What Does Found You via LinkedIn Profile Mean?

Learn what Found You via LinkedIn Profile notification reveals about your connections.

LinkedIn is not just a platform for connecting; it’s a space for meaningful professional interactions. Among the notifications you receive, Found You via LinkedIn Profile stands out. It’s like a digital handshake from someone in your professional network. But what exactly does it signify? In this article, we’ll explore the meaning behind this notification and learn the difference between Found You via LinkedIn Profile vs Search.

What Does Found You via LinkedIn Profile Mean?

What Does Found You via LinkedIn Profile Mean?

You might get a notification on your LinkedIn Premium account that suggests someone has gone through your profile with their name and other details. When a user discovers your LinkedIn profile from someone else’s profile connections, you get this notification in the profile viewers list.

Note: If you are not subscribed to Premium, you won’t be able to see specifically who it was.

What is the Difference between Found You via LinkedIn Profile vs Search?

The difference between Found You via LinkedIn Profile vs Search on LinkedIn lies in how a user discovers your profile:

  • Found You via LinkedIn Profile: When someone views your LinkedIn profile, and you see the notification, Found You via LinkedIn Profile, it means they visited your profile directly by clicking on your name or profile picture. This often indicates that the person was already aware of your profile or came across it on someone else’s profile page.
  • Found You via LinkedIn Search: On the other hand, if you see Found You via LinkedIn Search as the source, it means the user located you by performing a specific search using keywords, skills, or other criteria in the LinkedIn search bar. This suggests that they might have been actively looking for professionals with specific qualifications or expertise and found your profile among the search results.

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How People Can Find You on LinkedIn?

People can find you on LinkedIn through several ways:

Method 1: From Homepage

In this case, someone clicked on your name from a post, remark, or any other link that occurred on their LinkedIn homepage feed to find your LinkedIn profile. It’s important to note that you won’t know someone came to your profile from the LinkedIn homepage if their profile viewing options in their privacy settings are set to anonymous.

LinkedIn homepage

Method 2: Via Linkedin Profile

This case signifies that the person searched for you by clicking from an existing connection, or they found you after seeing a suggestion of your profile on someone else’s profile.

Method 3: Through LinkedIn Company Pages

This indicates that someone located you using a LinkedIn Page that you liked, commented on, or indicated as your place of employment. That is why it’s crucial to make sure you list your workplace’s official LinkedIn page rather than a blank LinkedIn Page that LinkedIn occasionally creates automatically to represent the company you work for in the Experience part of your profile.

Method 4: In Google Search Results

In this case, someone who viewed your LinkedIn profile performed a Google search on your name and found you. It means your influence, engagement, and content creation, are spreading beyond LinkedIn and Google. Well done! This demonstrates the strength of LinkedIn because everything you do there increases your exposure elsewhere, enabling you to access well-known platforms like Google Search.

someone who viewed your LinkedIn profile performed a Google search on your name and found you

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How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Discoverable?

There are numerous ways you can undertake to make sure your LinkedIn profile generates good engagement and becomes discoverable:

  • Maintain an All-rounded Profile: Make sure that your LinkedIn profile has complete and updated information, with an All-star level status, including your job title, organization, skills, and contact information.
  • Put Your Strengths First: Showcase your pros and achievements on your profile so that recruiters make a good impression about you. Produce content that makes your profile attractive and receives higher clicks.
  • The Cross-Posting Success: Cross-posting your content to LinkedIn will help you make the most of your content. It can happen that the content you submit is quite popular on other social media platforms, like Twitter or Facebook, which can help you boost your engagement not only on one platform, but other social sites.
  • Commenting On Other Posts: Commenting on other people’s posts helps to increase the number of people who view your profile. A thoughtful contribution to a discussion is always appreciated. Such claims will pique the audience’s interest in visiting your LinkedIn page.

These ways will certainly help your LinkedIn profile get found by recruiters.

LinkedIn profile status level

Where are You Visible on Other Users’ Profiles?

There are several places where your profile could appear on another person’s LinkedIn profile. These are:

  • People also viewed
  • Articles and Activity
  • Skills and Endorsements

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Now that you know what found you via LinkedIn profile means, you can confidently navigate the intricacies of professional networking. Share your thoughts in the comments section below, and stay tuned for more insightful articles. Happy networking!

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