What Font Does Instagram Use?

Discover the captivating font used for Instagram captions, bios, and comments!

In the world of social media, aesthetic attractiveness is critical for capturing people’s attention. The font used in Instagram’s interface is one factor that contributes to its aesthetic appeal. In this article, we will give you detailed information on Instagram font and size.

what font does instagram use

What Font Does Instagram Use

Instagram uses different fonts for various purposes. The main text style used for the Instagram logo, captions, and comments is Proxima Nova. Instagram Stories uses typefaces like Roboto, San Francisco, and Aveny T. Android devices use the default font Roboto, while iOS devices use San Francisco. 

In addition to these basic typefaces, while creating Stories on Instagram, users can select from a selection of different typefaces. Cosmopolitan, Courier Bold, and Freight Sans are among the fonts available.

What is Instagram Original Font?

Instagram’s brand design also includes the usage of a bespoke text style called Instagram Sans. This font was created in-house by the company’s design team and shows the app’s dedication to simplicity and craft.

What is the Most Popular Font on Instagram?

The most popular text style on Instagram is Glacial Indifference.

What Typeface Does Instagram Use in Canva?

Canva uses the Helvetica Neue typeface on Instagram for all of its text content. Helvetica Neue is a sans-serif font with clean lines and a straightforward style. Because it is easy to read and looks well on both print and digital media, it is a popular choice for many brands and enterprises.

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What Text Style Does Instagram Use for Bio?

Instagram's official profile | what font does instagram use

Instagram employs a variety of fonts for various reasons, and the text style used for the bio is determined by the device or desired mobile operating system.

What Font Does Instagram Use for Captions?

switch to the Instagram tab once again to see all your IG DMs

Neue Helvetica is the default typeface for Instagram captions. However, you can also change it, and use a style that suits your overall posts’ theme. Use a font generator to do that.

What Case Does Instagram Use for Usernames?

Instagram does not have a specific text style that it uses for usernames. Users can choose from a variety of fonts when they are creating their username

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Does Instagram Allow Fonts for Username?

No. Instagram does not allow users to format their usernames with different text styles within the app. However, there are third-party apps and websites that provide text case generators that can be used to create different font styles for Instagram usernames.

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