Where Does Spotify Store Offline Music on Android

Spotify is one of the top music streaming platforms and all for the right reasons. It gives us instant access to listen to our favorite tunes, podcasts, as well as radio. Users subscribed to the premium version can also download music for offline listening when their phone is not connected to the internet. However, the question may raise questions like where does Spotify store offline music on your Android device. Let’s get you straight to the answer!

Where Does Spotify Store Offline Music on Android

Where Does Spotify Store Offline Music on Android

Despite having the feature of streaming music whenever you want, some users may prefer downloading their songs so they can always have it on their phone. If you have recently downloaded music from Spotify too and wonder where to find it, follow these methods:

Option 1: Via Spotify

You can access your offline songs directly from the Spotify app. Here’s how:

1. Open Spotify on your phone and tap on Your Library at the bottom right corner.

tap on Your Library

2. Select Downloaded from the menu and then select any downloaded song or album.

Option 2: Via Phone Settings

You can also find Spotify’s downloaded or offline songs from your Android storage. Follow the steps to do the same:

1. Open File Manager and tap on the folder named Android.

2. Go to the data folder, then on com.spotify.music.

3. Tap on Files, select Spotify Cache, and then tap on Storage

You will be able to see all offline songs from Spotify.

Go to the data folder | Where Does Spotify Store Offline Music on Android

Do Spotify Downloads Take Up Phone Space?

Yes, since you are downloading songs that will be stored offline on your phone, Spotify downloads do take up internal space on your phone.

How Long do Spotify Downloads Last?

Spotify downloads will last up to a month given the user connects to the internet once in these 30 days or they will lose access to offline songs before this period.

Will I Have My Downloads After Canceling Spotify?

No, once you cancel the premium subscription to Spotify or uninstall the app, you will lose access to all offline or downloaded songs.

Can I Choose Where Spotify Stores Offline Music on My Android Device?

No, Spotify does not give users any option to choose the storage location for offline music on Android devices. The app automatically stores offline music in its cache folder under the device’s internal storage.

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Now that you have unwrapped the secret behind where does Spotify store offline music on your Android phone, you can access all downloaded songs.

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