How to Download and Use Arc Browser on Windows 10/11

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Hello there! Following the exciting launch of Arc browser on Mac devices in 2019 by The Browser Company, they noticed a high demand for this fantastic browser on other platforms and devices. Well, we have some fantastic news to share with our PC users – Arc browser is now available to download on Windows 10/11! Keep reading for instructions on how to install it on your PC.

How to download arc browser on windows

How to Download and Use Arc Browser on Windows

Arc browser is a new one on the market that aims to act as a personal workspace and information management system along with browsing websites.

Is Arc Browser Available For Windows Users?

Yes, the Arc browser is now available for Windows users! It was launched on 11 December 2023 by The Browser Company. It’s important to note that it’s currently in the development phase. As of now, the Beta version of Arc browser has been rolled out only.

Here’s a simple guide to help you in downloading and using Arc browser on Windows:

Step 1: Get Invitation for Beta Version

As we said before, the Arc browser is still in the development phase. To get the beta version of Arc browser, follow the below steps to receive an invite from the team.

1. Visit the official Arc browser website.

2. Click on Join Windows Waitlist.

click on join windows waitlist

3. Now, enter your email address and click on Submit.

click on submit

Now, you’ve successfully joined the waitlist! Expect an email from the company, including the link to download the beta version of Arc browser.

Step 2: Download and Install Arc

Once you receive an invite to download Arc browser, follow the below steps:

1. Click the download link provided.

2. Save the installer file to a convenient location.

3. Run the installer file and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

4. Once installed, find Arc browser in your Start menu or desktop shortcut to launch it.

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Step 3: Setup Your Arc Browser

After installing the browser, now it’s time to set up your account. 

1. Upon launching Arc browser on your PC, create your account to start browsing.

2. After creating your account and verifying details, sign in to start using Arc browser.

Finally, you can start exploring the browser and its interface. As you start using it, you’ll become familiar with many features that might amaze you. Personalize your browsing experience by adjusting settings such as themes, fonts, and privacy options. Enjoy your enhanced browsing with Arc!

Note: Arc is currently in beta, which means you may encounter occasional bugs or find some features missing. Your patience is appreciated during this phase. If you come across any issues, please take a moment to report them. Your feedback is invaluable and contributes to the ongoing improvement of Arc for everyone.

How is Arc Browser Different from Other Browsers?

You might be wondering why there’s so much hype surrounding this browser, as it might seem like just another option in the market. Well, it’s not just another browser; it’s a browser in a class of its own. It offers various unique features, such as:

  • Boosts (enhance browsing experience by customizing mini-apps)
  • Spaces (organize folders for your tabs)
  • Easel (a collaborative whiteboard)
  • Notes (take notes within the browser)
  • Little Arc (launches any website quickly with a keyboard shortcut)
  • Sleek and intuitive interface

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I hope this article has guided you on how to download and use Arc browser beta on your Windows PC. We truly understand you are also eagerly waiting for the full version to roll out as it’s the most clean and safe browser in the market. So, stay connected with us for more tech news and guides.

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  1. I joined the waitlist on December 12, 2023 (two days before this article was published), and as of early April 2024, have yet to receive a link, even to the beta version.

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