What is the Best Pinterest Idea Pin Size?

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Are you going on a new creative journey with Pinterest? It’s time to create visually stunning pins. But wait! First, you should know what is the best Pinterest idea pin size. Join us in this journey where the pixels and dimensions shape the stories. 

Best pinterest pin idea size

What is the Best Pinterest Idea Pin Size?

Pinterest is all about visual search and attraction. So, it is important to make every pin eye-catching. Well, the best Pinterest pin size keeps on changing. However, according to the latest update, Pinterest states that the best size is 2:3 proportion which is somewhat 1000×1500 pixels. It recommends keeping the pins taller than wide, meaning height greater than the width. So, to avoid your pins being trimmed or cropped inappropriately, ensure that they fit this ratio.

What is Pinterest Idea Pin Size Examples?

As an image-heavy platform, Pinterest is all about pins and boards. So, it is important that each pin is of the correct size to fulfill all the requirements. Let’s find out the size of each kind of pin.

Standard Pin: The ideal size for a standard pin is 2:3 i.e. 1000×1500 pixels.

Tip: Keep the minimum size of the photo at 600×900 to avoid any kind of cropping.

Square Pins: The ideal size for square pins is 1:1 i.e. 1000×1000 pixels

Tip: Upload the pins at this size only if you’re sharing them from Instagram or any other platform.

Long Pin: The ideal size for a long pin is 1:2.1 i.e. 1000×2100 pixels

Tip: Keep the text of your pin in the middle to avoid any cropping or cutting of the text. 

Infographic Pins: The ideal size for an infographic pin is 1:3 i.e. 1000×3000 pixels

Tip: Make them in a way that they are simple and easily understandable and divide long infographics into shorter pieces and pins. 

Carousel Pins: The ideal size for carousel pins can be 2:3 or 1:1 i.e. 1000×1500 or 1000×1000 pixels.

Tip: They can be best used while promoting or advertising for something or narrating a story so that users can swipe up and see in a go.

Collection Pins: The main or hero image of your collection pin should be 2:3 whereas the other images should be 1:1. Remember, you can add a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 24 additional images.

Tip: You should try uploading square images to be on the safe side with various images, infographics, and videos.

Story Pins: The ideal size for story pins is 9:16 i.e. 1080×1920 pixels.

Tip: Ensure that your images don’t exceed 20 MB and your videos don’t exceed 100 MB.

Board: The ideal size for the board is 1:1 i.e. 600×600 pixels.

Tip: Keep the resolution of the boards as large as you can so that they are clear and compatible with bigger screens. 

Video Pins: The ideal size for each type of video pin is as follows:

  • Standard video pins- 2:3 
  • Long videos- 1:2
  • The square video pin- 1:1 
  • Vertical video pin- 9:16

Tip: It is generally advisable to keep your video length normal. Don’t create it too long or too short and not exceeding 20 MB. 

Ads: The ideal size for ad pins is 2:3 i.e. 1000×1500 pixels. 

Tip: It is advised to upload your ads in vertical dimensions to occupy maximum space. 

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Can I Pin Square Images on Pinterest?

Yes, you can pin square images to Pinterest. Although, it is always advisable to use the standard size for more user engagement.

Can I Pin Horizontal Images on Pinterest?

Yes, you can pin horizontal images to Pinterest. However, there are chances of content or text being copied. 

Where are Pinterest Ideas Pins Available?

Pinterest ideas pins will appear on your profile at the top of your Created tab alongside all of your pins after you’ve published at least one Idea Pin.

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We hope this article helped you discover the best Pinterest idea pin size. You can also go through our article on 200+ Best Pinterest Profile Name & Board Name Ideas for more creative ideas. Keep reading our blogs for more information. Leave your suggestions and queries below in the comment section. 

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