What are Monthly Listeners on Spotify?

Track the numbers behind the tunes!

As one of the largest music streaming platforms across the globe, Spotify is a place for artists to exhibit their creativity, garner popularity, and earn as well.

Monthly listeners are essentially one of the determining factors.

But the question is – how are monthly listeners calculated on Spotify and how can you increase their numbers?

Curious? Great, because we have just the information that you need. So, let’s begin. 

What Are Monthly Listeners on Spotify

What are Monthly Listeners on Spotify?

Monthly Listeners is a metric that displays the popularity and reach of an artist on Spotify.

As the name suggests, they are unique users who stream a song from an artist’s profile at least once in a 28-day window. Unique here means that even if someone listens to a song repeatedly, they are counted only once.

As the calculation runs on a 28-day cycle, anyone who tunes into a song even on the 29th day will then be recorded for the next month.

It helps artists learn more about the size of their active audience within a specific time frame and also track changes in the number. So, generally high number of Monthly Listeners means broader reach and popularity.

Fluctuation in monthly listeners may not directly impact the total number of streams a song has on Spotify, as they are cumulative figures that increase with each play.

Artists can view this data on their Spotify for Artists dashboard along with other analytics in their profile.

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How Many Spotify Monthly Listeners Are There?

Presently, Spotify has close to 600 million monthly active users.

However, the number of monthly listeners for individual artists varies. At the time of writing in January 2024, Taylor Swift has 102.2 million monthly listeners while The Weeknd has 116.4 million. 

How Does Spotify Count a Monthly Listener

Spotify counts a monthly listener for an artist when they listen to any song from that particular artist at least once within 28 days.

It does not consider the frequency of plays but only on distinct listeners. So, even if you play a song from an artist hundred times, you will still be counted as a single listener.

How to Increase Spotify Monthly Listeners

If you are looking to have a successful career on Spotify as an artist then it is important to increase the number of Monthly Listeners. Here are some tips:

  • Get featured on a playlist on Spotify
  • Ensure to upload high-quality songs based on your genre
  • Be consistent in releasing new projects as that keeps the audience engaged and attracts regular traffic
  • Upload your Spotify song links on social media to bring in fresh listeners to increase the monthly count
  • Get yourself promoted on radio shows or podcasts

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Does Spotify Pay Per Monthly Listener?

Ans. No, not the number of Monthly Listeners but artists or record labels on Spotify are paid based on the total streams that their music has received. Hence, more number of streams means more revenue.

Q2. How Much Money is 1000 Monthly Listeners On Spotify?

Ans. Spotify pays roughly $0.003 to $0.005 per stream. So, 10 streams can get you nearly $0.05 and by that calculation, 1000 streams by 1000 monthly listeners can at least generate a revenue of around $5 for you. 

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