What Does Invalid Token Mean on Discord?

Discord offers its users distinct user ID called tokens which identifies and separates us from each other. Tokens are a very important aspect of the platform as they are a means of logging in and authenticating users or bots. Therefore, if you get an invalid token error on Discord, you may wonder what this really means. Let’s answer this million-dollar question below!

What Does Invalid Token Mean on Discord

What Does Invalid Token Mean on Discord?

An invalid token on Discord can indicate a couple of things such as the authentication token is either expired or wrong when you try to update your password. This can mean that the token has been used before or has been requested more than once, making it invalid to use again for safety reasons.

How Can I Fix an Invalid Token Error on Discord?

You can try multiple fixes if you are getting an invalid token error on Discord. Let’s check them out:

  • Ensure that your token code is entered correctly.
  • Request a new password reset link to authenticate again from the Discord login page.
  • Change your Discord password.
  • Ensure you are using the correct bot token.
  • Check the rate range of your token in case Discord has set a limit to minimize token abuse.

How to Get My Discord Token

If you wish to access your token ID of Discord, follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Log in to Discord from your browser.

2. Click on the three dots at the top right corner of the browser.

3. Click on More tools and select Developer tools.

4. Click on Application from the top ribbon.

5. Click on the drop-down arrow icon in Local Storage under Storage.

6. Select the Discord URL.

7. Type in token in the Filter search box and hit Enter.

8. Now, click the Toggle device toolbar icon next to Elements from the top ribbon.

9. Click on token from the result and copy the token ID.

Copy the token ID

This way you will be able to get your Discord token value ID.

What Can Someone Do With Your Discord Token?

Tokens are authentication codes that are essential to separate you from bots on Discord. But if someone gets their hands on your code, they can bypass your passwords and 2FA with malicious intent and hack into your account. Additionally, this may allow a bot or account to be accessed without authorization, which may compromise your Discord servers.

What are the Best Practices to Manage My Discord Token?

To safeguard your Discord token, here are some of the best ways you can protect them from unwanted parties:

  • Never give your token to someone else.
  • If you are a bot developer, store your tokens safely and make sure you do not use them within your code.
  • Review and update your Discord account and bots’ security settings on a regular basis.

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We hope you have now understood exactly what does invalid token mean on Discord. Keep visiting TechCult for more such tech related guides. If you have any doubts, do drop your comments below.

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