What Can Discord Server Owners See?

Get insights into server owners' permissions.

There is no doubt that Discord server owners are armed with numerous rights and permissions. For instance, they can assign different roles to the members of a server and ensure better management throughout. However, amidst all these amazing superpowers, users often struggle to understand what the owners can exactly see. So if you are also wondering if Discord server owners can see your IP or searches, read this article to get your answers.

What Can Discord Server Owners See?

What Can Discord Server Owners See?

If you are a Discord user, you must have thought about what Discord server owners can see. Are they capable of anything with their majestical powers on the app? Can they know what you are up to? Well, here is a breakdown of what all server owners can view and access:

  • A Discord server owner can see the list of its server members.
  • They can see the username of server members.
  • Server owners can see certain profile details such as the profile images.
  • They also have access to view the online status of members.
  • A Discord server owner can also see the joining date of members on the server.

Can Discord Server Owners See Your IP?

No. Along with many other things, Discord does not know your IP address and certainly cannot reveal it to server owners or other members. Even if you are kicked out of a server, your IP address remains hidden unless someone tricks you into using IP address loggers, which can unknowingly track your IP address. Discord uses a client-server architecture for all voice and text communication, and your IP address is kept securely so that no third party can get into your IP address.

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Can Discord Server Owners See Email?

No. Your email address is part of the confidential information, and thus, remains hidden even from the server owner. If you have been stressing about your privacy, keep your worries aside. Discord server owners can only see your email when you willingly share it with them.

Can Discord Moderators See Private DMs?

No, unlike popular opinion, Discord moderators cannot see your private DMs. After all, they are named private for a reason. Discord DMs are end-to-end encrypted. However, all members read your messages if you are a group chat member.

Does Discord Show What You are Watching on YouTube?

No, Discord does not show what you are watching on YouTube by default. However, it does show the game that a user is currently playing on the platform. There are some third-party apps and plugins that claim to share such detailed activity of Discord users.

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Can Discord Server Owners See What You Search?

No, definitely not. The activities of a Discord user are hidden from other Discord users. Your actions as a member of the platform will remain private. Thus, even a server owner cannot access such information.

What is Ghost on Discord?

The Ghost feature on Discord makes users invisible to each other. This feature is similar to muting a chat in apps like WhatsApp, you can still chat with each other but it won’t pop up in your DMs the way notifications do.

By reading this article, you have now understood what can Discord server owners see. In the end, there are still some parts that Discord doesn’t disclose to guild owners, ensuring the privacy of members is well-hidden and secure. Share your thoughts and experiences using Discord in the comments section below.

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