What is Automatic Gain Control on Discord?

Learn how AGC helps you slash through audio chaos on your voice channels.

Imagine being in a heated gaming session or an online meeting. What if someone’s mic is unbearably loud or barely audible? It’s frustrating, right? Automatic Gain Control (AGC) aims to solve this very problem. So, let’s explore the functionality of Automatic Gain Control on Discord and discover how to enable it for high-quality voice communication.

What is Automatic Gain Control on Discord?

What is Automatic Gain Control on Discord?

Automatic Gain Control, or AGC, is a handy feature on Discord. It acts like an amplifier that regulates and automatically adjusts your microphone’s volume in real-time to ensure that you do not have to manually adjust the loudness during an audio call or in-game between players. AGC provides that everyone’s voice is heard at a consistent level. Moreover, this type of loop is used in cell phone signal boosters to improve call quality.

What Does Automatic Gain Control Do?

AGC is a feature on Discord that adjusts the loudness of the user’s microphone. For example, if you face problems while using Discord that cause the audio volume to get too low, enabling this feature will increase the audio signal to a normal state. Basically, this feature maintains normal audio.

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Should You Use Automatic Gain Control?

Yes, using Automatic Gain Control (AGC) is beneficial as it prevents frequent adjustments of volume settings. AGC eliminates the need for manual microphone gain level changes. However, some Discord users have disabled this feature as they do not find it helpful and believe it causes random volume decreases.

How to Enable Automatic Gain Control on Discord?

To turn on Automatic Gain Control on Discord, follow these steps:

1. Open the Discord app on your PC.

Note: Make sure you are logged into your account.

2. Click on the cog settings icon from the bottom left corner.

click on cog icon

3. Select the Voice & Video option from the left pane.

select voice and video option

4. Under the Noise Suppression section, turn on the toggle for the Automatic Gain Control option.

turn on the automatic gain control

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How to Disable Automatic Gain Control on Discord?

AGC allows you to automatically adjust the level of your microphone input. If you feel that you don’t need any extra gain in your microphone output, you can disable it by following these steps:

1. Launch the Discord app on your PC and navigate to the Voice & Video settings menu.

2. Next, from the Noise Suppression section, turn off the toggle for the Automatic Gain Control option.

turn off the automatic gain control

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