25 Best App Lockers for Android

Keep your phone apps and their data safe from over-enthusiastic children or over-bearing spouse.

Concerned about the potential invasion of your smartphone, with others attempting to read your chats or access confidential projects? Such threats can jeopardize overall safety and security. Luckily, app lock tools give you the best protection for Android devices from such situations. Here is a list of the best free app lockers that you can try out on your Android phones to regain control and ensure the highest safety measures for your device.

Best App Lockers for Android

Best App Lockers for Android

Securing your smartphone with enhanced safety measures is crucial in this digital age. To help you add an additional security layer, we have come up with this list of the best app lockers for Android users. From locking individual apps to securing your photos like a pro, these apps have everything you need. Let us take a look at these apps and their detailed features.

1. Norton App Lock

Norton App Lock | Best App Lockers Android

The first option on our list of the best free app lockers for Android is Norton App Lock. It helps you safeguard your privacy using a password or pattern lock as per your preference. Whether it’s your pictures or saved passwords, this app keeps your sensitive information safe from snoopers. You can use it for several apps and add an extra layer of safety. The best part about this app is its anti-theft feature that automatically captures a photo when someone fails to unlock the device after three failed attempts.

2. Perfect AppLock (App Protector)

Perfect AppLock (App Protector)

With Perfect AppLock, you can password-protect all the apps on your device and keep them safe with just a few taps. For this, the app lets you decide between a PIN, pattern, and gesture. Moreover, Perfect AppLock also lets you manage the brightness for each app and prevent unnecessary screen rotation. The app also captures a photo of the attacker after three failed attempts. You can even remotely start the app using an SMS command.

3. AppLock – Fingerprint

AppLock - Fingerprint

Applock lets you protect your chats and data using a password, fingerprint, pattern, and face recognition. This amazing app protects the diverse range of apps on your device and even catches the attacker by taking their picture. It supports over 32 languages, automatically locks new apps, and locks incoming calls. Furthermore, you can set different passwords for apps and reset a forgotten password within seconds. It is definitely one of the best free app lockers for Android.

4. AppLock by IVYMOBILE

AppLock by IVYMOBILE | Best App Lockers Android

AppLock by IVYMOBILE is one of the most popular apps on this list. It safeguards your photos, videos, documents, and chats from unwanted intruders. For this, you can either use a PIN or a password. Moreover, you can use this app for installed apps as well as system apps. However, it does not offer as many features as other similar apps.

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5. AppLocker: App Lock, PIN

AppLocker: App Lock, PIN

The next option on this list is AppLocker. Like other apps, it lets you use a password, pattern, and fingerprint lock to safeguard your device and its data. The app offers different themes, so you can easily find something that aligns with your aesthetic. Moreover, it prevents uninstalling apps and locks system settings, so no one can change it. AppLocker is also a battery-efficient option, designed to work seamlessly.

6. AppLock – Lock apps & Password

AppLock - Lock apps & Password

AppLock is a beginner-friendly and lightweight app for Android users. It is designed to protect your device from snoopers by locking various apps of different categories. For this, this option among other best free app lockers for Android offers options like a PIN and pattern lock. AppLock also features beautiful themes that are pleasant for the eyes. Furthermore, this app can lock system settings, Bluetooth, and newly downloaded apps.

7. App Lock by Smart Mobile Tools

App Lock by Smart Mobile Tools | Best App Lockers Android

App Lock by Smart Mobile Tools is a wonderful app to protect your social apps and system apps from unwanted intruders. If you are fed off your friends trying to read your chats without your permission, then you should give this app a try. You can customize your lock and use different methods of protection. It is easy to use, takes less space, and is also battery efficient. You should definitely try this one of the best app lock tools out there.

8. App Lock – Secure Your Apps

App Lock - Secure Your Apps

You can use App Lock for enhanced protection of your device using a simple password or fingerprint. It takes over the hefty job of safeguarding crucial and confidential data by locking apps on your device. Moreover, unlike some other similar bogus apps, App Lock does not share your data with third parties. It also features a mail recovery option in case the password slips away from your memory.

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9. AppLock by KewlApps

AppLock by KewlApps

AppLock by KewlApps can lock any app on your Android smartphone using a fingerprint, PIN, password, and crash screen. You can use it for your social media apps to prevent friends from reading chats with your crush. Moreover, it captures intruders’ pictures, locks recently installed apps and locks settings. AppLock also boasts a timeout feature. Its improved lock engine does the job amazingly without consuming battery.

10. Knock lock screen – Applock

Knock lock screen - Applock

The Knock lock screen app by knock lock prevents unauthorized access to your device. It offers knock lock, pattern lock, and time password lock options. You can even use it to unlock your device using the knock knock feature so others cannot see the password. It is a user-friendly and battery-efficient app that you should try at least once.

11. App Lock – Lock Apps, Password

App Lock - Lock Apps, Password | Best App Lockers Android

By downloading App Lock by InShot on your device, you can use a pattern, fingerprint, or password to secure it easily. It works for a wide range of apps and hides your cherished memories to prevent intruders from accessing your photos and videos. Moreover, this among other best free app lockers for Android features an invisible draw path and takes pictures of any intruders. You can also hide apps, reset passwords, and specify a time to activate the lock.

12. AppLock by DoMobile AppLock

AppLock by DoMobile AppLock

AppLock by DoMobile AppLock is also another impressive option to protect your device, apps, and crucial information from other people. With this app, you can protect unlimited apps, photos, and videos and get a private browser for surfing the internet. Moreover, you can sync to the cloud for free.

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13. Applock Pro – App Lock & Guard

Applock Pro - App Lock & Guard

Applock Pro shows a fake error message every time someone fails to unlock your device. This app locks all the apps using a specified code, pattern, and fingerprint. It captures a photo of the intruder, hides all notifications of locked apps, and even blasts a spy alarm due to failed attempts. Moreover, you can even customize the theme to make it more happening.

14. AppLock Master

 AppLock Master

AppLock Master by Sepber is a free app lock for Android users. By downloading this app, you can use a PIN, pattern, and fingerprint to safeguard your pictures, videos, incoming calls, and recent apps, and install or uninstall third-party apps. It also helps to lock screen orientation and keeps itself invisible, so no one can spot it. Moreover, you can also choose a theme and background from your gallery.

15. WOT Mobile Security Protection

WOT Mobile Security Protection | Best App Lockers Android

WOT Mobile Security Protection is a one-stop solution for your diverse requirements regarding the safety and security of your device and is one of the best app lock tools. Used by thousands of users around the world, this is a must-try app on the list. WOT helps with automatic virus scans, safe browsing, email protection, and identity protection. In addition to this, you also get Wi-Fi scanning, an app locker, and a photo vault. You can even upgrade to WOT Premium and get super cool features like data breach monitoring and anti-phishing. WOT had to make it to the best free app lockers for Android.

16. AppLock by Lite Tools Studio

AppLock by Lite Tools Studio

AppLock by Lite Tools Studio locks apps on your device to keep them safe from intruders. It adds an additional layer of safety with a chosen PIN, password, or fingerprint lock. You can use it for its privacy notes and prevent unnecessary purchasing of apps or games and catch intruders. This AppLock is easy-to-use and lightweight.

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17. App Lock – AppLock Fingerprint

App Lock - AppLock Fingerprint

App Lock- AppLock Fingerprint guards your device, apps, and the data inside with a strong PIN, password, or fingerprint. It works with nearly all apps and is a great way to prevent others from reading chats or accessing confidential information. For instance, you can lock Google Pay to prevent kids from purchasing games or movies. Apart from this, App Lock can disguise apps, prevent accidental uninstallation, hide pattern draw paths, lock settings, and capture intruders’ selfies.

18. Applock by Appyhigh

Applock by Appyhigh | Best App Lockers Android

The next app on our list is AppLock by Appyhigh. This app helps you protect your chats, photos, videos, incoming calls, settings, and all apps with just a few taps on the screen. It is a great way to prevent unauthorized access and safeguard your device. AppLock can also catch intruders by taking their pictures and hiding apps using a vault. Furthermore, you get amazing features like a secure browser, a change app icon feature, recovery and backup, and an invisible lock pattern. It is truly one of the best app locks for Android.

19. Latch


Latch is an amazing app by Telefonica Digital. It helps to take full control over your device and its content with its power-packed features. You can use this app to add two-factor authentication to apps using a PIN, lock bank transfers or credit cards, block or unblock access to certain services, and control the opening or closing of apps on the device. It is available for free and is easy to get accustomed to. Latch is considered among the best free app lockers for Android.

20. Private Zone – AppLock, Video

Private Zone - AppLock, Video

With the Private Zone app on your device, no one can ever see your pictures, or videos, or read social media chats. It locks various apps from WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat Messenger, and Gallery and prevents unauthorized access. You can enjoy private browsing, catch the intruder, and use attractive themes to customize your lock screen effortlessly.

21. Applock – Lock for Apps

Applock - Lock for Apps

Applock by TarrySoft safeguards your gallery, apps, and files from unwanted authorization. This beginner-friendly app has tons of cool features such as different themes, a photo vault, and multiple lock types such as pattern and PIN. Furthermore, it automatically sets the lock screen background for apps and is a battery-efficient alternative.

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22. AppLock Go: App Lock, Security

AppLock Go: App Lock, Security

AppLock Go by Appyhigh is another must-try option on this list. It is packed with amazing features like an invisible lock pattern, resetting a forgotten PIN, changing app icons, a secure vault, and a private browser feature to surf the internet without worrying about history. Moreover, you can even schedule the smart lock feature to start and pause it. AppLock Go also comes with additional features like playing games without installing additional apps.

23. AppLock by Video Editor & Video Maker Dev

AppLock by Video Editor & Video Maker Dev | Best App Lockers Android

AppLock by Video Editor & Video Maker Dev is surely one of the best options on this list. This free app is used by thousands of users around the world and has tons of positive reviews. Equipped with features like a smart lock, app icon changer, and privacy scan, this app had to make its cut in this list. Moreover, you also get a picture of the intruder and a feature to change app icons into calculator icons. It is one of the best app lock tools for Android devices.

24. Calculator Lock – App Lock

Calculator Lock - App Lock

Calculator Lock by AZ Mobile Software hides your photos, videos, notes, and audio and also puts a lock on your apps. This way, no one except you can open and use these apps. It is a great app if you have kids or snoopy friends around all the time. However, the ads are sometimes a bit too much for users. Moreover, it does not offer some features that you can get with other similar apps.

25. Private Photo Vault – Keepsafe

Private Photo Vault - Keepsafe | Best App Lockers Android

Private Photo Vault allows you to protect up to ten thousand items by compressing photos and saving the original to the cloud making it one of the best app locks for Android. You can use its military-grade encryption to guard data on your device effortlessly. It also syncs photos and videos across devices and offers a backup and recovery option. It creates a fake Keepsafe to confuse intruders and takes their pictures due to failed attempts.

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In conclusion, having the best app lockers for Android by your side can protect you against a multitude of security threats. Equipped with a range of different features, these apps extend protection for personal conversations, confidential projects, and unauthorized access to your device. Above all, you get to enjoy a sense of peace and assurance, knowing that you have nothing to worry about.

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