What Do All the Waze Symbols Mean?

Take a closer look at Waze's symbol vocabulary.

Waze is a famous navigation software known for its easy-to-recognize symbols and icons that help with navigation. Each symbol has a unique purpose that changes depending on the driving situation. If you’ve ever wondered about the meaning of Waze symbols, read on to find out their diverse interpretations.

What Do All the Waze Symbols Mean?

What Do All the Waze Symbols Mean?

Waze uses a variety of symbols to represent different things on the map. Here are some of the Waze camera symbols and their meanings:

Note: This is not the complete list, and Waze may occasionally introduce new symbols. Also, tapping on most symbols will reveal more information about it.

  • Police officer: A blue police officer icon means that there is a police officer on the road ahead.
  • Rail road crossing: The railroad crossing icon means that a rail road intersection is ahead.
  • Red light camera: A red camera icon means that there is a red light camera at the intersection ahead.
  • Speed trap: A yellow police icon means that a speed trap has been reported in the area.
  • Closures: A closure with red and white striped board icon means that there is a closure of roads ahead.
  • Crashed: A two cars crashed icon implies there is an accident happened ahead.
  • Traffic: A series of red cars means that there is traffic in the area. The more red cars, the more traffic there is.
  • Roadside help: A red and white striped safety ring icon means that there is a vehicle disabled on roadside ahead.
  • Accident: A black triangle icon with a car inside means that there is an accident ahead.
  • Map chat: A green chat symbol indicates that you can chat with other waze members on road.
  • Hazard: A black triangle icon with an exclamation point means that there is a hazard ahead, such as a construction zone or a disabled vehicle.
  • Flooding: A blue wave symbol indicates flooding on the road.

waze symbols

  • Hazard on shoulder: A road icon with a white shoulder line on it and an exclamation symbol indicates there is a hazard when driving near shoulder line.
  • Hazards on roads: A road icon with yellow exclamation mark indicates that there are hazards on road such as potholes, nails etc. that can damage a tire or wheel.
  • Weather hazards: A weather hazard icon such as a cloud with lightning and droplets from it implies a heavy rain in the area ahead.
  • Other Hazard: A yellow exclamation mark is used to imply other hazards such as electricity works and has potential to cause hazard.
  • Closed road: A black X icon means that the road is closed ahead.
  • Construction: A construction worker symbol means that a construction work is operated ahead.
  • Your location: A blue dot with your avatar icon means your current location.
  • Your destination: A green flag symbol on Waze means your destination.
  • Speed cams: A blue camera icon means there are speed detecting cameras ahead.
  • Speed cams with traffic light: A blue speed cam symbol attached to a traffic light implies that there is speed detecting camera along with traffic lights.
  • Camera within green bubble: This doesn’t indicate a physical camera but acts as a visual cue to emphasize the user-generated reports coming from that area.
  • Rest area/coffee cup: Indicates a rest area or coffee shop nearby.
  • Other Waze users: Other Waze users are represented by small car icons. The color of the car icon represents the mood of the user.
  • Waze mods: Waze mods are represented by a special icon. Mods are volunteers who help to improve the Waze map and community.

waze traffic symbols

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What are the Characters on Waze?

Waze offers a range of characters, known as moods, which allow you to express yourself to other users. These moods vary from silly to serious.

What Does the Candy on Waze Mean?

The meaning of the candy symbol on Waze is that you can earn bonus points by driving over it. A bonus candy will appear on the route ahead when you complete a certain achievement. Drive over the candy to collect it and earn points. The number of points you earn depends on the size of the candy.

What are the Little Ghosts on Waze?

The little ghosts on Waze are not actually ghosts. They are called moods and are a way for Waze users to express themselves to other Waze users. There are many different moods to choose from, including cats, dogs, smiley faces, and even a ghost.

Can Waze Tell You Where Cops are?

No, Waze cannot tell you where cops are; it can only show you the location of the cop’s usual checkpoint. Up until now, there has been no symbol or something on Waze that can detect the location of cops.

What Do Red Dots Mean on Waze?

Red dots on Waze can mean an Open request.

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What Does Purple Mean on Waze?

The purple line on Waze has two meanings:

  • In night mode, when you are on the default route, Waze will automatically display the purple line with green arrow symbols. Usually, the purple icon remains visible unless there is traffic or a new route.
  • Normally, a solid purple line indicates the road closure, meaning inaccessible due to traffic or other reasons and you need to take an alternative route.

How Do You Get a Sword on Waze?

When you rank in the top 4% of high scorers in your driving region, you’ll receive a sword. However, it’s important to maintain your position to keep the sword, as dropping below the 10% threshold will result in the automatic loss of the sword. This level is known as Waze Knight.

Through this article, we have addressed all your doubts regarding what all the Waze symbols mean. We have provided comprehensive details and information on the significance of each symbol. If you have any other doubts, feel free to write them in the comment section.

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  1. you didn’t include any of the icons that appear while driving to signify a problem. it’s infuriating that waze doesn’t have a legend or the ability to have an icon defined when it shows up on the map while driving.

  2. Waze, publish a list of the actual road icons used. You spend lots of digital space on fun icons, but not on real traffic matters for new users of your great app.

  3. Just started using waze as built in satellite navigation on 23 plate car which has top spec is no where near as accurate or informative as waze very very impressed

  4. When trying to report a roadside danger or location of cops, it is frustrating to tap that in while driving. Can’t they simply have the two most used reporting icons, or allow us to choose, display a bit smaller in the upper right while using the map?

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