When Will Discovery Plus be Available on PS4?

Generally, Discovery Plus always comes on a streaming application with a paid subscription. This article guides how to make the most of it with the PlayStation. Here is a brief explanation of how you can watch Discovery Plus and get Discovery Plus app on PS4. Read the article till the end to know that is the PS Plus collection still available. This is to make your experience with PS4, PS5, and Discovery Plus more convenient, so you can enjoy more and worry less. Let’s start and dig more to know when will Discovery Plus be available on PS4.

When Will Discovery Plus be Available on PS4?

When Will Discovery Plus be Available on PS4?

You can sign up for Discovery+ and use it on devices like Amazon Fire TV, Apple or Android TV, iPhone or iPad, Windows, Xbox, Android Phone/Tablet, Mac, or many other devices. So, what about PS4 and PS5? Continue reading!

How Can You Watch Discovery Plus?

All you need to do is sign up for a subscription on the Discovery Plus website. All the latest devices support this, along with your internet and digital providers. You can watch Discovery+ on Amazon Fire TV, Apple or Android TV, iPhone or iPad, Windows, Xbox, Android Phone/Tablet, and Mac.

discovery plus website

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Is Discovery Plus App Free?

No, Discovery Plus does not have a free app or channel. It is only given free for only the initial 14 days or a month after you purchase your subscription. Discovery Plus currently costs around $4.99 per month to watch with commercials. You can also upgrade to an ad-free pack and extra features for $6.99/month.

Is Discovery Plus on Amazon Prime?

Yes, you can watch Discovery Plus on Amazon Prime with an add-on subscription which will cost you around $6.99/month. As of now, only the ad-free version is available.

When Will Discovery Plus be Available on PS4?

There is a high demand for Discovery Plus on PS4, but there is no confirmation about its launch yet. It was expected to release in Fall 2019, but it is still pending. This would have answered your question on When will Discovery Plus be available on PS4?

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How Can You Get Discovery Plus App on PS4?

After knowing when will Discovery Plus be available on PS4, you might ask how to get it. As we know that there is no Discovery Plus on PS4, you won’t be able to get the app on PS4 until it is launched on PS4.

Why is Discovery Plus Not on PS4?

Discovery Plus is unavailable on PS4 because it is a cable TV app. It is only supported by streaming applications that require a cable subscription. So without a subscription, you cannot watch Discovery Plus.

Is Discovery Plus on PS5?

No, Discovery Plus is not available on any of the PlayStation. It only comes with a subscription on a cable app or another streaming device.

Is the PS Plus Collection Still Available?

Yes, the PS plus collection is still there. Sony has confirmed no plans to remove the PS Plus collection from PlayStation.

How Can You Get PlayStation Plus?

Follow the below steps to get PlayStation Plus:

1. From the Function screen, choose PlayStation Plus.

2. Choose Join PS Plus.

Choose Join PS Plus

3. Then, make the payment ($4.99/month) to purchase the subscription.

Note: The membership will be automatically renewed at the end of the subscription period.

Did They Remove PS Plus Free Trial?

Yes, it removed its 14-day free trial for those who did not pay for the subscription. This has been done because people have been exploiting their services, decreasing their subscriptions. Read this article from the start to learn more about when will Discovery Plus be available on PS4.

Why Can’t You Buy PS Plus on Your PS4?

There may be several reasons why you can’t buy PS Plus on PS4:

  • Your subscription period might have expired.
  • There might be some issue with your mode of payment.
  • Check your card’s expiration date and PIN.
  • Your license might have expired. Confirm to restore your license on your PS4 system and then try your purchase again.


We hope this article was helpful to all the PlayStation enthusiasts out there. The most common question of when will Discovery Plus be available on PS4 has been answered above. This was an insight into the huge world of PlayStation and Discovery fans. Let us know if you have any doubts or suggestions, and comment below. Also, let us know what you want to learn next.

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