How to Level Up to 20 Fast in Valorant

For Windows, Riot Games has created and released Valorant, a free-to-play first-person tactical hero shooter. A 5v5 multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) is involved, with one side attacking and the other defending. Teams must either lay a bomb or remove all foes to win a round in the main game mode, Search and Destroy, which is quite similar to Counter-Strike. The battle pass system in Valorant allows players to acquire prizes for participating in the game and achieving goals. If you are wondering what’s the fastest way to level 20 in Valorant? That is precisely why we are here, and we’ll guide you how to level up to 20 fast in Valorant.

How to Level Up to 20 Fast in Valorant

How to Level Up to 20 Fast in Valorant

Here, you will get to know about the different ways you can try to level up to 20 fast in Valorant game.

Quick Answer

Leveling up to 20 in Valorant can take some time, but there are several things you can do to speed up the process:

1. Play regularly and consistently.

2. Complete daily and weekly challenges.

3. Play in a group.

4. Win games.

5. Use XP boosts.

6. Purchase the Battle Pass.

7. Play the Spike Rush game mode.

Which Game Modes in Valorant give the most XP?

The Competitive game mode in Valorant offers the maximum experience points. This is due to the fact that competitive matches are more time-consuming and need more strategic gameplay than other game types. Also, compared to other game types, winning a competitive match gives you more experience points.

Compared to Competitive mode, other game modes like Unrated and Spike Rush offer similar amounts of XP but are typically shorter in duration and place less of a focus on strategy. While the Deathmatch mode gives players a wonderful chance to practice their aim and movement, it also awards the least amount of XP of any game mode in Valorant. Also, completing daily and weekly challenges can greatly increase the amount of XP you earn.

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Players must amass 5,000 Account Points in Valorant in order to level up to level 20(AP). By taking part in games and finishing tasks, you can achieve this. The borders have minor improvements every twenty levels, and they get a new color scheme every one hundred levels. So, continue reading the article to know What’s the fastest way to level 20 in Valorant?

1. Differentiate XP from AP

Use the game’s XP and AP boosts to your advantage if you want to level up to level 20 quickly. First off, you’ll receive a daily XP boost if you play every day. Also, if you play in Spike Rush mode, you will earn more experience points and the game will award 1000 experience points to everyone. Also, there are rewards for finishing contracts and obtaining weapon upgrades. Finally, playing multiplayer games in a cooperative or competitive fashion will give you more chances to level up. Players can level up to level 20 rapidly and gain access to more agents, skins, and other game cosmetics by making use of all of these bonuses.

2. Get Main to Play All the Time

Having a main—a certain agent or role—that you play constantly will help you learn how to level up fast in Valorant more rapidly. This is due to the fact that playing the same agent or role frequently will help you become more adept at it, enabling you to earn more XP and AP from each encounter. You will also be able to achieve objectives and other duties more quickly if you stick with the same agent or job, which will increase your XP and AP from each game. Finally, by repeatedly taking on the same agent or role, you will get a deeper understanding of the game and be able to use better tactics to win more games and level up faster.

3. Persevere Through Daily Missions

Valorant game missions

In order to fast level up in Valorant, it’s crucial to persevere through the daily objectives. Daily missions are tasks that grant XP to players if they complete particular in-game tasks. By completing these assignments, players can level up and gain XP more quickly. Players can also execute Contracts, which are longer missions that ask them to do a number of tasks in exchange for XP, Radianite Points, and a variety of skins.

4. Strategically Approach Weekly Missions

To swiftly level up to 20 in Valorant, it’s crucial to tackle the weekly objectives strategically. Weekly missions are difficult assignments that grant experience points (XP) for achieving particular in-game goals, such as finishing a set number of games with a particular agent or delivering a set amount of damage with a particular weaponry. Weekly tasks can help players gain experience points rapidly, but it’s crucial to approach them carefully to get the most out of them. This can involve concentrating on missions with greater XP rewards and using the agents and weapons with which you are most familiar.

5. Mind the Match XP Rewards

Observe the match In Valorant, is a system called XP Rewards that offers incentives for winning games. You will level up to level 20 more quickly as a result of playing more matches and earning more XP. With a boost for each victory, the first ten matches have the largest XP awards. The XP reward for each match decreases slightly after the tenth game, although it still serves as a draw to play more. A higher XP bonus will also be given for playing in higher ranks than for playing in lower ranks.

6. Consider Time Frame Per Match

A notion called Consider the Time Frame Per Match describes how long a match in Valorant lasts. Players can estimate how long it will take them to level up to level 20 by factoring in the time it takes to play a match and the amount of XP they will receive for finishing it. In general, a player will level up more quickly the faster they can finish a match. As a result, playing at greater tick rates and at higher levels will provide players an edge because they will be able to finish games more quickly and accumulate more XP.

7. Spike Rush is the Most Practical Choice

valorant spike rush game mode

In Valorant, there is a game mode called Spike Rush that is intended to be more dynamic and fast-paced than the typical Ranked or Unrated battles. Given that it offers more XP and that matches can last up to 7 rounds, it is a fantastic option for gamers who want to know how to level up fast in Valorant (approximately 8-12 minutes). Spike Rush is the most practical and effective option for gamers who wish to level up rapidly in Valorant because playing in higher levels will give an even greater XP benefit.

8. Always Play with Friends

Valorant can help you level up more quickly if you play with pals. Together, you can plan your strategy and increase your chances of winning when playing with pals. Playing the game with friends can also speed up your learning process and help you gain a better knowledge of the game’s mechanics. By practicing and honing your talents together, playing with friends can also help you move up the ranks more quickly. Last but not least, having fun and enjoying the game more can be accomplished by playing with buddies.

9. Play Everyday

One of the fastest tricks to know how to level up to 20 fast in Valorant is to play Valorant every day. Regular play will help you learn the rules and tactics of the game better and will hasten the process of skill improvement. You’ll have more chances to earn XP by playing every day, which will speed up your leveling process. Finally, playing frequently will help you develop a deeper comprehension of the game and its meta, which will improve your skill in general.

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How Does Leveling Work in Valorant

The quantity of Account Points (AP) you accumulate while playing Valorant determines how many levels you can advance to. You can earn between 0 and 7 AP per match, depending on how long it lasts and how it turns out. Your account level will rise as you play, and you’ll get new level-up cards as a reward. These cards show your development and accomplishments in the game visually. You can level up more quickly by gaining XP by performing daily objectives in addition.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is it easy to level up in Valorant?

Ans. In Valorant, you can definitely level up, but it will require effort and time. You should play frequently, take part in daily objectives, join games with friends, and make sure to use all XP-boosting options if you want to level up rapidly.

Q2. How can I get AP fast?

Ans. Playing and winning as many games as you can in Valorant is the fastest way to earn Account Points (AP). Playing Unrated games will get you more XP, as well as winning streaks.

Q3. How much XP does escalation give?

Ans. Escalation games grant 800 XP for completing the game, plus an additional 200 XP bonus for the winning team.


As we come to the end of the blog, we hope our guide was helpful on how to level up to 20 fast in Valorant. Go ahead and increase your AP to increase your level. Please let us know in the comments section if you have any queries or suggestions.

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