What Happens When You Clear Spotify Cache?

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Spotify is a famous music streaming platform that brings the music world close to you. You can create your own personalized playlists for every mood and occasion. But, sometimes there’s a possibility that things might go wrong with the app, such as your playlist not getting updated or the songs not playing correctly. In situations like these, clearing the cache on Spotify can help. Don’t know what happens when you clear your Spotify cache? No worries, read till the end!

What Happens When You Clear Spotify Cache

What Happens When You Clear Spotify Cache?

Clearing the cache on Spotify can resolve various issues generated within the app and even save you some storage space. Before knowing the consequences of deleting cache on Spotify, let us know the basic info about it.

What is Cache on Spotify?

Cache refers to a small data file stored by Spotify on your device to improve the overall experience like the app loading times and user experience. It generally stores home screen recommendations, weekly playlist suggestions, and many more. The app is not required to load everything every time you launch the app. The app completely relies on the stored cache to load the data spontaneously.

You should keep in mind that clearing the cache will lead to deleting all temporary files, including downloaded music. So, make sure to back up any data before jumping on the process. Let’s explore what happens when you clear cache on Spotify: 

  • Storage Clear-up: Temporary files are stored on your device when you use Spotify and the storage taken up by these files can lead to slowing down of your device. After clearing cache, all the temporary files are removed, leading to freeing up space.
  • Removal of Downloaded Information: If you ever downloaded music offline, then clearing the cache will delete the information about it and then you will be required to download it again the next time.
  • Settings Reset: Clearing the Spotify cache can sometimes reset the app’s settings to default, which is helpful in resolving any issues you are facing regarding the app. 
  • Logging Out Spotify: In many cases, your Spotify account might be logged out after clearing the cache. This means that you will be requested to log in again with your credentials.
  • Saving Battery Life: If the cache is full, it will put a strain on your device’s battery. However, cache clearing can reduce strain and save battery life.

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Is It Safe to Delete Spotify Cache?

Yes, clearing the cache on Spotify is completely safe. However, it is recommended to avoid clearing cache if there are no storage issues on your device or problems with the app because your personalized data also gets deleted. 

How to Clear Cache on Spotify

Whether you listen to Spotify on Windows, iPhone, Android, or Mac, the music service is dependent on downloading lots of data continuously to stream music. The app has some tricks to improve its performance, including clearing some content locally on your device on Spotify cache. In the below sections, you’ll learn how to clear the cache on Spotify on different devices.

Option 1A: On iPhone Via Spotify App

Follow the steps mentioned below to clear Spotify cache on your iPhone: 

1. Open the Spotify app on your device and go to Your Library.

go to your library

2. Tap on your profile in the top left corner.

Click on your profile | What Happens When You Clear Spotify Cache

3. Tap on Settings and privacy.

Tap on Settings and privacy | What Happens When You Clear Spotify Cache

4. Tap on Storage.

Tap on Storage

5. Lastly, tap on Clear Cache.

tap on Clear Cache

Option 1B: Via iPhone Storage

You can also clear Spotify app cache by deleting it from your iPhone’s settings. Here’s how:

1. Open Settings and tap on General.

tap on general

2. Tap on iPhone Storage.

tap on iphone storage

3. Now, swipe down and select Spotify.

select spotify | What Happens When You Clear Spotify Cache

4. Tap on Offload App to free up storage and cache but keep data and documents.

Note: You can also tap on Delete App to clear all cache and reinstall again.

select offload app or delete app

Option 2A: On Android Via Spotify Settings

There are different ways to clear cache on Android. You can either do it from Spotify Settings or use the app info menu. Follow the steps below to clear cache through Spotify settings:

Note: Since Android settings vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, the steps below were undertaken from One Plus Nord CE2 Lite.

1. Open Spotify on your device.

2. Tap on the Settings gear located at the top right corner.

click on setting icon

3. Swipe down and tap on Clear cache and confirm it.

click on clear cache

Option 2B: On Android Via Info Menu

Follow the steps below to clear cache from the Spotify info menu:

1. Long press on the Spotify icon.

2. Tap on i and the app info menu will be opened.

click on i icon | What Happens When You Clear Spotify Cache

3. Tap on Storage usage.

click on storage usage

4. Tap on Clear cache after checking the cache data. 

click on clear cache | What Happens When You Clear Spotify Cache

That’s it! Your cache will be removed.

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Option 3: On Mac

Follow the steps mentioned below to clear Spotify cache on Mac:

1. Open Finder.

2. Select Go and then click on Computer.

Select Go at the top of devices and then select Computer | What Happens When You Clear Spotify Cache

3. Double-click on Mac and then click on Users

4. Select the profile from which you’re clearing cache.

5. Click on the Library folder.

6. Search for the Cache folder and then open it.

7. Open the com.spotify.client folder and delete the folder located inside it.

click on the com.spotify.client folder

8. Go to Library to delete the offline cache.

9. Click on Application Support.

10. Select Spotify and delete watch-sources.bnk file.

Your cache will get deleted from your Mac.

Option 4: On Windows

Follow the steps mentioned below to clear Spotify cache on Windows:

1. Click on your account name at the top right corner.

click on your profile

2. Click on Settings

Click on Settings

3. Click on Clear cache next to Cache.

select clear cache | What Happens When You Clear Spotify Cache

Now, you will be able to clear your Spotify cache from Windows.

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You’ll always have the perfect soundtrack at your fingertips with Spotify curated playlists for any moment and mood. Hope this blog helped you figure out what happens when you clear Spotify cache. If you have any queries, drop them in our comment section below!

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