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WinSCP vs FileZilla : A Comprehensive Comparison

In the world of file transfer clients, explore the best of these two popular choices!

File Transfer Protocol is a great way to move files back and forth between two computers, mainly over the cloud. The two most popular choices for file transfer Protocol are WinSCP and FileZilla. If you are wondering which option is better, then read this comprehensive comparison between WinSCP vs FileZilla where we cover all the possible aspects to assess such as speed, specs, and pricing.

WinSCP vs FileZilla

WinSCP vs FileZilla

File shifting is required regularly, therefore choosing the best File Transfer Protocol (FTP) software can have a big impact on your productivity, security, and user experience. Our extensive comparison highlights the distinctive capabilities, user interfaces, and features of each piece of software, giving consumers an understanding of their advantages and disadvantages and making the best choice before choosing any FTP platform. So, let the comparison begin!

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WinSCP vs. FileZilla Specs

WinSCP and FileZilla, both FTP software, have a lot of specifications or features in common. There are a few extras that both offer to cater to the consumer demands. Let us take a glance at this WinSCP vs. FileZilla Specs to understand what fits your requirements.

WinSCP FileZilla
Command lines interface Tabbed User Interface
Scripting and task automation Drag & Drop Support
Selectable user interfaces Directory Comparison
Transfer queue /background transfers HTTP/1.1, SOCKS5, and FTP-Proxy support
Connection tunneling Network configuration wizard
File encryption IPv6 support
Directory Caching Keep-alive
Logging including XML Logging Supports FTP, FTP over SSL/TLS (FTPS), and SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)
Administrative restrictions Configurable transfer speed limits
Functions for working with file names and paths Bookmarks
Binary and text transfer modes Remote file search

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WinSCP vs. FileZilla Pricing

FileZilla Official Website | WinSCP vs FileZilla

When it comes to the pricing for WinSCP and FileZilla, both are available to download for free which means you do not have to pay a dime to use this FTP software. You can download both for free from their official website WinSCP and FileZilla.

WinSCP vs. FileZilla Pros and Cons

Like any other FTP software, WinSCP vs. FileZilla has some pros and also subsequent cons. Below we have mentioned a few that we found on both platforms.

Pros/Cons WinSCP FileZilla
Pros The GUI (Graphic User Interface) from WinSCP is smooth. It makes batch file scripting and other operations pretty easy.

It is free of cost.

It has an integrated text editor that helps to open HTML, PHP, or CMS files. You can also integrate Notepad ++ or Eclipse.

The synchronization functionality is automated which allows better data management.

It is accessible in the Commander interface and Explorer interface.

The free version of this platform is promising. Although, you can achieve more if you go for the pro version.

It is packed with some high-end features that are generally not available in other similar FTP platforms.

It allows you to check how many files have been transferred and how many are remaining.

The connection process on FileZilla is simple and effective.

Can be accessed on multiple platforms like Windows, MacOS, Linux,

Cons Compared to other platforms, it is a little slow.

It does not support UNC paths.

Limited to Windows

The specification and features on FileZilla are more complex in nature and thus, is not suitable for beginners.

WinSCP vs. FileZilla Speed

FileZilla has been shown to have faster speed in downloading files than its counterpart WinSCP. For downloading a single file; WinSCP is only capable of 5Mbps (per file/session) while FileZilla can reach speeds of up to 60Mbps. When compared to WinSCP, FileZilla downloads 300,000+ files in roughly 150GB+. FileZilla takes roughly an hour, however, WinSCP might take four hours to complete the same task.  

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WinSCP vs FileZilla SFTP

WinSCP and FileZilla both serve as effective tools for secure file transfer (SFTP). WinSCP supports public key authentication across SSH SCP, FTP, and SFTP protocols. The program additionally offers Kerberos authentication, encrypted password retention, and SSH passwords. However, FileZilla only offers public key authentication and encrypted FTP through SSH.

Is FileZilla Faster than WinSCP?

Yes, FileZilla is definitely faster than WinSCP. This is due to the quick and easy connection process. Under the connection process for FileZilla, the user only needs to fill in the host site, port name, username, and password. Once these details are filled, the connection happens in just a few seconds. The connection process for WinSCP does not compare to the speed that FileZilla provides, Moreover, even the transmission speed on WinSCP is slower compared to FileZilla.

This wraps up the comparison between WinSCP vs FileZilla. To conclude, both have some common grounds. WinSCP is great for Windows users, while FileZilla works better for other platforms. Apart from the basics, there are a few additions from both the FTP servers. If you still like to compare more FTP servers, go through our guide, FileZilla vs. Cyberduck: Which One is Better, and select the best platform of your choice. Comment below and tell us which one you prefer!

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