What Channel is MAVTV on Spectrum in 2023?

Experience the thrill of motorsports now on Spectrum.

Spectrum is a popular online streaming platform known for its 125+ channels, live sports, free HD, and primetime on-demand. The best thing is that you can also stream MAVTV on it which helps you enjoy 24/7 streaming of motorsports. So if you enjoy the thrill of high-speed racing, read below to find out what channel is MAVTV on Spectrum in 2023.

What channel is MAVTV on Spectrum 2023

What Channel is MAVTV on Spectrum in 2023?

Spectrum is a long-standing platform with different subscription packages. The cheapest one includes MAVTV access, allowing you to stream various channels. To watch MAVTV quickly, tune in directly to channel 837 on Spectrum.

Is MAVTV Free?

No, MAVTV is not free to stream. MAVTV users require a subscription to access the content on MAVTV Motorsport Network.

Is MAVTV on Direct TV Stream?


MAVTV is a streaming service that is available on various platforms. If you are wondering, is MAVTV on Direct TV stream, then the answer to that question is, yes. On a Direct TV stream, you can watch MAVTV on channel number 214.

Is MAVTV an App?

MAVTV is an online streaming service that is available as MAVTV Select on Pluto TV, Plex, Samsung TV Plus, and many other platforms. In case you are pondering about, is MAVTV an app, then to answer this query, yes, MAVTV is also available as an app. You can now download MAVTV from Google Play Store or App Store.

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Is MAVTV on YouTube TV?

YouTube TV

Now that MAVTV has become a well-known channel among racing sports admirers, people have been looking for it on almost all online platforms. One such query asked by many viewers is, is MAVTV on YouTube TV? To your amazement, yes, you can view the MAVTV channel on YouTube TV at the Base Plan offered by it.

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What to Watch with MAVTV on Spectrum?


MAVTV has a lot to offer to motorsports enthusiasts. From racing sports series to TV programs related to sports, you can watch a lot on it. This dedicated motorsport channel offers a lot of unique content that you can exclusively find here. Let us look at some of the famous shows that will help you guide better towards what to watch with MAVTV on Spectrum.

1. Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing: Lucas Oil is an automotive lubricant company that owns the MAVTV network. The show takes you behind the scenes and also imparts a lot of information on how to get started. Drag Boat Racing has its own set of rules and regulations that you should not attempt at home but rather enjoy on MAVTV.

2. MAVTV Motorsports Report: MAVTV Motorsports Report is also a great show to watch that provides users with the latest news updates related to racing sports. The news show offers quality reports and also informs users about what they can expect and not from upcoming events and races.

3. Dirt Knights: Dirt Knights is another great Drag racing sport event to watch on MAVTV Spectrum. It lets you enjoy and watch drivers go head-to-head in thrilling off-road endurance races and also experience some of the best and note-worthy moments in dirt racing history. Along with racing, the show also provides technical information to sports enthusiasts.

4. The Lifted Life: This show is about people who share a love for trucks. Each episode of The Lifted Life showcase truck owners and their vehicles while they explain to the users about modifications their truck has undergone. It also lets users know how they can properly maintain their trucks and modify them if needed.

5. Pro Pulling League: Pro Pulling League on it which is one of the addictive shows on MAVTV Spectrum. It features aspiring drag racers who compete with each other to see who can pull the further distance in their dragsters. 

6. Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series: This show is a great treat for you if you are a fan of racing. It is an award-winning series that features drivers who have been a part of the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series. You will find some of the best drivers in racing on this show and learn a great deal from them as well.

This brings us to the end of our guide on what channel is MAVTV on Spectrum in 2023. We hope that all your questions about MAVTV and its presence on different streaming platforms were answered. If you want to know about other topics or have more queries, please leave them in the comments section below.

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