How To Do Nationality Challenge On Instagram App

Join the cultural exploration trend and share it on your Insta feed.

Instagram is a video and picture-sharing platform where some social media trends keep getting viral and popular. The users of this app post small video clips or reels related to the latest trend to get likes and comments. The nationality challenge is a similar type of trend. If you want to try it out using the app, read this guide till the end!

How to do the nationality challenge on Instagram

How To Do Nationality Challenge on Instagram App

You can participate in the Nationality Challenge trend by creating a video where you dress in attires representing various countries like India, Russia, or the United States, and share it on Instagram. To join in, you need to simply download the Nationality Challenge app and apply its filter to your video. To know how, keep on reading.

To get the Nationality Challenge app and filter, follow these steps:

Disclaimer: All these steps have been performed on an Android smartphone and the screenshots have been taken from the same phone.

Note: Since all smartphones do not have the same Settings options and they vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, ensure the correct settings before changing any. The following methods were tried on (TECNO Spark 7 Pro).

1. Search for the app FacePlay on the Play Store and install the app.

2. Open the App and scroll to the For You section to find several nationality filter templates. Choose one of them.

Note: You can only choose the templates that are for free. To access all templates you need to have a premium account.

Select the filter that you like.

3. After choosing a filter, tap on Add a face and click a photo of yourselves. Then, press Confirm.

To add your photo to the filter | Nationality challenge app

4. Tap on the Start Making button. To proceed further you will need to watch a video advertisement.

Start Making option.

The video will begin to be processed. Save it once it is done.

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How Do I Make a Nationality Challenge Reel on Instagram

To make a Nationality Challenge reel using an app on Instagram, follow these steps:

1. Follow the steps mentioned above to create a Nationality Challenge video using the FacePlay app.

2. Compile all the videos that you have made from various nationality filters by using video editing tools like Inshot or CapCut.

3. Save the compiled video.

4. Now, open the Instagram App on your phone and tap on the plus icon at the middle of your profile.

Tap on the Plus icon.

5. Select the REEL option from the pop-up menu that appears.

Select the Reel option to post a new Reel | Nationality challenge app

6. Upload the compiled video from your device.

7. Once the video is uploaded, tap on the Edit video button at the bottom-left corner to make any further changes.

To edit your Reel.

Then, post the video as a reel on your Instagram account.

How Can I Do the Nationality Challenge for Free

You can do the nationality challenge for free by choosing those filters that do not require a premium subscription on the FacePlay app. However, by using a free account you can select a limited number of filters only.

How Do I Look in Different Nationalities’ App

Your appearance in the different nationalities app depends on the photo you choose for applying filters. To capture a great picture, ensure good lighting and use the right camera angle. The filter you select will define your look, with your face inserted into it.

We hope our guide helped you in doing the Nationality Challenge using the app on Instagram. Follow our page for more fascinating tech-related advice and tips. Feel free to leave behind comments and suggestions.

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