Fix Windows 10 Yellow Screen of Death

Have you ever encountered this message: Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We’re just collecting some error info, and then we’ll restart for you? If yes, you cannot do anything until the process is 100% completed. Hence, in this article, you will learn various fixes that will help you solve the yellow screen of death error in Windows 10. The Screen of Death errors are color-coded by Microsoft to help them easily identify the severity of each and to provide quick & relevant solutions. Each screen of death error has well-defined symptoms, reasons, and solutions. Some of these are:

  • Blue Screen of Death (BSoD)
  • Yellow Screen of Death
  • Red Screen of Death
  • Black Screen of Death etc.

ix Yellow Screen of Death Error in Windows 10

How to Fix Yellow Screen of Death Error in Windows 10

The Yellow Screen of Death error generally appears when the ASP.NET web application triggers a problem or crashes. ASP.NET is an open-source web application framework used in Windows OS for web developers to build web pages. The other reasons could be:

  • Corrupt system files
  • Outdated or corrupt drivers
  • Bugs in Windows 10 updates.
  • Conflicting applications

A list of different methods to fix the said error is given below. Implement them one by one to find a solution for your PC.

Method 1: Update Drivers

If the drivers are outdated then, Yellow screen error may appear on your Windows 10 PC. Hence, updating the drivers should help.

1. Press the Windows key and type Device Manager. Then, hit Enter to open it.

open device manager from windows search bar. Fix Yellow Screen of Death Error in Windows 10

2. Search and expand any Device type that is showing a yellow caution mark.

Note: This is generally found under Other devices section.

3. Select the driver (e.g. Bluetooth Peripheral Device ) and right-click on it. Then, choose Update driver option, as depicted below.

Expand Other devices then right-click on Bluetooth Peripheral Device and select Update driver

4. Click on Search automatically for drivers.

Search automatically for drivers

5. Windows will download and install updates automatically, if available.

6. After updating the driver, click on Close and restart your PC.

Method 2: Reinstall Drivers

If updating does not work, then you can uninstall and install the driver again.

1. Launch Device Manager, as earlier.

2. Right-click on the malfunctioning device driver (e.g. HID Keyboard Device) and choose Uninstall device, as depicted.

Right-click on your computer keyboard and select Uninstall Device. Fix Yellow Screen of Death Error in Windows 10

3. Check the box marked Delete the driver software for this device and click on Uninstall.

4. Restart your PC and reconnect the USB peripherals.

5. Again, launch Device Manager and click on Action from the menu bar at the top.

6. Select Scan for hardware changes, as illustrated below.

choose the Scan for hardware changes option.

7. Restart your PC once you see the device driver back on the list, without the exclamation mark.

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Method 3: Update Windows

Updating your Windows operating system to the latest version might help you fix Yellow Screen of Death issue on Windows 10.

1. Press Windows + I keys simultaneously to open Settings.

2. Click on Update & Security, as shown.

Now, select Update and Security. Fix Yellow Screen of Death Error in Windows 10

3. Click on Check for updates button.

select Check for Updates from the right panel

4A. If there is an update available, click on Install now.

Check if there are any updates available, then install and update them. Fix Yellow Screen of Death Error in Windows 10

4B. If there is no update available, it will show You’re up to date message.

windows update you're up to date message

5. Restart your PC for changes to take effect.

Method 4: Repair Corrupt System Files & Bad Sectors in Hard Disk

Method 4A: Use chkdsk Command

Check Disk command is used to scan for bad sectors on the Hard Disk Drive and repair them, if possible. Bad sectors in HDD can result in Windows being unable to read important system files resulting in Yellow Screen of Death error.

1. Click on Start and type cmd. Then, click on Run as Administrator, as shown.

You are advised to launch Command Prompt as an administrator. Fix Yellow Screen of Death Error in Windows 10

2. Click on Yes in the User Account Control dialog box to confirm.

3. Type chkdsk X: /f where X represents the drive partition that you want to scan.

To Run SFC and CHKDSK type the command in the command prompt

4. You might get prompted to schedule the scan during the next boot in case the drive partition is being used. In this case, press Y and press the Enter key.

Method 4B: Fix Corrupt System Files using DISM & SFC

Corrupt system files can also result in this issue. Hence, running Deployment Image Servicing & Management and System File Checker commands should help.

Note: It is advisable to run DISM commands before executing SFC command in order to make sure it runs correctly.

1. Launch Command Prompt with administrative privileges as shown in Method 4A.

2. Here, type the given commands, one after the other, and press Enter key to execute these.

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Checkhealth
DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Scanhealth
DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

Type another command Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /restorehealth and wait for it to complete

3. Type sfc /scannow and hit Enter. Let the scan be completed.

In the command prompt sfc/scannow and hit enter.

4. Restart your PC once Verification 100% complete message is displayed.

Method 4C: Rebuild Master Boot Record

Due to corrupt Hard drive sectors, Windows OS is not able to boot properly resulting in the Yellow Screen of Death error in Windows 10. To fix this, follow these steps:

1. Restart your computer while pressing the Shift key to enter the Advanced Startup menu.

2. Here, click on Troubleshoot, as shown.

On the Advanced Boot Options screen, click on Troubleshoot. Fix Yellow Screen of Death Error in Windows 10

3. Then, click on Advanced options.

4. Choose Command Prompt from the list of available options. The computer will boot once again.

in the advanced settings click on Command Prompt option

5. From the list of accounts, choose your account and enter your password on the next page. Click on Continue.

6. Execute the following commands one by one.

bootrec.exe /fixmbr
bootrec.exe /fixboot
bcdedit /export X:\bcdbackup
attrib X:\boot\bcd -h -r -s
ren X:\boot\bcd bcd.old
bootrec /rebuildbcd

Note 1: In the commands, represents the drive partition that you want to scan.

Note 2: Type Y and press Enter key when asked for permission to add installation to the boot list.

type bootrec fixmbr command in cmd or command prompt. Fix Yellow Screen of Death Error in Windows 10

7. Now, type exit and hit Enter. Click on Continue to boot normally.

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Method 5: Remove Third-Party Interference in Safe Mode

Booting your PC in Safe Mode is probably the best idea to identify the problematic applications causing issues such as the Yellow Screen error in Windows 10. Thereafter, you will be able to uninstall such apps and boot your PC normally.

1. Repeat Steps 1-3 of Method 4C to go to Advanced Startup > Troubleshoot > Advanced options.

2. Click on Startup Settings, as shown.

Choose Startup Settings. Fix Yellow Screen of Death Error in Windows 10

3. Then, click on Restart.

Startup settings

4. Once Windows restarts, then press 4/F4 to enter Safe Mode.

Once PC gets restarted then this screen will be prompted. Fix Yellow Screen of Death Error in Windows 10

Check if the system runs normally in Safe Mode. If it does, then some third-party apps must be conflicting with it. Hence, uninstall such programs to fix Yellow Screen of Death error as follows:

5. Search & launch Apps & features, as shown.

In a search bar type Apps & features and click on Open.

6. Select the third-party app that may be trouble-causing and click on Uninstall. For instance, we have deleted Skype below.

Now under Apps & features heading type skype in the Search box

Read here to learn 2 Ways to Exit Safe Mode in Windows 10.

Method 6: Scan for Viruses & Threats

Scanning your system for viruses & malware and removing these vulnerabilities could help fix yellow screen error.

Note: Full scan generally takes longer to complete because it is a thorough process. Hence, do so during your non-working hours.

1. Navigate to Settings > Update & Security as instructed in Method 3.

2. Click on Windows Security in the left panel and Virus & threat protection in the right panel.

Click on Windows Security in the left panel and Virus and threat protection

3. Now, select Scan options.

Click on Scan options. Fix Yellow Screen of Death Error in Windows 10

4. Select Full scan and click on Scan now.

Select Full Scan and click on Scan Now.

Note: You can minimize the scan window and do your usual work as it will run in the background.

Now it will start the full scan for the whole system and it will take time to complete, see below image. Fix Yellow Screen of Death Error in Windows 10

5. Malware will be listed under the Current threats section. Thus, click on Start actions to remove these.

Click on Start Actions under Current threats.   

Method 7: Perform Clean Boot

Performing a clean boot will disable all the third-party services at startup except for Microsoft services which may ultimately help in fixing the yellow screen of death issue. Follow our article to Perform Clean Boot in Windows 10 here

Method 8: Perform Automatic Repair

Here are the steps to perform the automatic repair to fix yellow screen of death problem.

1. Go to Advanced Startup > Troubleshoot > Advanced options as shown in Steps 1-3 from Method 4C.

2. Here, select the Automatic Repair option.

select automatic repair option in advanced troubleshoot settings

3. Follow the on-screen instructions to fix this issue.

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Method 9: Perform Startup Repair

Performing a Startup Repair from Windows Recovery Environment is helpful in fixing common errors related to the OS files and system services. Read our complete guide on How to Boot Windows 10 into Recovery Mode.

1. Repeat Steps 1-3 from Method 4C.

2. Under Advanced options, click on Startup Repair.

Under Advanced options, click on Startup Repair | Fix Yellow Screen of Death Error in Windows 10

3. This will direct you to a screen, which will diagnose and fix errors automatically.

Method 10: Perform System Restore

When you are not able to fix Yellow Screen of Death Windows 10 error, then perform a system restore. It will revert back all the settings, preferences, and applications to a time when the system restore point was created.

Note: Make sure to backup files, data, and applications before proceeding.

1. Type restore point in Windows Search and click on Create a restore point.

Type restore point in Windows search panel and click on the first result.

2. Select System Restore, as highlighted below.

Now, select System restore, as highlighted below.

3. Here, select Choose a different restore point option and click on Next.

4. Now, select your desired System Restore Point from the list and click Next.

Now select your desired System Restore Point form the list and click Next | Fix Yellow Screen of Death Error in Windows 10

4. Click on Finish. The process will restore the system to the previous condition.

5. Wait until completion and restart your PC.

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Method 11: Reset Windows PC

99% of the time, resetting your Windows will fix all software-related problems including virus attacks, corrupt files, etc. This method reinstalls Windows operating system without deleting your personal files.

Note: Backup all your important data into an external drive or cloud storage before proceeding further.

1. Type reset in Windows Search Panel and click Reset this PC, as shown.

reset this PC page

2. Now, click on Get started.

Now click on Get started.

3. It will ask you to choose between two options. Choose to Keep my files so that you do not lose your personal data.

Choose an option page. select the first one.

4. Now, your PC will restart several times. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.


We hope that this guide was helpful and you were able to fix yellow screen of death error in Windows 10. Let us know which method worked for you best. If you have any queries or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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