Yahoo Chat Rooms: Where did it fade away?

Yahoo customers were outraged when they learned that their beloved Yahoo Chat Rooms was being discontinued. When the internet was first made available, we only had these Yahoo chat rooms to keep us occupied and amused.

The reasons given by Yahoo developers for this move are:

  • It would enable them to create room for potential business development, and
  • It would allow them to introduce new Yahoo features.

Prior to Yahoo, AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) made the same decision to discontinue its chat room functionality. In reality, poor traffic and a low number of users of these websites are the reasons for the closure of such forums.

Everyone now owns a smartphone with many applications to make & meet new & old friends and converse with strangers. And, as a result of this technological advancement, chat rooms became less populated, forcing their developers to make tough decisions.

Yahoo Chat Rooms Where Did it Fade Away

The interesting Origin and Journey of Yahoo Chat Rooms

On the 7th of January, 1997, the Yahoo Chat room was introduced for the first time. It was the first social chat service at the time, and it became popular soon after. Later, Yahoo developers confirmed the release of the Yahoo! Pager, its first public edition, which had Yahoo Chat as one of its unique features. There is no doubt that the youth of the 1990s had a lot of fun using this chatting tool to become acquainted with people from all over the world, talk to them, and befriend them.

Yahoo Services: Real Reasons for Quitting

The developers of Yahoo Chat Room justified the closure of this platform by citing the development & promotion of additional Yahoo services. However, many people believe that the real reason behind this strict action was the small number of users of Yahoo Chat Rooms. The poor traffic it was receiving as a result of the launch of other competing apps was not hidden.

Besides, it was evident that Yahoo! Chat rooms have some major issues, which led to its abandonment by several users in favor of other options. One of the most crucial reasons was the usage of ‘Spambots,’ which would remove users from free chat rooms at random, without warning. As a result, the Yahoo Chat forums slowly phased out.

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Yahoo Chat Rooms & AIM Chat Rooms: What’s the difference?

In contrast with Yahoo chat rooms, AIM continues to be one of the most popular chat room platforms. Yahoo chat rooms had several issues, like Spambots, which caused people to abandon them. As a result of this, the Yahoo chat service was eventually shut down on December 14th, 2012. Many who loved Yahoo were disappointed by this headline.

Introduction of Yahoo Messenger

Years after, Yahoo Chat Rooms was shut, and a completely new Yahoo Messenger was released in 2015, replacing the older version. It has most of the functionality of the previous edition while also including the ability to share photos, emails, emoticons, vital documents, like those used in other messaging applications. This Yahoo Messenger software has had a lot of customization done over the years. There are some important updates in the latest edition of Yahoo Messenger. 

1. Delete Messages that have been sent

Yahoo was the first to introduce the idea of removing or un-sending previously sent texts. Another popular chat service provider, WhatsApp, has recently adopted this feature.

2. GIF Feature 

With the addition of GIF functionality to Yahoo Messenger, you can now send your relatives and friends some exclusive and fun GIFs. You can also chat with this feature.

3. Sending Images

While some applications do not allow transmitting pictures, others do, but the process is too complex to attempt. This restriction is solved by Yahoo Messenger, which allows you to transmit over 100 photos to your contacts. The whole process is quicker since the photographs are transmitted in reduced quality.

4. Accessibility

By signing in with your Yahoo mail id, you can conveniently access your Yahoo Messenger app. Since this app isn’t limited to PCs, you can also import it and use it on your mobile device.

5. Offline functionality

It is among the most useful functions which Yahoo has added to its Messenger service. Previously, consumers were unable to send photos and files due to a lack of internet access. However, with this offline function, users can now email files or images even when offline. The server will automatically send these as and when it reconnects to the internet.

6. No need to download Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo also helps people to communicate via Yahoo Messenger without having to download and update the program. All you have to do now is sign in to your Yahoo mail account, and you’ll be able to use it with ease. Read How to Fix Yahoo Mail Error 0x8019019a.

Yahoo Chat Rooms and Yahoo Messenger is dead

Yahoo Messenger: Finally, the shutters are down!

Yahoo Messenger was eventually shut down on the 17th of July, 2018. However, a plan was put in motion to substitute this chat app with a new one called Yahoo Together. This project collapsed miserably, and the same was discontinued on April 4, 2019. This unfortunate decision was taken due to a variety of unforeseen reasons, including a decrease in the number of subscribers, a significant loss in sales, the advent of new competing providers, and so on.

Even today, a few messaging apps and websites, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, and others, can be used as a substitute for Yahoo Chat rooms.


We hope that this guide was helpful and you were able to learn about why Yahoo Chat Rooms & Yahoo Messenger have disappeared. If you have any queries/comments, then feel free to drop them in the comments section.

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