What Gives You XP in Valorant?

Unlock the secrets of Valorant's XP system to understand which activities boost your progress.

In Valorant, XP plays an important role in advancing through the in-game ranks and unlocking various rewards. However, earning it is not solely based on winning matches or gaining high scores. This guide will provide answers on what gives you XP in Valorant and the fastest ways to get it.

What Gives You XP in Valorant?

What Gives You XP in Valorant?

XP or experience points in Valorant serve as a soft currency in the game for fulfilling contracts. XP points are automatically used to level up any active contracts in Valorant. Here are some of the ways of gaining more XP in the game:

  • Buy a Battle Pass
  • Playing daily missions (lower XP offered)
  • Playing weekly missions (larger XP offered)
  • Playing in various modes like Deathmatch, Spike Rush, Escalation, Competitive, and Unrated.

Do Kills Give XP Valorant?

No, you do not gain XP based on the number of kills in the game. The XP gain is based only on the rounds played and rounds won and not on kills. For example, even if you get 40+ kills and be the match MVP (most valuable player) but lose the match, you will gain a limited XP based on losing the match. Your combat score does not play any role in how much XP you gain from a game.

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How Much XP Does Valorant Give Per Game?

There are several game modes in Valorant, and how much XP you gain depends on which mode you are playing. Here is a list of a few modes and how much XP you can gain by playing them.

  • Unrated: This mode lets you earn up to 4700 XP per match. Playing in the Unrated mode means that you are playing solely to increase your XP and not your competitive rank in Valorant. To gain XP, you need to complete each match. Winning an unrated game with a great margin can fetch you up to 4700 XP. However, losing a match fetches you lower XP points.
  • Competitive: This mode lets you earn from 2100 XP up to 4700 XP per match. The breakdown is like 200 XP per round won and 100 XP per round lost in the game. Winning a game in competitive mode can get you up to 4700 XP, as well as increase your competitive rank in the game. On the other hand, losing a competitive game gives you a lower amount of XP, the minimum amount being 2100 XP. Competitive games take 30 to 40 minutes to complete, and losing a match will lower your account rank in Valorant.
  • Spike Rush: This is a short-match mode that lasts for only 7 rounds per match. It gives a flat 1000 XP per match, and it is relatively quicker to earn XP by playing the Spike Rush mode in Valorant.
  • Deathmatch: Deathmatch is a short-match game mode in Valorant, which lets you earn 900 XP per match. The game ends when a player gets 40 kills, or the time limit of 9 minutes ends (whichever is earlier).
  • Escalation: The Escalation or Replication game modes let you earn 800 XP to 1000 XP per match. Playing a match fetches you 800 XP, and winning it fetches you 200 XP extra, which makes it a total of 1000 XP.

Note: Previously, only 500 XP points were offered to players per game in the Deathmatch mode. The amount of XP was increased to 900 after the players complained about the remarkably low XP gains offered.

Valorant modes

How Much XP Does Spike Rush Give?

The Spike Rush mode in Valorant gives you a flat 1000 XP per game. It is the fastest way to get XP in Valorant. Each Spike Rush match lasts for a period of 8 to 12 minutes only. Hence, you can play about 5 Spike Rush games in 40 minutes and earn flat 5000 XP. For comparison, a game in Competitive or Unrated mode lasts for 30 to 40 minutes and lets you earn only up to 4700 XP per match.

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How Much XP is It Per Level in Valorant?

You can level up in Valorant using Account Points (AP). The number of XP you can earn per level depends solely on the game mode that you are playing and whether you have an active Battle Pass to give you an XP boost.

What is the Fastest Way to Get XP in Valorant?

The fastest ways to give yourself XPs quickly in Valorant are:

  • By playing the Spike Rush game mode, which lets you earn 1000 XP per game.
  • If you are willing to spend a few bucks on your XP gain in Valorant, purchasing a Battle Pass will increase the amount of XP gain by 3% per match.

How Do You Earn XP in Valo?

You can earn XP in Valorant by playing various game modes, buying Battle Pass for XP boost, and completing daily and weekly missions. The XP you earn is used to unlock new Valorant agents or the existing agents that are locked by default in the game. It helps you to advance Battle Pass levels in Valorant.

Note: XP is also used in activating agent’s contracts, which helps you to unlock the locked agents such as Killjoy, Yoru, Viper, Reyna, Omen, or Skye.

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Does Comp Give More XP Than Unrated?

No, the competitive mode does not give more XP than the Unrated mode in Valorant. Both modes give you a maximum of 4700 XP per game. The competitive mode gives you a minimum of 2100 XP per game. Both modes give you 200 XP for winning a round and 100 XP for losing a round.

It means that in a match of 13 rounds, if you end up dominating your opponent and sweep them with a 13-0, you will be able to earn 2600 XP.

We hope that through this article you were able to learn what gives you XP in Valorant. You may have also understood that the more time you dedicate to the game, the more you are rewarded with XP points. Drop your queries below and keep coming back for more interesting content.

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