What Happens When I Change My WhatsApp Display Name?

Personalize your profile identity for WhatsApp interactions with a custom username.

You might have noticed that your WhatsApp name becomes noticeable to others when you’re chatting. However, you might decide to modify it in order to better reflect your identity or conceal it entirely from other users. Regardless of your reasons, let’s understand how to modify your WhatsApp name and learn what happens when you change it.

What Happens When I Change My WhatsApp Display Name?

What Happens When I Change My WhatsApp Display Name?

Changing your WhatsApp display name is a straightforward process with no restrictions. You have the freedom to modify your name as desired through WhatsApp’s account settings. After you have changed the name, your updated name becomes visible to users who haven’t saved your contact information. When someone clicks on your profile, they can see this name.

It’s essential to know that altering your WhatsApp name won’t trigger notifications to your contacts. This feature offers flexibility and privacy in managing your displayed identity.

Note: If you store their number in your contacts with a distinct name, their WhatsApp name will adopt that entry.

Who Can See My WhatsApp Name?

Your WhatsApp name is visible to:

  • Unknown users
  • Group participants

It’s displayed when someone views your chat, profile, or status, allowing communication even without having your number saved.

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Should You Use Your Real Name on WhatsApp?

It depends. Avoiding the use of your real name is not a crime. It depends upon the choice and comfort of the users.

  • For personal use: It is not necessary to use your real name; you can use any nickname or even emojis instead of your real name.
  • For professional use: Yes, you should use your real name. If you use WhatsApp payment methods, you should use your real name.

How to Change Name on WhatsApp on Android?

On WhatsApp, here is how you can change your display name:

Option I: On Android

1. Open the WhatsApp app on your phone.

2. Select the three-dotted icon from the upper right corner.

tap on three vertical dots

3. Then, tap on Settings.

go to settings

4. Tap on your current profile name from the top of the menu.

5. Now, to update your profile name, tap on the Pencil edit icon next to the Name field.

6. Enter the desired display name you want to save this time.

Note: Only 25 characters are allowed to write in the Name field.

Tap on the pencil

7. Now, tap on the Save option to save your modified name.

Tap on save

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Option II: On WhatsApp Web

You can also change your WhatsApp display or username from the WhatsApp Web site on your PC.

1. Visit the WhatsApp Web website on your browser.

2. Open the WhatsApp app on your phone and select the three-dotted icon > Linked devices option.

3. Then, tap on the Link a device option.

4. Now, scan the QR code displayed on the WhatsApp Web website to automatically sign in.

scan the QR code and log into your account

5. Now, click on the three-dotted icon followed by the Settings option.

6. Click on the Profile name > Pencil edit icon next to the Your name field.

Click on the Profile name - Pencil edit icon next to the Your name | modify WhatsApp name

7. Enter your desired name and click on the checkmark icon present beside the name field.

Can I Use Emoji in WhatsApp’s Name?

Yes, you can use emojis in your WhatsApp name. Adding emojis can add some fun and personalized touch to your displayed name.

How Do I Add Emojis to My WhatsApp Profile Name?

The process is simple and straightforward. Follow these steps to add emojis to your WhatsApp name:

1. Navigate to the Settings menu on the WhatsApp app and tap on your Profile name.

2. Tap on the Pencil edit icon next to the Name field.

3. Now, tap on the emoji icon to add emojis with your name.

tap on the emoji icon to add emojis with your name

4. Select the desired emojis from the panel.

5. After adding emojis, tap on Save to modify changes.

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Through this guide, you must have discovered what happens when you change your WhatsApp name and how to modify it. Feel free to drop your comments below and share your experiences with altering your username. If you have further questions or topics you’d like us to cover, don’t hesitate to let us know. Happy chatting with your new name on WhatsApp!

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