What Channel is NBC on Spectrum?

Navigate Spectrum's lineup to zero in on the NBC channel.

Among the many cable channels, NBC stands out as a hub for news, entertainment, and sports. You can indulge in its highly praised shows, timely news, and exciting sports coverage. However, amidst the various choices, finding it on Spectrum might pose a challenge. This guide aims to assist you in discovering what is the specific channel for NBC and NBC Sports on Spectrum in states such as New Jersey as well as Florida.

What Channel is NBC on Spectrum?

What Channel is NBC on Spectrum?

NBC is mostly available on CH. No. 4 or 103 on Spectrum. This may vary depending on the region. Stay with us till the end to see the channel list.

What Channel is NBC Sports on Spectrum?

NBC Sports on Channel is available in two variations.

  • One is the Standard definition which is available on channel number 54.
  • The other one is the High definition available on channel number 206.

What Channel is NBC on Spectrum in New York?

In New York, NBC can typically be found on channel number 4 and 1203 on Spectrum cable. However, in specific areas, the channel number might differ:

  • Channel number 4 in Bronx, Brooklyn, New York
  • Channel number 2 in Buffalo

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What Channel is NBC in New Jersey?

NBC in New Jersey can be found on channel number 314.

What Channel is NBC on Spectrum in Ohio?

In Ohio, the NBC channel is as follows:

  • Channel number 4 in Columbus
  • Channel number 5 in Cincinnati
  • Channel number 3 and 1003 in Cleveland
  • Channel number 314 in Bergen County

What Channel is NBC on Spectrum in Florida?

In Florida, on Spectrum cable TV:

  • NBC is on Channel 2 in Orlando
  • NBC is on Channel 8 in Tampa

What Channel is NBC on Spectrum in Tennessee?

The CH. No. for NBC on Spectrum varies by location:

  • In Memphis, the CH. No. for NBC on Spectrum is not available.
  • In Alcoa, the CH.No.for NBC on Spectrum is 92.

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NBC Spectrum Channel List

Region Channel
Raleigh 3, 1209
Indianapolis 12, 1012
Milwaukee 2
Kansas City 13
Columbus 4, 906
Cincinnati 5
Cleveland 3, 1003
New York 4, 1203
Albany 13, 1203
Buffalo 2, 1203
Los Angeles 4, 1203
San Diego 7, 1203
Anaheim 4
Long Beach 4, 704
Reno 4, 784
Corpus Christi 7, 1203
San Antonio 3, 1203
Austin 4, 1203
El Paso 10, 1203
Dallas 5,780
Birmingham 8, 1008
Montgomery 11, 711
Lexington 8, 906
Louisville 6, 906
Charlotte 6, 1203
Durham 3, 1209

How to Watch NBC on Spectrum?

If you own a Roku device, you can get Spectrum TV channel and then access the NBC channel through it using your active subscription.

1. Turn on your Roku device and press the Home button from the TV remote.

2. From the left pane, select Streaming Channels.

select Streaming Channels.

3. Now, choose Search Channels.

select Search Channels | What Channel is NBC on Spectrum?

4. In the search box, type Spectrum TV and press the OK button.

5. Select Spectrum TV from the search results.

6. Now, click on the Add Channel button to install the Spectrum TV app to access NBC later.

add channel roku device.

7. Wait for the channel to get installed and then select the Go to channel option.

8. Sign in using your Spectrum account credentials.

9. Go through the channel list or use the search function to find the NBC channel you want to watch.

10. Select the desired NBC channel to start streaming NBC content.

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In this guide, we have answered your query to the question of what channel is NBC on Spectrum. You can refer to the channel list from this guide to tune in and enjoy your favorite NBC shows. If you have more questions or need further assistance, feel free to leave a comment below. Happy streaming!

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