Arc Browser vs Chrome vs Safari: Should You Switch to Arc? 

Explore the browser battle and uncover their strengths and weaknesses in this epic showdown.

Your online experience is affected by the choice of your browser. Along with the old runners, a newcomer Arc browser has joined the race as a rival. In this article, we’ll walk you through the Arc browser vs Chrome vs Safari comparison and let you decide who wins the race. So, keep cheering till the end!

arc browser vs chrome vs safari

Arc Browser vs Google Chrome vs Safari

The three main players – Arc browser, Google Chrome, and Safari – stand out as the most efficient internet browsers. Arc browser is generally launched as the replacement for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Firefox. It aims to change the form of traditional browser working. Let’s see the comparison between the three of them

Specifications  Arc Google Chrome  Safari
Establishment  2019, United States 1998, United States 1976, United States 
Parent Company  The Browser Company  Google  Apple 
Innovation  New browser and features Not been innovated for 7+ years Innovations like tab groups, increased privacy, etc.
Performance  Built the MacOS Version of its browser in Swift Built-in programming language Built on the WebKit version created by Apple
Stability  New innovations and recently launched which questions its stability Two versions: canary and beta which allow testing the issues early making it more stable Known for its stability and new updates from time to time making it more efficient to use
Privacy  Extensive privacy policy  Extensive privacy policy  Extensive privacy policy 
Platforms  Windows
Category  Private Browser
Web Browser 
Web Browser  Private Browser
Web Browser 
API No API Offers API Offers API 

Arc Browser vs Chrome 

Suppose you’ve been using Chrome for a long time, but thinking of switching to Arc. Well, it is not possible without a comparison between the two to know what suits you according to your needs. 

Arc browser is designed with new features giving users a new kind of internet experience they never had before. It provides a profile workspace called Spaces which makes a different space to segment your work. It has several features like:

  • Little Arc opens as a browser window when you click on a link in another app.
  • It gives easy navigation and a simple arrangement of tabs.
  • The interface consists of vertical tabs along with different colors and emojis.
  • It has its own command bar which can be opened by CMD + T or CMD + L on Mac.
  • Arc provides settings to limit the data collected by websites.

arc browser vs chrome

Google Chrome, the browser used by many as their most trustworthy one, is built on the notion of programming language. Since its inception, it has been famous among users operating different devices. It has several features like:

  • The UI has horizontal tabs and makes it easy for you to create tab groups. 
  • It is available on almost all operating systems.
  • This browser allows you to sync your information with different devices.
  • Also, it has a unique feature called Chrome flags which enables users to customize their browsing.
  • Chrome collects user data through cookies.


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Arc Browser vs Safari 

Planning to switch from Arc to Safari or a general knowledge on which one is better? You must read their comparison below.

Arc, designed as an attractive internet browser, provides you with a split screen to group sites together so you can use them with a click. It consists of various features like:

  • You can make and set your own shortcuts to use while navigating.
  • It is built on a Chromium engine
  • You can take live screenshots with a camera sign on the top and even customize it.
  • Arc has a strict Privacy policy for a more secure experience for users.

Safari is the most famous and reliable internet browser for all Mac and iOS users. With its high security and fast navigation, it has always been one of the most used browsers. It has several features like:

  • It is fast and has more battery life than any other browser.
  • Also, it allows you to organize the tabs into groups.
  • It provides you with a reader mode to remove any kind of disturbances.
  • Users can stream content from Safari to any other AirPlay-supported device. 
  • Safari has a fingerprint feature which gives external security also with ITP (Intelligent Tracking Prevention).


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Is Arc Browser Safe?

Yes, the Arc browser is as safe as any other web browser available. But, you should always take care before sharing any kind of personal information.

Arc Browser Pricing and Review 

The Arc Browser comes with no financial commitments and is free to use without any subscription or update payments. So, there’s nothing you need to pay.

With all the features and comparisons above, it has been proven that Arc can be a reliable and efficient browser. With its new features, it can be attractive and manageable at the same time for the users. It is somewhat different from our standard browsers like Safari and Chrome.

Although switching to it is a personal choice after reading the review above, the Arc browser is suitable and fulfills all the main concerns while choosing a browser. 

Arc Browser Privacy Policy and Concerns 

The Arc browser has a strict and secure service when it comes to privacy. Their commitment to the privacy says that:

  • They have no information and don’t know about the websites you’re visiting and how much time you’re spending.
  • They don’t sell your data and collect your cookies. 
  • All data is encrypted
  • Also, there is no syncing of any kind of data.

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To wrap up, switching to a new browser or staying loyal to your old one is a personal choice. Each browser has its unique features and strengths. Hope this article helped you with the Arc browser vs Chrome vs Safari comparison. Keep reading our blogs for more information. Leave your suggestions and queries below in the comment section. 

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