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What Channel is USFL on Spectrum?

Don't miss the jaw-dropping action; get ready to be glued to your Spectrum TV!

Well, the ball is in the air as USFL has returned finally with one more season and fans across the nation have already geared up to witness epic touchdowns! However, as the game day approaches, all our fellow football fanatics have got their snacks ready, and their team jersey on, do you know what channel USFL is airing on Spectrum and what subscription plans you would need to watch it? No worries, we have the answer. Read more to find out!

What Channel is USFL on Spectrum

What Channel is USFL on Spectrum?

It’s the second consecutive year USFL or United States Football League is on track. After a long halt and hard-hitting challenges, the league unfolded once again in 2022. As for the 2023 games, you can watch USFL on:

  • FS1 (7 season games)
  • FOX (17 season games and 1-semi final)
  • USA Network (7 season games)
  • NBC  (9 season games, 1-semi final, and the Championship game)

Note: We suggest you check the local listings for the exact channel numbers as they vary from region to region.

Additionally, all the games presented on the NBC network will also be available on the official NBC TV Network website and the app. Similarly, games be aired on the Fox and FS1 will be available on the FoxSports.com and Fox Sports App. Moreover, USFL will also stream on Peacock streaming service so that you can watch the game on OTT.

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What are the Subscription Plans to Watch USFL on Spectrum?

The Spectrum TV plan costs $59.99/month including all the channels USFL will broadcast on. In addition to that:

  • Over 85000 on-demand titles.
  • 125 plus channels
  • Peacock subscription for 12 months 
  • Add-ons like HBO Max and Showtime.

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We hope now you know what channel is USFL on Spectrum. If you have any queries or suggestions for us, feel free to share them in the comments box below.

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