What is Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and Benefits of Using It?

Voice over LTE (VoLTE) calls are made using a 4G LTE network. Compared to ordinary phone calls placed via the traditional voice network, they feature better audio quality. Better audio quality, quicker call setup, and the phone being connected to the LTE/4G network while making calls are all benefits of using VoLTE. Additionally, you can utilize LTE/4G data services, including web browsing and tethering, while making and receiving calls at the same time.

What is VoLTE and Benefits of Using It?

What is VoLTE?

Voice over Long-Term Evolution is referred to as VoLTE. It is a digital packet voice service that is supplied over IP over an LTE access network and uses IMS technology. Voice calls made over the 4G LTE network are known as VoLTE calls. In comparison to standard voice network calls, they have better audio quality. You can talk and use 4G LTE data simultaneously with this service, and you can hold conference calls with up to six participants.

For operators like OEMs, network suppliers, partners, and consumers, this service is valuable. Now that you understand what is VoLTE, let us move forward with benefits of using this service on mobile and more such helpful stuff.

Difference Between VoLTE and LTE (Long Term Evolution)

Here are the differences you need to know between VoLTE and LTE:

It is a system for data communication. It uses data communications to get around LTE.
It consists of the network’s services. It is a kind of network that exists.
It continuously offers simultaneous voice and data call services. It might or might not be able to offer voice and data call services simultaneously.
It permits HD-quality phone calls while utilizing data services. The voice calling quality is poor if data and voice calls are supported simultaneously.
While making phone calls, the data connection is not turned off. While making phone calls, the data connection is turned off.
Call connections are made more quickly if both users are on VoLTE. Slower call connection between two users
To make video calls, no further software is needed. To make video calls, you need third-party software like Skype or WhatsApp.

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What is the Need for VoLTE?

For packet-switched 4G, Wi-Fi, and 5G networks, VoLTE serves as the cornerstone for expanding mobile voice and communication services. Using the IP Multimedia Subsystem is the standard mobile network technology for allowing worldwide compatible voice and communication services (IMS). The vast majority of customers actively upgrade their phones to ones that support VoLTE networks. This service is more dependable, particularly when traveling, thus switching is a wise move. Additionally, there is a need of this service because it provides high-definition speech quality that gives the impression that you are speaking to the other person in person.

Is It Good to Enable VoLTE?

By enabling this service, you can get better call quality and utilize the internet simultaneously to play games, browse the web, or scroll. The majority of contemporary smartphones, including iPhones and Android phones, have automatic VoLTE enabled. This service is strongly recommended because it is essentially a packet-based voice service, which all carriers are moving toward because of improved bandwidth efficiency. This service is required if you wish to keep using high-definition voice services.

Note: Smartphones do not have the same settings options and they vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, ensure the correct settings before changing any. The below steps may vary depending on the device you use. The following steps were performed on the Mi A1 device.

Benefits of Using VoLTE on Mobile

 There are countless benefits of using this service on mobile some of which are mentioned below.

  • The benefits of sending information via the 4G network are obvious. Greater informational speed and preferences for the advantages that this service will also experience.
  • In normal scenarios, the pressure technique uses an 8kbps codec; however, with this service, the codec might contain 13kbps despite a more modern pressure strategy. Additionally, the recurrence range will increase from 300-3400 Hz to 50-7000 Hz. This results in a call that is much clearer than a typical versatile call.
  • Utilize new features like video calling, call transfer between your own devices while using multiple devices, multiple numbers on the same phone, etc.
  • These services have a more modest energy consumption than VoIP services like Skype since they use less battery power.
  • It can be used through the 4G network, but we can also use it through any Wi-Fi association, resulting in savings in the speed at which we can transmit information.
  • It employs a native dialer with high-quality voice calls that are built on VoLTE along with business and enterprise collaboration features.

How to Enable VoLTE on Your Mobile?

1. Launch Settings by tapping on the gear icon.

2. Next, go to Network & Internet.

tap on network and internet

3. Now go to Mobile network.

4. From here go to Advanced and ensure to toggle on Enhanced 4G LTE Mode.

toggle on enhanced 4g lte mode. What is VoLTE and Benefits of Using VoLTE?

How to Turn Off VoLTE

1. Follow Steps 1-3 as mentioned in the above section.

2. Go to Advanced and ensure to toggle off Enhanced 4G LTE Mode.

toggle off enhanced 4g lte mode

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Limitations of VoLTE

Since we already highlighted how to turn off the service, its importance, and benefits of using this service, let us get down to its limitations.

  • Investment in network-wide IMS is necessary. This means that it won’t be available everywhere and that roaming might be difficult for a while.
  • The user won’t be able to utilize the device to make calls or access the internet if there isn’t a data connection or 4G signaling nearby.
  • VoLTE calls can only be made between customers of the same administrator; for example, the calls between different administrators are not possible.
  • Only two VoLTE-compliant handsets can communicate via HD voice calls. When a VoLTE device calls another network-compliant device, regular call quality—rather than HD quality—can be obtained.
  • Price variation. Let’s switch to a different technology now that we are accustomed to the flat charge for calls. These calls use the data network. As a result, the section of our invoice that deals with the usage of data also includes the collection of such calls.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can VoLTE be used without data?

Ans. Yes, it can be used without data.

Q2. Can I call someone who doesn’t have the VoLTE or Wi-Fi Calling feature?

Ans. Yes, you can call someone even if they don’t have Wi-Fi Calling or VoLTE. The call quality won’t be in HD, though.

Q3. What are the benefits of VoLTE?

Ans. Even when making or receiving a call, you will be able to use your data applications, or play games while connected to a 4G/LTE network. This implies that you can actively use high-speed data for other apps while participating in a phone call.

Q4. Do I need to switch to a different SIM card to use VoLTE?

Ans. No, you do not need to switch your sim to use the service.

Q5. How can I tell if VoLTE is turned on in my device?

Ans. The VoLTE icon for Android users should be shown on the home screen next to the cell signal bar. Additionally, if you use an iPhone, the LTE icon should be visible even while you are on a call.

Q6. Will I still be able to use my VoLTE service in Airplane Mode?

Ans. No, only Wi-Fi Calling is compatible with Airplane Mode.

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We hope this article helped you understand benefits of using VoLTE and benefits of using VoLTE on mobile. The communications sector was pushed to upgrade technologies from 1G to 4G due to rising demand and an increase in consumers.  If you have any queries regarding it, post a comment below.

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