xQc Gaming Setup and PC Specs

xQc has a very popular fan base on Twitch and is found streaming to tens of thousands of viewers.

xQc is a popular Twitch streamer and content creater who has gathered huge following. He is renowned for his energetic personality and gameplay. Thus, earning well in prominent figures. His gaming setup rivals some of the most advanced gaming studios. Its efficient design paired with high-end equipment makes endless gaming smooth. In today’s article, we’ll be discussing about xQc gaming setup and PC specs in detail.

xQc Gaming Setup and PC Specs

xQc Gaming Setup and PC Specs

xQc competed professionally in Esports for nearly three years with a variety of teams and organizations. But when it comes to his gaming setup, things are not limited to having the greatest hardware.

xQc Gaming PC Specs

Early in 2021, xQc streamed his gaming PC build. xQC gaming PC specs are:

  • Mother Board: ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero Gaming Motherboard.
  • CPU: AMD RYZEN 9 5950X
  • Memory: G.Skill Trident Z NEO Series 128GB

This gaming desktop with an RTX 3090 GPU is about as extreme a single GPU build as you can get right now.

xQc Mouse Specs

xQc uses the all-time favorite Logitech G Pro Wireless Mouse. It is an excellent choice for gamers who prioritize a lightweight design and unparalleled performance. Here are a few things you need to know about this top of the line gaming peripheral:

  • It only weighs 80 G to prevent weighing you down during extended gaming sessions.
  • This gaming mouse features 1 MS USB report rate to register your movements almost instantly.
  • With a maximum acceleration of over 40 g and >400 IPS max speed, G Pro wireless provides the required precision and accuracy.
  • It has 4-8 programmable buttons that help you decide the level of control you want over the gaming experience.

logitech mouse

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xQc Mouse Pad Specs

xQC mouse pad is the all-time popular Logitech G640 Mouse Pad. It is primarily renowned for its spacious design and superior quality. Here are some key features:

  • With 400 x 460 dimensions, this mouse offers ample space for gamers who need to make quick movements.
  • The pad’s rubber prevents disruptions caused by accidental slipping or sliding during intense gameplay.
  • It is also well-suited for low-dpi gamers as it allows for broad, sweeping motions that are necessary for accurate targeting and quick reflexes.

logitech G640

xQc Monitor Specs

Another part of xQC gaming setup is the ASUS ROG Swift PG258Q monitor. It is equipped with G-SYNC technology which eliminates motion blur and ensures smooth gameplay.

  • It has a 1MS response time and a refresh rate of 240 Hz.
  • This 24.5-inch display is a cutting-edge model that comes equipped with every modern convenience.
  • xQC monitor offers 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) resolution LED display time.
  • This monitor features a custom heatsink to ensure that it remains cool even during intense gaming marathons.
  • Its fanless cooling system and smart air vent design ensures airflow within the monitor.
  • This monitor comes with ultra-low blue light filters to protect your eyes from harmful blue light.
  • xQC monitor offers 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) resolution LED display type.

ROG Swift oG258Q. xQc Gaming Setup and PC Specs

Which Keyboard is Used by xQc?

The SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL Gaming Keyboard is used by xQc. It has world’s fastest 2.0 adjustable switches with 11x quicker response to effortlessly assist you in endless gaming. So, if you need the fastest keystrokes to destroy your enemies, this will be perfect.

  • It features OLED display with an integrated command center to adjust settings.
  • The keyboard is built with durable aircraft grade aluminum alloy to last longer.
  • You can customize its sensitivity from 0.2mm to 3.8mm.
  • It lets you assign two different actions for the same key to use shortcuts in games.

Steekseries. xQc Gaming Setup and PC Specs

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What Kind of Headset do xQc Wear?

The next thing on this list of xQC gaming setup is what kind of headset xQC uses. The answer to this question is HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset. This is a high-end gaming headset with excellent build quality. It is quite easy to understand that why this became one of the most preferred options.

  • It offers 7.1 virtual surround sound for an immersive gaming experience.
  • The noise cancelling features ensures that nothing interrupts your gaming session.
  • It has an advanced audio control box which helps in controlling volume as required and makes it easier to adjust audio levels.
  • HyperX Cloud II comes in two different colors and unmatched comfort level due to memory foam and leatherette.
  • The detachable noise-cancelling mic and multi-platform compatibility feels like a cherry on the top.
  • It also boasts multi-platform compatibility.

Hyper X Cloud II Gaming Headset. xQc Gaming Setup and PC Specs

What Mic Does xQc Utilize?

xQC uses the Shure SM7B vocal microphone which is packed with numerous features. It is specifically engineered for smooth audio reproduction. Despite the fact that this microphone costs hundreds of dollars, many would argue that its quality is well worth the money.

  • It is compatible with a lot of TV models, radio, and Shure SM54.
  • You will sound great from any angle thanks to the microphone’s uniform capture and classic cardioid pattern
  • This is a battery powered mic.
  • It weighs roughly around 2.7 pounds.
  • Shure SM7B includes the A7WS windscreen for situations where you need to talk quite close to the mic.


What Kind of Webcam xQc Uses?

xQC uses Logitech Brio 4k Webcam, which is the most advanced and one of the best options in the market. It is equipped with innovative technologies which ensure that you get the best experience in the world. You can enjoy extremely high video quality without the hassle of connecting a larger camera to your PC thanks to its small size and straightforward USB interface. Here is what you need to know about this webcam:

  • It supports Ultra 4K HD Video, HD Light Correction, and Wide Field View.
  • This camera features a 13 mega pixel camera with autofocus and glass lens.
  • With its adjustable clip, you can securely mount Brio to your device.
  • Moreover, Brio offers multiple resolutions including 4K/30fps (up to 4096 x 2160 pixels), 1080p/30 or 60 fps (up to 1920 x 1080 pixels), and 720p/30, 60, or 90 fps (up to 1280 x 720 pixels).
  • Brio ensures a high frame rate of up to 90 fps for high quality recording.
  • It works with Windows, macOS, and ChromeOS.

BRIO Ultra HD Pro Business Webcam

Which Chair Do xQc Sits in?

xQC uses Steelcase Leap Chair which fits in the most perfect places to give you maximum comfort. By easy back and forth reclining, Leap ensures that you stay motivated to work. If you are planning to get a chair for your workplace today, then Leap is definitely worth a shot.

  • It is designed with LiveBack technology which helps the chair in adapting to your body.
  • Leap is equipped with manually adjustable options to give you total control over the required adjustments.
  • This chair offers standard lumbar support.
  • It also offers 4 fully adjustable arms to support.

If you think that gaming is more than a hobby, then reading about xQC gaming setup is essential. This will help you in setting up an efficient gaming setup and defeat your opponents with ease. Moreover, you can get your hands on high quality equipment and prevent unnecessary voice and distortions during streaming.

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