How to Change Display Name in Roblox

Make a lasting impression in the gaming world with a creative name!

Don’t want the same old, boring name anymore? Don’t worry! You can change your display name and create something that truly represents your unique personality and style. And the best part is that it doesn’t cost a penny. Let’s discover how to change the display name in Roblox in a few clicks.How to change display name in roblox


How to Change Display Name in Roblox

Having a unique display name in Roblox is essential to stand out. It should be creative enough to reflect your interests and personality, but make sure it follows Roblox policies. If you want to update your name, this guide will help you. Keep reading!

Follow the steps given below to change the display name in Roblox:

1. Open the Roblox app on your device and log in to your account.

2. Tap on the three-dot icon at the bottom-right corner.

3. Scroll down and select Settings.

4. In the Settings menu, choose Account Info.

tap on Account Info

5. Tap on the Edit icon next to Display Name.

Tap on Edit icon | How to change display name in roblox

6. Enter your desired new display name in the provided field and tap on Save.

enter new display name and tap on Save

Once done, your new display name will replace the old one on your profile.

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How Do You Change Your User Name in Roblox for Free

If you want to change your user name on Roblox for free, you can submit a request to the support team. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Note: There is no guarantee that this request will be approved, as it is at the discretion of the Support team.

1. Log into your Roblox account, and to open more menu tap on the three-dots icons in the bottom-right corner.

2. Select Help from the More menu.

3. Tap on the Search bar and type in Contact Us.

4. Under the Contact Us section, tap on the Support form.

tap on Support form

5. To proceed, you will be asked to provide your date of birth. Once entered, tap on the Next option.

Note: Here, you will now need to fill in your information.

6. In the Contact Us section, tap on the Type of Help category.

7. Now, select the User Safety Concern option.

tap on User Safety Concern | How to change display name in roblox

8. In the Description of issue box, clearly explain the issue and why you want to change your username, and tap on the Submit option.

Does it Cost Robux to Change Your Display Name?

No, changing your display name on Roblox is entirely free. You can modify it as often as you like without spending any Robux. However, please note that changing your username, which is a unique identifier for your account, does require 1,000 Robux.

Additionally, you can change your display name only once every seven days. Your display name will be visible not only on Roblox but also in any associated experiences or games you participate in.

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Why Does It Cost 1K Robux to Change Your Username?

The username distinguishes your Roblox account through a unique combination of letters and numbers from others. Two users cannot have the same username. This is one reason why it costs 1K to change a username. However, there are several other possible reasons, such as:

  • To prevent users from claiming as many usernames as possible across multiple accounts.
  • To combat the issue of hyper-inflation of taken names.
  • To discourage users from constantly changing their username.
  • To generate revenue.

How Do You Change Your Display Name on Roblox Before 7 Days

The process of changing your display name on Roblox normally takes seven days. During this time, you cannot change your display name. However, if you need to change it urgently, you can send a request to the Roblox support team. To do so, you can follow the steps given in the previous heading, How to change the name on Roblox for free. Make sure to provide a valid reason for the display name change.

We hope this article has been helpful for you in learning how to change display name in Roblox. Keep exploring our blogs for more useful guides! Feel free to leave your suggestions and questions in the comments section below.

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