What is a Discord Tag? What Does it Mean?

Put on the decoder goggles and spill the beans on Discord tags!

Discord has emerged as a dynamic hub that connects individuals from diverse backgrounds to exchange ideas and share their passions on a server. Upon creating an account on the platform, you might have noticed a peculiar combination of a hashtag and numbers. They call this unique element a Discord tag. However, what exactly is a Discord tag and what does it mean? Let’s find this out in today’s article!

What is a Discord Tag

What is a Discord Tag?

Discord is a widely used platform with millions of active users. These numbers and letters are not ordinary strings. Other social media platforms provide a distinct username or handle when a user creates an account. Similarly, the Discord tag is a badge given to each user when they join the platform.

It is your virtual alter ego, your identifier on the platform that Discord assigns to differentiate you from other users. Sharing your tag with others enables them to add you as a friend or mention you in conversations. This uplifts their ability to connect and interact with you in the community.

How Does the Discord Tag Work

Discord tag is a randomly generated combination of a username and a 4-digit number. There are multiple ways they work:

  • User Identification: Discord generates a unique tag for each user. So no two users can have the same numbers, even though the username turns out to be the same. For example: Raunac#3235 and Raunac#3532.
  • Adding friends or mentioning users: You need the tag to find and send a friend request to someone on the platform or to mention someone in the message within a server.

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What Does the Discord Tag Number Mean? 

Discord tags have a 4-digit number ranging from #0001 to #9999 that is put after the username. It is automatically generated for each user account and is separated from the username by the hashtag (#) sign. As these are the discriminators, users with the same username can be distinguished from one another using the tag number. The image below represents an example of a Discord tag.

Discord Tag Example

How to Find Someone’s Discord Tag 

If you’re looking to find or add someone on Discord, we’ll help you find their tag, both on PC and Mobile.

Method 1: On PC

Follow the steps on the Discord desktop application: 

1. Open Discord and click on the Search bar

2. Enter the Display Name of the user.

3. You should see their user tag right there in the search results.

Note: The search results only display users who you are already friends or share a mutual server with.

You should see their user tag right there in the search results.

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Method 2: On Mobile

It’s not as straightforward as a PC to find someone’s tag on mobile, but it is easy. Follow the steps:

1. Open Discord and tap on the Search bar at the bottom.

2. Type the Display Name of the user. 

3. Tap on their name in search results.

Tap on their name in search results.

4. Tap on the profile icon at the top-right corner, followed by their name.

5. A pop-up will appear where you can see their user tag.

A pop-up will appear where you can see their user tag.

That is it! However, recently Discord CTO and Co-Founder Stanislav Vishnevskiy announced the discontinuation of tags. This means, instead of the hashtag and discriminator numbers, users will now have a unique username instead. Go through the official announcement here.

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We hope our article helped you learn what is a Discord tag. If you have any queries or suggestions for us, do let us know in the comments box below. For more such app-related info, stay connected to TechCult.

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