What Does Facebook Dating Symbols Mean?

Learn about Facebook Dating symbols to decode the hidden emotions of your potential match.

On Facebook Dating, symbols effectively convey the status of your interactions with potential matches. As there are various symbols and icons to denote different actions and features, it may get challenging for you to understand them. Let’s explore what these Facebook Dating symbols mean and how is it useful for seamless interactions.

What Does Facebook Dating Symbols Mean?

What Does Facebook Dating Symbols Mean?

Facebook Dating has various icons and symbols that users may come across while searching for potential partners. The heart icon and diamond-shaped icon with a plus sign are some of the most commonly used symbols. To understand what each symbol means, keep reading this article.

Can Your Friends See You on Facebook Dating?

No. In general, your Facebook friends will not be able to see that you are using Facebook Dating or see your dating profile. Facebook Dating operates separately from your main Facebook profile, and your activity on the dating platform is not shared with your Facebook friends or posted to your News Feed.

However, if you choose to connect your Facebook Dating profile to your Instagram account or join a Facebook Dating group, your FB Dating profile may become known to everyone. Continue reading to learn what does Facebook Dating symbols mean and navigate easily in the FB Dating app without letting your friends know.

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Who Can See Your Facebook Dating Profile?

Your Facebook Dating profile is generally only visible to other users who are also using the Dating feature. But your Facebook friends will not be able to see your dating profile or any activity related to it. However, it may become visible:

  • If you join a Facebook Dating group, your membership in the group may be visible to other members of the same group, including your Facebook friends who are also members.
  • Additionally, if you choose to link your Instagram account to your Facebook Dating profile, your Instagram followers who also use Facebook Dating may see your dating profile in their suggested matches.

What Does Facebook Dating Symbols Mean?

Facebook Dating uses symbols to indicate certain actions or features:

  • Heart icon: This is the most common symbol you’ll see on Facebook Dating. It’s used to indicate that you like someone’s profile. Tapping the heart icon on a profile will let that person know you’re interested in them.
  • X icon: This symbol is used to indicate that you’re not interested in someone’s profile. Tapping the X icon on a profile will remove that person’s profile from your matches.
  • Conversation icon: This symbol is used to indicate that you’ve matched with someone and can now message each other. Tapping the conversation icon will take you to the messaging screen where you can chat with your match.
  • Lock icon: This Facebook Dating symbol is used to indicate that you’ve added someone to your Secret Crush list. This list allows you to select up to nine Facebook friends or Instagram followers you’re interested in. If they add you to their Secret Crush list, Facebook Dating will notify both of you that you have a match.

Heart and X symbols

Can You Hide Facebook Dating?

Yes. You can use the Take a Break feature on your FB profile to pause your account from getting more matches.

What Does the Purple Dot on Facebook Dating Mean?

When someone taps on your Facebook Dating profile, you get notified by the purple dot symbols on the FB Dating app. It indicates that someone is interested in your profile but has not yet liked it or messaged you.

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By learning what does Facebook Dating symbols mean, you can easily understand the app features and get the most out of your dating experience. Mention your remarks about this article in the comments section below, and keep exploring our website for more informational guides.

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  1. I always have a dot on my friendship tab. Does that mean that someone has smiled at me? Because it is literally always there when I open Facebook dating. And it is always someone different.

    So, I’m thinking it may always be there under friendship – and have nothing to do with them “smiling” at me.

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