Why Windows 10 Sucks?

Windows 10 operating systems are world-famous, and their regular updates make them unique and trustworthy. All apps and widgets are not perfect but still pretty useful. However, their settings & features could be better. Although Microsoft enjoys a user base of around 1.3 billion Windows 10 users worldwide; while many think that Windows 10 sucks. It is because of the different issues that pop up. For instance, you may face problems with broken File Explorer, compatibility issues with VMWare, deletion of data, etc. Also, some users have reported that Windows 10 Pro is not suited for small businesses because it lacks a proper file hierarchy. So, in this article, we have compiled a list of reasons explaining why does Windows 10 suck so bad.

Why Windows 10 Sucks

Why Does Windows 10 Suck?

In the computer world of 2015, Windows 10 was a good arrival. The most appreciated feature of Windows 10 is its universal compatibility with almost all common applications. However, it has lost its charm recently. Moreover, the release of the new Windows 11 has made users upgrade their Windows operating system to the latest version. Read below the list of reasons which make people wonder why Windows 10 sucks.

1. Privacy Issues

The most immediate discomfort that every Windows 10 user faces is the privacy issue. When your desktop is turned on, Microsoft might capture a live video of your Windows system. Likewise, all metadata is captured by the system along with all the data you use and more. All such captured data is called Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry which is collected to track and fix bugs in your computer. The switch that controls all the data gathered by the system is always Turned on, by default. However, it may also spike up CPU usage as has been commonly reported on the Microsoft Forum.

Spying and Privacy Issues | Why Windows 10 Sucks

2. Poor Quality Updates

Another reason why Windows 8 & 10 sucks is due to the poor quality of updates. Microsoft regularly releases updates to fix common bugs that affect the system. However, these updates may lead to common errors like:

  • Disappearance of Bluetooth devices
  • Unwanted warning prompts
  • Slowing down of Windows 10
  • System crashes
  • Malfunctioning of printers and storage devices
  • Inability to boot your PC normally
  • Continuous logging out from websites like Google Chrome

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3. Forced Auto Updates

In previous versions of Windows, the option to update your system was not forced at all. That is, whenever there was an update available in the system, you could decide whether to install it or not. This was a useful feature and did not compel you to update the system forcefully. But, Windows 10 forces you to either Restart now or Restart later to install updates automatically. Many of you might think that forced auto-updates are not a problem at all. But the fact is, that you may face some invisible problems like Wi-Fi issues, PC won’t POST, and device not migrated errors.

Windows Update

4. Added Bloatware

Windows 10 is composed of multiple games and applications that are not used by the majority of the users. Bloatware is not part of Microsoft Policy. So, if you perform a clean boot of Windows 10, all the data along with programs and applications should be cleaned completely. Yet no significant differences can be felt in Windows 10. You can read our guide to learn How to Perform Clean Boot as it may fix many glitches and remove bloatware.

5. Unusable Start Menu Search

Why does Windows 10 suck? In addition to the above reasons, the unusable start menu search annoys many users. So, whenever you try to use Windows Search Menu,

  • You will either get no results or incompatible answers.
  • Moreover, the Search function might not be visible too.

Thus, you may not be able to open some common applications or programs using the start menu search.

Unusable Start Menu Search

Therefore, whenever you face this problem, run in-built Windows troubleshooter as follows:

1. Press Windows + I keys simultaneously to open Settings.

2. Click on Update & Security > Troubleshoot > Additional Troubleshooters.

3. Scroll down and select Search and Indexing. Then, select Run the troubleshooter button.

Run the troubleshooter

4. Wait for the process to be completed and then restart your PC.

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6. Unwanted Ads & Suggestions

The entire Windows 10 operating system has advertisements everywhere. You may see advertisements in the Start Menu, Taskbar, Lock Screen, Notification Bar, and even File Manager. Displaying advertisements all over the screen could be annoying, and possibly, why users may feel that Windows 10 sucks.

start menu ads windows 10

7. Registry Overflow

Windows 10 systems store many useless, unnecessary files, and people do not understand where they come from. Thus, the computer becomes a rat’s nest by storing all broken files and applications. Also, if there is a problem during the installation of an application on a Windows 10 PC, then the misconfigured files are also stored in the system. This messes up the entire configurational setup of your Windows 10 PC.

Open registry and editor and go to the following address

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8. Storage of Unnecessary Data

Whenever you install any application or program from the internet, the files will be stored in different locations and in different directories. So, if you try to rearrange them, the application will break down and crash. Moreover, there is no certainty that the entire application is deleted from the system even when it is removed from its root directory since the files are spread across various directories.

9. Longer Safe Mode Entry Process

In Windows 7, you can enter the Safe Mode by hitting F8 key during system startup. But in Windows 10, you have to switch to Safe Mode through Settings or from Windows 10 USB recovery drive. These processes take more time than earlier and this is why Windows 10 sucks in this regard. Read our guide on How to Boot to Safe Mode in Windows 10 here.

boot windows in safe mode

10. Absence of Homegroup

Previous versions of Windows included a feature called Homegroup, where you could share your files and media from one computer to another. After April 2018 update, Microsoft removed Homegroup and thereafter included OneDrive. It is a cloud computing service to share media files. Although OneDrive is an excellent data transfer tool, sharing data without internet connectivity is impossible here.

OneDrive is an excellent data transfer tool | Why Windows 10 Sucks

11. Control Panel vs Settings Debate

Being a widely used operating system, Windows 10 must be easy to use. It should be easily accessible on any kind of device, say a tablet or a notebook, or a full-fledged laptop since Microsoft has designed Windows with a touch-friendly interface. Since its launch in 2015, there are still things in the developmental stage. One such feature is displaying all applications in Control Panel for easier access. Control Panel is yet to be fully configured with relevance to the Settings app and vice-versa.

Click on Next button to run the Hardware and Devices troubleshooter.  


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12. Can’t Use Different Themes in Virtual Desktop

Many users recommend the feature of enabling different themes & wallpapers on virtual desktop which would prove to be helpful in categorization and organization. Windows 11, on the other hand, allows users to customize them for each user. Read our guide on How to Change Wallpaper in Windows 11 here.

13. Cannot Sync Start Menu Between Devices

Syncing Start menus will enable you to switch from one device to another as the layout remains the same. This feature was available in Windows 8, but Windows 10 system lacks it. There is no specific reason why this feature was removed. Why does Windows 10 suck at improving features but seem to be great at removing them? Instead, Microsoft should have customized this as an optional interface for those who found it useful. This is another reason why Windows 10 sucks.

14. App Size Can’t Be Resized

You can resize the Start menu by dragging its corner, but you cannot resize the apps in the list. If this feature is added in Windows 10 update, it would be really helpful.

The App Size cannot be Resized | Why Windows 10 Sucks

15. International Version of Cortana Not Available

Cortana is an amazing added advantage of the Windows 10 system.

  • Yet, it can understand and speak only a few pre-defined languages. Although it is evolving to meet promising features, its advancement is still not as was expected by many.
  • Few countries do not support Cortana. Thus, Microsoft developers should strive to make Cortana available for all the countries in the world.

Pro Tip: Perform System Restore to Revert Updates

Several Windows users have claimed that a rollback to the previous version of Windows often helps to resolve issues with Windows updates and upgrades to its features. Therefore, we have explained how to perform system restore for our valuable readers. Moreover, you can go through our guide on How to Create a System Restore Point in Windows 10.

1. Type & search cmd in Windows search. Click on Run as administrator for Command Prompt, as shown.

Now, launch the Command Prompt by going to the search menu and typing either command prompt or cmd.

2. Type rstrui.exe and hit Enter.

Enter the following command top launch system restore and hit Enter

3. Now, the System Restore window will appear. Here, click on Next.

Now, the System Restore window will be popped up on the screen. Here, click on Next

4. Then, select the desired Restore point and click on the Next button.

Click Next and choose the desired System Restore point

5. Finally, confirm the restore point by clicking the Finish button.

Finally, confirm the restore point by clicking on the Finish button | Why Windows 10 Sucks

Windows 10 will be restored to its previous state, before the updates and issues, if any, encountered after the said update will be resolved.


I hope we answered your query why Windows 10 sucks. Let us know how this article helped you. Also, leave your queries/suggestions in the comments section.

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