Where is My AT&T.net Email Account?

If you're worried about the whereabouts of your ATT.net email account, this guide has all the information you need to locate it.

If you’ve found yourself disconnected from your AT&T.net account and are wondering about its whereabouts, you’ll be relieved to know that the account probably continues to exist. Let’s delve further to uncover where is your ATT.net email account and how to locate it.

where is my AT&T net email account

Where is My ATT.net Email Account?

As My AT&T app provides many features, like the ability to pay your bill, enable auto-pay, find your account number, and much more, users from the old days want to access it again for the same reasons. And we will not disappoint you and them in that matter. Let’s see where can you find your AT&T.net email account.

Does AT&T.net Email Still Exist?

Yes, AT&T.net email still exists on Currently. Account owners who have an account can get an AT&T email address, called Member ID. It is a unique name you chose when you registered for AT&T service. You can find your Member ID on your phone bill, in the Internet section. You need to remember that once you have created an account on Member ID, you cannot change it.

Your AT&T email can end with any of these given domains:

  • @ameritech.net
  • @wans.net
  • @AT&T.net
  • @swbell.net
  • @snet.net
  • @currently.com

Currently create email address

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What Happened to AT&T Email Accounts?

AT&T email accounts were discontinued in late 2013.

However, you can still access your account and all of your emails by signing in to AT&T Mail and Currently.com Sign In page.

Where is My AT&T.net Email Account?

Your AT&T.net email account is located on the Currently from AT&T website. You can sign in by using the following steps:

1. Visit the Currently website.

2. Then, click on Mail.

Select Mail.

3. Then, enter your User ID with password and click on Sign in.

enter your User ID with password and click on Sign in | where is my AT&T net email account

4. If you have multiple phone numbers, enter the desired number on which you want to get the code.

5. Enter the received security code and then click on Submit.

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Is AT&T.net Email Same as Yahoo?

No, Yahoo is no longer part of AT&T; it was sold to Verizon. In 2021, Verizon sold its own shares of Yahoo to a private equity firm called Apollo. Now there is no connection between AT&T.net and Yahoo email accounts.

In June 2017, AT&T and Yahoo decided to separate and shut down their partnership of email services. After this decision, it unmerged all merged accounts automatically.

Now you won’t be able to log in to your Yahoo account with the following domains:

  • AT&T.net
  • wans.net
  • Snet.net
  • flash.net
  • ameritech.net
  • pacbell.net

Is AT&T Mail Same as Yahoo Mail?

No, AT&T Mail is not the same as Yahoo Mail because there is no connection between them. In June 2017, they separated their email services, and now are both completely independent.

What Email Does AT&T.net Use?

For desktop email programs, like Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail, and mobile email, AT&T uses PoP3 or IMAP to send and receive email.

These are the options of the following domain that works for mail addresses:

  • @flash.net
  • @currently.com
  • @nvbell.net
  • @Swbell.net
  • @ameritech.net
  • @bellsouth.net
  • @wans.net

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We hope you learned where is my AT&T.net email account. If you have any questions or suggestions, please drop them in the comments section below for us to know. Your feedback and queries are valuable, and we encourage you to share what you want to learn about in our next article.

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