What is mhm in Texting?

Hey Man! Don’t run out for a dictionary or a translator to search for what is Mhm. We are here to help you. In this guide, we will let you know what does mhm means by texting. Mhm is an internet slang that means Yes. It is the short form of Mm-hmm and you are lucky enough that you have come to this article to learn more about it. So, without wasting much time, continue reading the guide to know what is mhm and what doed mhm stand for.

What is Mhm

What is mhm in Texting? What Does mhm Stand for?

Many English-speaking people use this internet slang. Example:

He: Honey, do you love me?

She: Mhm…

It means yes. To be more specific, this can be expanded as Mmmm sound followed by another long Hmmm sound, something similar to humming. It is an interjection that is usually used to express an act of acceptance or acknowledgment.

  • It is commonly used in text messaging and it comes around the internet as a slang of casual writing.
  • Mhm is recorded since 1934 and internet users started using this term in very early chat applications like AOL Instant Messenger.
  • In social media applications like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or WhatsApp, Mhm is a casual way of agreeing to the comment, question, or argument.
  • Mhm is not an acronym at all. It is just a positive response to showing agreement. But, it is not always as strong as an enthusiastic sound of Yes.
  • It is not only used in online, text messaging but also in real life too. Why not? Many internet slangs are used for real-life communication too. A few of them are listed below.
    • lol — laughing out loud
    • brb — be right back
    • btw — by the way
    • lmk — let me know
    • g2g — got to go

Hence, to wrap up the passage, Yes is the perfect answer for what is Mhm.

What Does mhm Mean when Texting?

At the first glance, you might automatically assume Mhm is an acronym that stands for something. But it isn’t. As discussed earlier, it is just a positive response to a yes or no question.

  • If any of you think of answering yes in texting, you might reply with Mhm text.
  • In real life, it can be used and interpreted in different ways according to the person who answers it. Yet, it always matters in what tone you are answering with this word.
  • But in texting, you cannot identify whether a person replies Mhm with enthusiasm or with apathy.
  • Finding the emotions behind this word is only possible when it is answered in its voice or tone.
  • To be short, the exact answer for what does Mhm means by texting relies upon the fact and context of the conversation between those who raise the question and the one who answers for it.
  • It may give a better feel to the questioner if you answer Mhm in a positive tone or vice versa.
  • So, next time in an online conversation, if someone asks you a question or argues with you, you can just answer them with Mhm, if you agree with their point.

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Does mhm Mean Yes in Conversation?

Mhm is the perfect replacement word for Yes. In the internet conversation, it also means that you are still thinking to answer the question being raised to you. For example, let us assume your BF/GF is asking,

Shall we go to a movie tomorrow?

But, since you have an important meeting the next day, you would probably give it a thought. But to reply to this curious question from your loved one, you would reply


Nah, I have some other work. We shall plan on next weekend.

Mhm coversation on android whatsapp

This Mhm means, you are thinking of the possibilities to go out. To be simple, Mhm can also be used in place of Ahan. That is when someone asks you a question that does not preferably need yes as an answer and you are not even going to think about it, you would say Ahan. In this case, you can also use Mhm in place of Ahan. This makes the same sense.

How to Write the Word

All acronyms used in internet slang are used as a very casual setting around the friend’s circle over the social network. Hence, punctuation does not matter for these casual words. Since Mhm is an informal internet word, you can use it in any way you like.

If you are confused about what do Mhm stands for and what Mhm means in texting, here are some real-time examples. Analyze them so you can relate yourself to the same.

Option I: Casual Talk

Following is an example conversation of a Casual talk where we use the word.

Did you escalate the problem to our boss?


Mhm word use in causual talk conversation on android whatsapp

In this example, Friend 1 just needs a crystal answer of yes or no from Friend 2. But when Friend 2 chooses to say mhm, it may hint Yes, but not as strong as directly saying it. But, since a friendly relationship exists between these two persons, it doesn’t mandate to choose a formal way of saying yes.

Option II: Enthusiastic Talk

Following is an example conversation of an Enthusiastic talk where we use the word.

Hey, did you watch IPL yesterday?

Mhm, amazing second innings even seen in my life!

enthusiastic talk conversation on android whatsapp

In this example, Friend 2 answers in an enthusiastic manner added by a comment after the text. This is one fine example to use this word joyfully.

Option III: Apathetic Talk

Following is an example conversation of an Apathetic talk where we use the word.

Are you completely okay to quit your job?

Mhm…just need to search for a stress-free job before my savings are wiped out.

apathetic talk conversation on android whatsapp

This example is opposite to that of the above interpretation. Here, Friend 2 is not satisfied with his current job and so he decides to switch to a new stress-free job. But, since he has little savings on his hand, he is pathetic about his situation and that’s why he replies with a sad mhm. This depicts that they are not happy about the decision.

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When to Use the Word?

Although Mhm is similar to Yes, there are some instances where you have to use them separately. Here are a few guidelines where you have to add them to your online vocabulary.

Following are the scenarios when to use Mhm

  • Casual Conversation: When you are in the middle of a super casual conversation, you can use Mhm. For example, if someone asks, Ping me on WhatsApp, you may probably reply with Mhm.
  • You have More to Say than Saying Yes: You may say Mhm followed by a positive or negative comment related to what you are saying Yes. For example, when someone asks, Can you join me for a date? You would probably consider saying yes with confusion. And so, you would reply, Mhm. I’d consider.
  • You are Supposed to say Yes, but you Feel Possibly Opposing it: When you are in an instance to say Yes, but your mind is totally out of it, you can say Mhm. This makes the opposite person pick up on your indifference.

Following are the scenarios when to use Yes

  • Professional Conversation: When you are in a professional or a proper conversation, you would rather reply Yes instead of Mhm. For example, if you are drafting a mail to your manager or colleague, you have to follow proper email etiquette. So, avoid saying this word in professional conversations.
  • To Give Clear Cut Answer: Not all internet freaks know what do Mhm stands for. Always make sure when you are in a sincere conversation, you have to say Yes instead of Mhm so that your interpretation is clear and confident. Hence, if you are in a stage to answer with no confusion, always stick to Yes.
  • You have no doubts about Saying Yes: Saying Mhmin an online texting platform makes no sense of exposing your emotions associated with it. Hence, if somewhere you have no doubts of exposing your answer, stick to Yes. This means you are not thinking or feeling no for any questions. For example, if your boss asks, Are you clear of today’s presentation? Preferably answer Yes.


We hope that this guide was helpful and you have learned what is Mhm in Texting and what do Mhm stand for with fully demonstrated examples. Keep visiting our page for cool tips & tricks and leave your comments below.

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