What is Zalgo on Discord?

Understand the intent of this glitchy text generator.

If you encounter distorted or buggy text on Discord, don’t worry! There’s nothing wrong with your app. This unique type of text is called Zalgo, which is known for its creepy appearance. Let’s learn more about what is Zalgo text in detail and understand how to create this font style for your Discord messages.

What is Zalgo on Discord?

What is Zalgo on Discord?

Zalgo text, also known as creepy text or glitch text, refers to heavily distorted text modified with a combination of Unicode characters. It creates an unsettling and chaotic appearance by adding diacritical marks, combining characters, and stacking characters on top of each other.

What is the Purpose of Zalgo Text?

The purpose of the Zalgo text is primarily aesthetic. It adds a sense of unease, creepiness, or otherworldliness to your messages. The text appears distorted, with random symbols and combining characters inserted between the letters. This style originated from Zalgo, a character depicted as a corrupting force in various internet memes and creepypastas.

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Why Zalgo is Used in Discord?

Zalgo text is often used for various creative purposes, such as:

  • Artistic Expression: Artists and creative individuals often use Zalgo text to create unique and visually striking designs. It can be used in digital artworks, logos, banners, and other forms of visual expression.
  • Roleplaying: In roleplaying communities on Discord, this text can be used to portray characters with a dark or mysterious aura. It helps to distinguish their speech and adds an eerie atmosphere to their interactions.
  • Emphasizing Messages: When you want to draw attention to a particular message or make it stand out in a sea of text, using Zalgo text can make it more noticeable.
  • Humor and Memes: This text is sometimes used humorously or for meme purposes. It can be incorporated into jokes, memes, and other forms of online humor to create a bizarre or unsettling effect.

How to Create Zalgo Text on Discord?

To create Zalgo text on Discord, you can utilize the Zalgo text generator tool. Simply follow these steps to learn how to use it:

1. Visit the Exoticfonts Zalgo Text Generator website on your browser.

2. Write the desired text you want in the left side text box to convert it in Zalgo and click on Generate.

Write the text you want to convert in Zalgo and click on Generate.

3. Copy the desired Zalgo text from the given results.

Copy the text from the given results.

4. Paste the copied Zalgo text in the text box of the desired channel or DM in Discord and click on the Send icon.

Paste the copied text in the textbox of the channel or chat in Discord.

The Zalgo will be pasted into Discord, appearing as intended.

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Now, that you know what is Zalgo on Discord, you can easily generate and use this digital text in your Discord conversations. Leave your thoughts in the comments below, and explore our other informative guides.

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