How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Attractive to Recruiters

Optimize your LinkedIn presence for recruiter attention and job opportunities.

After the pandemic, companies began primarily using LinkedIn to hire for their open positions, with recruiters focusing on individuals’ profiles. However, having a profile that is either dull or contains too little or too much information can negatively impact your chances of being selected. To address your concerns, we have put together essential tips on how to make your student or fresher LinkedIn profile attractive to recruiters in this guide. Stay tuned until the end!

How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Attractive to Recruiters

How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Attractive to Recruiters

In a LinkedIn profile, just mentioning your work experience and skills isn’t enough. It is why LinkedIn introduces new and engaging features regularly. Therefore, it is essential to shift from old formats to newer ones and find some key methods to increase the appeal of your profile to recruiters.

Quick Answer

Enhance profile appeal by customizing the generated LinkedIn profile URL.

1. Go to your LinkedIn account.

2. Click on the Me tab on the home page.

3. Select View Profile.

4. Click the edit icon next to the Public profile & URL.

5. Add your name to the URL’s end and Save.

Method 1: Choose Suitable Profile Picture

Your profile picture is the first impression for anyone visiting your profile. Since humans respond quicker to visuals than written content, having a strong profile picture is key to making your LinkedIn profile appealing to recruiters. To achieve this, consider the following tips:

  • Use a high-quality image; don’t compromise on resolution.
  • Ensure that around 60% of the image showcases your face; avoid full-body photos.
  • Keep your attire moderate; simplicity is essential. Also, take into account what others in your profession usually wear.
  • To stand out, you can showcase a casual moment or a noteworthy achievement where you appear at your best.
  • Most importantly, use a recent profile picture. While it might not seem significant to you, recruiters form an impression that can be negatively affected if you make changes frequently.

Method 2: Create Custom Profile URL

Custom profile URL is basically changing the link that appears and which has to be followed to go to your profile. This link is auto-generated by LinkedIn and is very clumsy whose characters don’t make any sense. You can change this URL to make your profile more attractive by following the upcoming steps:

1. Visit the LinkedIn website on your browser.

2. Sign in to your account with your Email/phone number and password.

Note: If you have created the account through Google, select Sign in with Google.

3. Click on the Me tab from the top of the home page.

4. Click on View Profile.

Click on View Profile

5. Click on the Edit icon present next to the Public profile & URL option from top the right side of the screen.

6. Add your name at the end of the URL and click on Save.

Add your name at the end of the URL and click on Save

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Method 3: Write an Engaging Summary

A summary is what recruiters read after your headline. They might be too busy to go through your whole profile, so a professional yet intriguing summary is essential. Let’s start with key points to include in your summary:

  • Mention your work niche, current job title, and relevant experience
  • Highlight your higher education and achievements
  • Showcase important skills for your field
  • State vocational interests and future goals
  • Explain any career switches if applicable

You can also make your summary more interesting by adding personal anecdotes. Share experiences from past jobs and explain their impact on you and your work.

Method 4: Optimize Headline Creatively

Your LinkedIn headline must not only include the job title, as you have a range of 220 characters. Therefore, wasting it would be a loss. It has to be smartly optimized to ideally present all vital details. The idea, basically, is to provide recruiters with a quick grasp of various things. These may include your views on your role, the reason for what you do, and what keeps you going in this field.

Method 5: Flaunt Your Skills

Here, you must make sure to include only skills and expertise applicable to the desired role. This is because the skills you mention help recruiters easily find your profile during their search for a good and suitable employee. It’s also crucial for endorsements and profile strength. As relevance is key, avoid adding skills not core to your work or unrelated to you.

You can access the Add skills menu on your profile, specifically in the Add profile section. You may input the name of a skill into the Add skill pop-up box and choose it from the drop-down list that displays. You can also choose a talent from Recommended based on your profile. Any student can use this section to make a good, attractive LinkedIn profile and impress recruiters.

access the Add skills menu on your profile, specifically in the Add profile section

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Method 6: Make Experience Section Effective

The Experience section has a word limit of 2000 words for every job that you mention. However, we’ve taken into consideration the fact that using this full word limit might not enhance readability. Therefore, it’s recommended to keep this section short and crisp, typically around 300-500 words. Start by briefly introducing your role and responsibilities, followed by achievements in bullet points. You should make a note of this as it is important to make an attractive and good LinkedIn profile for students or freshers.

Method 7: Expand Your Network

Let’s see how you can expand your LinkedIn network:

  • Connections can be enhanced by syncing your LinkedIn profile with email address books.
  • Additionally, the LinkedIn algorithm is set up so that individuals in your second and third-degree connections may see your profile, encouraging them to engage with you.
  • Moreover, on a personal level, you can add posts, tag people, endorse those you know, and write recommendations.

These tips contribute to creating an attractive profile, especially for freshers and students.

Note: LinkedIn suggests people you might want to connect with. But you are under no compulsion to add any of these connections, nor will LinkedIn send any connection request without your prior permission.

Method 8: Enhance Profile Credibility with Endorsements

After adding the required skills, you need to back up this with endorsements. These can be provided by both current colleagues and individuals with whom you’ve previously worked. But the catch here is that endorsements should also be relevant in the same way as skills. Therefore, it is an option to hide or show endorsements, using which proactively can magnify the emphasis of your LinkedIn profile.

Method 9: Validate Skills with Assessment Test

An online exam called a skills assessment gives you the chance to show off your level of proficiency and display the Verified Skills badge on your profile. By providing recruiters with evidence to support your assertions, you improve your chances of employment. According to the LinkedIn blog, people with verified skills are around 30% more likely to be hired than people with non-verified skills.

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Method 10: Showcase Previous Projects and Achievements

Adding previous projects that are visually appealing can significantly amplify your chances of being selected for a job. It lets you share case studies, white papers, and other brand content related to your job. It can also bolster your skill set with proof that you have experience in what you do.

Method 11: Request Recommendations

Recommendations from people you’ve worked with earlier or who’ve supervised your work are important factors on your LinkedIn profile. These recommendations can include a range of things that help define you better as a person, such as:

  • How it is working with you
  • How good your skills are
  • Examples of your team spirit
  • Leadership skills

Method 12: Emphasize Accomplishments Section

In the introduction of your LinkedIn profile, you can showcase your professional achievements and expertise. This is a crucial aspect of making an effective and attractive LinkedIn profile for recruiters as students or freshers.

To add an accomplishment, follow the upcoming steps:

1. Navigate to your LinkedIn account on your browser.

2. Click on the Me tab > View Profile.

3. Click on Add profile section.

4. Select the Additional drop-down menu option.

5. Select the desired option to showcase your accomplishments in various fields.

Select the desired option to showcase your accomplishments in various fields

6. Add the required details in the given fields and click on Save.

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Method 13: Add Interests

The Additional section mentioned above may also include your interests. By adding interests, you create a community that helps you learn more about opportunities that you can pursue. It is especially important for a student to make a good LinkedIn profile.

Method 14: Be Active on LinkedIn Feed

It might seem challenging initially, but actively engaging with your LinkedIn feed is a necessary step in improving the attractiveness of your LinkedIn profile to recruiters. Being active means more than occasional profile checks; it involves consistently posting, reposting, and interacting with others. This is because of LinkedIn’s evolving recommendations algorithm. However, staying active minimizes the impact of these changes and significantly increases the likelihood of your profile being favored when recruiters search for candidates.

Method 15: Engage Thoughtfully in Comments

The primary purpose of adding comments is to promote meaningful conversations, thereby enhancing your LinkedIn profile’s visibility. It’s not obligatory to agree with others’ viewpoints; instead, it’s valuable to express your own stance while maintaining respect and thoughtfulness in your comments. It shows your ability to remain composed even when differing from someone else’s viewpoint, a trait appreciated by recruiters.

Moreover, having a unique opinion highlights your capacity to transform a situation into a compelling argument, setting you apart as a leader. This enriches your profile beyond your professional accomplishments, showcasing your personality beyond the workplace – a crucial aspect of managerial positions.

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We hope you have discovered the insights into how to make your LinkedIn profile attractive to recruiters. This guide has covered the importance of profile pictures and the value of recommendations for freshers to improve their profiles. Share your thoughts in the comments section, and don’t miss out on future articles by regularly exploring our website!

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