rated amongst the best app lockers, justifying its name.

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4. Smart App Lock Pro (App protect)

Smart App Lock Pro (App protect)

It is another app in the list of best app lockers available free of cost on Android. It’s a simple, clean, lightweight, fully updated app. The free version is with ads, whereas the prime version is sans ads. This app helps to lock your phone’s apps, private data, incoming calls, and settings. It allows a change of the icon to hide the app lock in a secret dialer.

You can use the fingerprint sensor stored on your smartphone or set a screen lock pattern to lock your mobile screen as a safety feature. Besides the above safety features, it also prevents unwanted ingress through the use of a password or a gesture.

One of the best features of this app is it clicks on the photo of an intruder and sends you an email, enabling you to become careful in the future.

On Samsung devices, it provides auto-start upon reboot, break-in alerts, and delayed app locking besides the fingerprint scanning capabilities, as discussed earlier. This app allows a change of icon to hide the app lock in a secret dialer.

The only drawback of this app is that it is easy to uninstall if it is known to anyone that you have installed this app. This is a significant drawback.

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5. App Lock – Fingerprint (By SpSoft)

App Lock – Fingerprint (By SpSoft) | Best App Lockers for Android (2020)

This user-friendly app, available in thirty different languages, has a lot of features. Like the security feature in other apps, this app uses a PIN, a pattern, or a fingerprint scanner system of protection and locking. It also provides screen backlight and screen rotation locking apps to provide different passwords for each locking app. On top of these locked apps, it also provides a fake icon so that no one can find the locking apps.

If any person tries to ingress by unlocking your apps forcibly, it takes a picture of the person and sends it across to you through your email. 

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The premium version of this app includes all features of the free version with the only exception of ads, i.e., the premier version does not have any ads. It may not be wrong to say here that though the free version has ads, they are a limited few, but yes, they are present, it is not bereft of ads.

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6. App Lock – By Ivy Mobile

App Lock – By Ivy Mobile

App Lock, by Ivy Mobile, is free to download app locker, which can lock any app on your mobile. It helps protect many applications like photos, videos, contacts, email, galleries, and almost any other application on the smartphone. The only issue is that this app supports ads, which can be quite disturbing during use.

As the security features in other apps, this app uses a PIN or a pattern locking system to protect your applications. The additional feature it provides is the use of a random keyboard, and it can also hide the pattern lock, making it invisible to any peeping tom.

This Ivy Mobile app lock takes a picture of anyone who forcibly tries to open using a wrong password and fails to unlock the apps. It provides an option wherein if you do not want others to see you are using an Applock; you can replace or change the Ivy Moblie Applock with a fake icon like a calculator, calendar, notepad, etc., etc.

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7. Applocker, by BGN Mobile

Applocker, by BGN Mobile | Best App Lockers for Android (2020)

This app lock is simple and free to use the app and can be subscribed through Google play. Similar to other app lockers, it locks your apps providing complete privacy from intruders. It uses a PIN or a pattern locking system to protect your applications. It also protects against app uninstallation and prevents other users from uninstalling your apps.

It takes the selfie of an intruder who tries to break in and forcibly tries to open your device using the wrong password. It, similar to the security feature in other apps, uses a fingerprint scanner system of protection to meet your security requirements.

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8. Maxlock


This is a totally free app lock, and because it is a new app launched recently, it unlocks the latest features available as of today. Based on the Xposed framework, it will work only on those devices which have Xpose installed on them. An Xposed framework by itself does not do much. Still, it only helps in installing other apps which not only modify the looks of your mobile but also increases the performance of the device besides enhancing battery life.

This app helps lock your application with a PIN or a pattern or a knocked code/password. This open-source app has a fake crash feature that allows tricking the intruder into a crashed app. In case you do not want to use this feature, it provides a master switch using which you can easily disable the feature. This app also allows you to remove the thumbnail of apps in your window.

The premium version of the app is available through donations, and this version adds features like a grace period for delay in re-locking, also referred to as the I.Mod feature. In addition to the above, this version also provides detailed information about failed log-in attempts and the facility to restore or back up the locked app list.

This app’s only drawback is that it is available for rooted Android devices like smartphones and tablets only. This is a major drawback as rooting of a device enables overruling of the limitations or restrictions imposed on the device by the manufacturer, which can cause security and stability concerns and nullify the warranty of a device.

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9. Finger Security

Finger Security

Available free of cost, this is one of the oldest Android apps and was the first app to introduce the fingerprint app lock feature, enabling locking of apps using fingerprint. In case the fingerprint is not working, then it allows the pin and password option too.

This app, in its premium version, provides several different types of wallpapers for use as a background of the lock screen, enabling the use of your favorite images in the background. Images in the gallery can also be used as background, in case wallpapers do not interest you.

This app also detects and takes pictures of an intruder who tries to break in and forcibly tries to open your device using the wrong password. It also ensures that the app data and the list of recent activities and tasks carried out aren’t displayed and made visible on the device screen.

This app also prevents the uninstallation of the app, if anyone is trying to be mischievous. It also provides the option of a fake crash and a delay in re-locking app features and a host of other features.

It also has a set safe location option implying that using Google smart lock, you can select your Android phone to be unlocked in pre-approved, known to be safe and trusted conditions taking care of security and convenience. At all other times, it would be locked and require the use of PIN, pattern or password, etc. to open for use. So it provides double comfort, security, and ease of use.

All-in-all it’s a good app with skeletal features in its free versions but a host of features in the premium version as discussed.

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10. KeepSafe Applock

KeepSafe Applock

This app lock keeps all your applications safe and locks any application as per your preference. As soon as you open this app, you are properly guided on how to Setup, so that you can get the full benefit of this app. The other best part is that the app is completely ad-free with in-app purchases, whereas the free version displays ads.

It provides security to all applications and gives the flexibility to lock your phone through a PIN, pattern, or fingerprint. You can also hide your PIN and pattern from prying eyes. It gives you a lot more options whereby you can set a delay on app re-locking, and the app also prevents its uninstallation.

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It has a well-articulated and good user interface. The other good option available with this app is to disable the app for a short while, temporarily, for a few hours. It has a free version that displays ads; however, these ads can be disabled by making an in-app purchase.

It gives you additional options whereby you can set a delay on app re-locking, and the app also prevents its uninstallation. Overall, it is a simple app to use without any complications.

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11. Privacy Knight Applock

Privacy Knight Applock | Best App Lockers for Android (2020)

It is a good, free to install the app, in English, amongst the list of Applockers for 2022. It is unfortunately not a very popular app, for reasons unknown, but has a lot of features for the protection of your apps and privacy. As per its name, it provides complete privacy by removing all applications that are visible on the homepage. Another highlight of this app is that it is an ad-free app, saving against unwanted distractions, and also, there are no in-app purchases.

Another good feature of this app is it provides different methods of locking your apps using a PIN or a pattern lock. You can also lock your apps using a fingerprint scan, face tracking, or any disguise cover like a crash message to unlock your apps in addition to a blow or a shake.

It allows you to hide your private and personal photos and videos from prying eyes in a separate media vault, which would also require a password for accessibility. It also hides notification previews from apps, SMS messages, social media icons, and your list of contacts. It not only protection against app uninstallation but also allows you to choose which app to hide instead of hiding all apps in toto etc. etc.

It also helps you to know unwanted intruders who tried to unsuccessfully open your device with the wrong password by clicking their picture and records his or her details. This is a very good feature in case the phone gets stolen or there is information leakage. It has almost all the required features of an app locker and is a good one at that.

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12. AppLock – Fingerprint & Password (By SailingLab)

AppLock – Fingerprint & Password (By SailingLab)

This app locker by SailingLab is free to install the app with in-app purchases. It is another app that requires worth mentioning as it is a feature-packed app locker. It helps you lock your apps using a PIN or a pattern lock or fingerprint to avoid uncalled-for access from unauthorized users. You can store your photos and videos in a photo vault safe from unwanted eyes.

It also protects against intruders by keeping you informed about who tried to make an unsuccessful attempt to open your device by taking his photograph. It also provides security against breaches in your SMS messages by hiding notifications received from various chats from sensitive apps.

The only drawback with this app is that it is not bereft of ads, and you will get some ads on the lock screen, which can be distracting and at times, annoying. Besides this drawback, it is a decent app to use and worth a recommendation.

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13. App Lock by Smart Mobile

App Lock by Smart Mobile

It is another free to install app with in-app purchases. It is amongst the latest and new app lockers available on the play store. This app locker has gained prominence in spite of its being new because of a very good user interface and no-nonsense, straightforward forward, and direct approach in its functioning. It helps you lock your device using a PIN or a pattern lock or a fingerprint, depending upon your preferred method.

Its unique feature named ‘Profiles’ helps you to classify and label apps depending on their usage, for example, general, sensitive, social, and payments apps. It gives you the flexibility to create your own profile, including apps, as per your preference. 

You can create a single set of rules for all apps in one tap, avoiding the headache of, for example, unlocking permission for each app, and opening all apps of a particular category e.g., social apps in one tap.

Other than the above feature, to avoid uninstallation of the apps by anyone else you can also set them as an Administrator, which otherwise is a system-level privilege, and it is not recommended to interfere with the system.

As per its name, it is a smart app locker and can be used without any hesitation for locking your device and other applications.

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14. LOCKit Applocker

LOCKit Applocker

This is another free but light and powerful app locker for Android with no in-app purchases. It also comes in handy in locking your phone screen using a PIN or a pattern. The pattern path can be hidden and made invisible while drawing the pattern to unlock your screen so that no one can see the pattern lock or it can use a shuffled keyboard for this purpose.

Using this app lock, you can hide your photos and videos, which are private and personal by removing them from the gallery and placing them in separate vaults with your access only, protecting against unwanted, inquisitive, and ever-curious eyes. It can even lock up any app and other settings on your phone. Further, it also prevents the uninstallation of any locked apps.

This app lock has a power-saving mode and takes a selfie of any intruder who tries to force ingress through the use of a wrong password PIN or pattern. It has a built-in scanner that can scan your files. It also has a cell phone booster and a notification cleaner, which clears all obsolete notifications and also controls which notifications should appear from other apps on your mobile. It also removes ads that appear on notifications from other apps but contains ads of their own.

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15. Secure Lock for Apps

Secure Lock for Apps | Best App Lockers for Android (2020)

This app lock helps to keep your phone secure and safe with a good and easy-to-use user interface. At the time of installation of this app, it allows the setting of a passcode. A fingerprint password is allowed by this app, only and only if; you have an Android version above Android 6.0. It also provides a forget password facility in case you happen to forget your password. Later on, you can use your reset password option and reset with a new password.

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What makes this app the best Applock on Android is that it does not share your personal details with any third party. It has a very good battery performance making the battery last longer due to no ads, which otherwise drain a huge amount of battery power. It also improves the performance of the app with no time wastage on non-performing ad repeats.

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16. LOCX Applocker

LOCX Applocker

The LOCX App Lock being light in weight with a 1.8 MB APK file as compared to other app locks, uses less storage space and is also operationally a much faster app as compared to others, which is a big plus point with this app. Being light in weight, it is a real feature-filled app locker enabling or disabling the app with a single tap.

It also has very good, attractive unique, and fascinating lock screen wallpapers designed by the best of people in the field. 

It protects and saves your photos in a safe photo vault, which can be opened only through the right PIN or pattern. All the personal and private videos can be made invisible to the prying eyes by locking them in a video vault, which is not privy to all.

Using a passcode you can even lock your emails, contacts, messages, gallery, and phone settings and be free from the worry of sneakers and intruders. It also makes your lock screen password invisible to any trespasser or prowler.

Another good feature of this app locker is that Re-lock is not required when returning to the app after a brief exit avoiding frequent unlocking of the app and smoothening it.

It also helps you to hide and encrypt chats on Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and makes it privy between you and the person intended for. No third party can be privy to it using the LOCX app locker.

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17. Applock by KewlApps

Applock by KewlApps

A clean and straightforward app locker free on Android can lock any app using a PIN, Pattern, or fingerprint. Its premium version is not free but is very moderately priced. It supports more than ten different languages besides English.

Any new app downloaded can also be protected proactively besides protecting existing apps by locking them using a PIN, pattern, or fingerprint.

It also helps you to know unwanted intruders who tried to unsuccessfully open your device with a wrong password or the use of an incorrect PIN by clicking their picture.

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18. CM Applocker

CM Applocker | Best App Lockers for Android (2020)

CM App Lock is an android Applocker that keeps your data protected from unwanted ingress. It keeps the phone and its data safe by locking your phone screen using a PIN or a pattern, password, or fingerprint lock.

It also hides the personal photos and videos from the ever prying eyes of unwanted prowlers by using a method of locking them to intruders. It only allows those to view who have access to unlock the storage vault.

This app also takes the selfie of any intruder who tries to access the data, photos, videos, etc. through a wrong password.

This app also enhances the beauty of the lock screen by allowing changing the color of the back screen and setting themes as per your requirement. In addition to the above functions, it also acts as an app cleaner, cleaning the phone of viruses and increasing the phone speed.

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19. Private Zone Applock

Private Zone Applock

It has an exemplary user interface that enables a quick and easy setup. Besides, it keeps your photos and videos safe, hiding them from unwanted prowlers by locking them using a PIN or a digital password.

As parents, you can prevent children from playing games and unnecessarily wasting time over useless things through locking, acting as a child lock.

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Furthermore, it cleans the phone’s browsing history, increasing its speed to download any documents.

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20. Knock lock

Knock lock | Best App Lockers for Android (2020)

It looks different from other app lockers, but when it is installed and opened after that, it has an excellent user interface, which explains its functioning completely so that it is easy to use after installation. It also has a very good, attractive Hi-Definition lock screen with a custom date and time format, enabling you to see the date and time when using this app.

Being another good app locker for android, it offers phone lock features securing your data from falling into the wrong hands. No Tom, Dick, or Harry on his free will, can see your information. This app also helps with making false calls accidentally.

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It may be noted Apex launcher is more of a launcher and less of an app locker, so I have not included it in the above write-up. Though there are more app lockers also available for use, I have tried to list down the best App lockers available for Android in 2022 on the Play store.

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