Where is the Trending Option on YouTube?

Learn about the current location and availability of YouTube's Trending option.

YouTube has recently introduced a new feature called Explore on its website and app. However, you might have noticed the disappearance of the Trending option and may be wondering if the Explore option has replaced it on YouTube. This article will clarify the whereabouts and relationship between these two features.

Where is the Trending Option on YouTube?

Where is the Trending Option on YouTube?

You can find the Trending option on YouTube in the Explore section. In this Trending tab, the recent trending videos are categorized under sections like NOW, MUSIC, GAMING, and MOVIES.

What was the Trending Option?

The Trending option on YouTube showcases a curated list of the most popular videos currently circulating on the platform. This section highlights content that is gaining significant attention and engagement from users. The videos featured in the Trending section are selected based on a combination of factors, including the number of views, likes, comments, and other indicators of popularity.

Does YouTube Not Have Trending Anymore?

No, YouTube still has a separate Trending tab in the Explore section.

Trending tab in the Explore section on YouTube

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Why Did YouTube Remove Trending?

YouTube did not remove the Trending tab. Instead, they included it in the Explore section of both the app and website.

Is Trending Now Explore?

No, on YouTube’s iOS and Android apps, including the website, the Trending option can now be found under the Explore section.

What is the Explore Button on YouTube?

The Explore button or option on YouTube is a section that encapsulates various video categories, such as:

  • Trending
  • Shopping
  • Music
  • Movies
  • Live
  • Gaming
  • News
  • SportsLearning
  • Fashion & Beauty

Where is Explore on YouTube?

The Explore section can be found:

  • In the left pane of the YouTube website that includes Trending, Gaming, Music, and more options
  • In the bottom menu panel of the YouTube Android or iOS app

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How Do I Turn Off Explore on YouTube?

You can’t disable Explore on the YouTube website or app. It’s a default section that shows recently uploaded and viral videos across different categories.

So, we hope you have now understood where is the Trending option on YouTube. Let us know your thoughts on this, and explore our website for more helpful guides.

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