Why are Kik Public Groups Not Working? (2024)

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Having problems with Kik public groups can be really annoying, especially if you use the app to chat and connect with others.

Whether you can’t join groups or the public group features aren’t working properly, these challenges can hinder your ability to be part of the Kik communities you enjoy.

Don’t worry, in this guide, we’ll look at the reasons for this issue and provide you with easy ways to fix it so you can keep chatting with your favorite groups without any interruptions.

kik public groups not working

How to Fix Can’t Create or Join Any Groups – Kik Public Groups Not Working Issue

Though you can join Kik groups seamlessly within the app, there are times when you might feel puzzled if you can’t join them.

In such situations, understanding the reasons behind this issue becomes important to find the right solution.

Some of the common factors for this issue are outdated app version, account banned, Kik server issues, invalid or deleted group links, and corrupt app cache.

Note: Since smartphones don’t have the same Settings options, they vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Hence, ensure the correct settings before changing any on your device. The steps were performed on the OnePlus Nord CE.

Quick Answer

Ensure that the Kik server is operational and try to log out and log in again to your account. Also, if you believe you’ve been banned unfairly, you have the option to question Kik’s decision by submitting a request on their support website.

Note: You can only join two Kik groups per week. Joining more than that within a week can risk your account being banned on Kik.

Method 1: Use the Correct Link

If you can’t join Kik groups, it might be due to the links provided to you are invalid or have been removed.

Therefore, always ensure that the URL you use to join a Kik chat room is active and accurate.

Method 2: Contact Group’s Creator

Chances are that the group you’re trying to join might be private.

While anyone can join a public group automatically, joining a private group requires an invitation from an existing member or the creator of the group. So, reach out to them receive an invite, and gain access to the private group.

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Method 3: Clear Cache

While the app stores temporary data in the form of cache to speed up processes, over time, this can become corrupt or damaged, leading to multiple issues. Here’s how to clear them out:

1. Open Settings on your device, and tap on Apps, followed by Apps management.

2. Tap on KiK, choose Storage, and finally tap on Clear cache.

tap on clear cache

Method 4: Update Kik App

Issues with your Kik app can often be related to its outdated version. So, if you are unable to join Kik groups, update the Kik app and see if that helps.

Method 5: Create a New Account

If your account has permanent restrictions or bans, you can set up a new Kik account to regain access to the platform’s features.

Method 6: Contact Kik Support

If Kik groups are still not working, you can seek further assistance by submitting a support request on the Kik website to get an effective solution.

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Why is My Kik Public Group Not Coming in the Search Results?

There are several reasons why your Kik public group might not appear in the search list but the most common one is that you’ve been banned from the group.

Also, it’s possible that the group settings aren’t set for public visibility, or certain community guidelines must be met for the group to show up in search results.

What’s the Easiest Way to Join a Kik Group?

Joining a group on Kik is very easy and can be done through several simple methods such as:

  • Scanning the group’s Kik Code
  • Clicking on a group link
  • Getting invited by another member
  • Searching by name and joining the Public Group

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How Do I Make a Kik Group Private

Unfortunately, at present, there’s no option to change a Public group into a private one.

You can rather create a new private group and invite the individuals you wish to chat with from your existing public group.

Similarly, if you intend to switch from a Private Group to a Public Group, you’ll have to create a Public Group and invite members from your Private Group.

We hope our guide helped you resolve the Kik group not working issue.

However, if the issue persists, reinstall the Kik app ro address glitches or compatibility issues.

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