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10+ Best 3D Photo Maker Apps for Android and iPhone

Pass the dimensions of traditional photographs and watch your imagery in DDD!

3D photos are the new visual innovation that adds depth to two-dimensional images. Moments are captured from different perspectives and using a combination of depth mapping and parallax effects, such images are created to appear more immersive. While the process seems complicated, many free 3D photo maker apps for Android and iPhone can add such effects to your images in one click. We’ll review some of the best ones so that you can pick your preferred app and make such photos without pricey equipment or specialized knowledge. 

Best 3D photo maker apps

Best 3D Photo Maker Apps

Over time, 3D photo maker software have gained popularity for their ability to convert regular images into three-dimensional ones. Such apps use advanced algorithms and techniques. Users can tilt or move their phone to view images of such kind. 


VIMAGE 3D Live Photo Animation

 VIMAGE isn’t a new name when it comes to authentic 3D live photo animation software. It provides an advanced tool for making cinemagraphs and motion photographs that can easily animate the picture. Moreover, it also enables the creation of parallax illusions, which provide depth and movement when seen from various perspectives. 

  • Eye-catching range of 3D moving photo effects, presents, filters, flow animation, and overlays
  • AI sky feature to help you replace or animate skies
  • Allows addition of custom sound effects and text
  • Can export images in up to 2560p
  • Built-in photo stock library 

2. Motionleap by Lightricks

Motionleap by Lightricks

Motionleap by Lighticks is one of the very capable photo editing apps that can convert your pictures into animated 3D photos. You can add movement, choose the speed, and even change the background. Moreover, its set of AI tools and effects makes the whole process easier.

  • Add overlays, sparkles, and much more
  • Multiple automated sky backgrounds for timelapse photos
  • AI art generator that converts text into image

3. Moviepic: 3D Photo Motion Maker

Moviepic is a flexible and user-friendly tool that allows users to create and modify animated live photographs, live wallpapers, and GIFs. It offers an extensive library of over 170 dynamic sky overlays, 230 animated 3D stickers, 140 popular 3D effects, and bespoke motion pathways for every element.

  • Includes pre-made animation pre-sets for rapid movement, music, and sound effects.
  • You can add animated clouds, stars, animals, humans, flowers, trees, snow, rain, and stickers. 
  • Lets you add real camera-like 3D lighting effects
  • AI face animator to create photo movement

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4. PopPic โ€“ 3D Photo Camera

PopPic 3D photo maker app for iPhone employs stereo vision algorithms. While it works like a normal camera app, it takes images from various angles and captures the extra dimension depth. You can just tilt or rotate your phone to explore the image in 3D.

  • You can modify focus, depth of field, depth effects, filters, and motion.
  • Provides the ability to import and examine photographs in 3D from the camera roll
  • You can share photos with your friends 

5. Loopise

Loopsie allows users to either directly capture or make 3D images by predicting photo depth using machine learning. As claimed by the users, they have built a Neural Network that precisely predicts the depth of every photo and creates an accurate 3D image from it.

  • You can also shoot D3D Camera like videos using the app
  • Offers a wide range of styles and over 250,000 augmented reality stickers and effects.
  • Can mimic movements such as the classic 360 wiggle, vertical fast movement, and more
  • Unique algorithm to fill any missing part in a 3D scene

6. Zoetropic – Photo in motion

Zoetropic lets you make an animated 3D photo effect online for free out of static photographs or films. It includes complex animation capabilities like keyframing, masking, and mixing, as well as artistic filters and effects. Users may personalize their animation route and publish their photos on social media. Zoetropic 3D outputs images in GIF, MP4, and MOV formats.

7. Scaniverse

Scaniverse is a 3D scanning software that employs LiDAR to build high-fidelity three-dimensional representations of real-world things. It includes editing capabilities that let users crop, rotate, scale, and add materials, textures, and lighting to their images. Users may also examine their scans in augmented reality, share them in multiple formats, and use its detail mode to scan small things accurately. 

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8. Parallax: 3D Photo Editor

Parallax 3D is an AI-powered tool that generates depth data for a single camera image to create 3D photos. It also offers a variety of motion effects and filters. You can export high-quality 3D photos for sharing on social media or printing. Moreover, it supports various capture modes, including portrait, landscape, and object. Parallax is user-friendly, and ads-free, and the best part is that it doesn’t add a watermark to exported photos

9. Panorama 360 and Virtual Tours

Panorama 360 photos and videos offer a full 360-degree perspective of a place, allowing viewers to feel physically there even if they are thousands of miles away. Real-time 3D renderings and models can enhance the user experience. These high-resolution photos and videos are easy to distribute online and on social media, making them ideal for marketing campaigns. Viewers may explore a site at their leisure using virtual tours, which provide different views and customizing choices.

10. MagiScan- AI 3D Scanner

MagiScan is a multifunctional free online 3D photo maker tool for iPhone and Android devices that utilizes AI to recognize and track things while recording detailed high-resolution 3D models. Models may be exported in a variety of formats, including OBJ, STL, FBX, PLY, USDZ, GLB, and GLTF, for use in 3D printing, game development, and visualization. It also includes automated and manual scanning modes, as well as adjustable scan settings and post-processing options for better model quality.

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11. DPTH

DPTH offers professional-grade editing tools for enhancing photos. It enables you to add dimension and depth to your images by creating realistic depth-of-field effects, even with a single-lens camera. After shooting the image, you can adjust the focus distance, generate broken effects, and add detail using foreground enhancement tools. It can also process RAW photographs which can be edited using tools such as exposure, contrast, white balance, and saturation changes. 

We hope you liked our top picks for 3D photo maker apps and found the best one that caters to your needs. If you have any queries or suggestions for us, do let us know in the comments section. Stay tuned to TechCult for more such app suggestions and informative blogs.

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