4 Ways to View Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments

Recover deleted Reddit posts and conversations using these effective techniques!

Have you lost a Reddit post or comment that had tons of upvotes? It can be frustrating to see your hard work disappear. But don’t worry, there are several tools that allow you to view such vanished threads. So, let’s dive in and learn how to see deleted Reddit posts.

4 Ways to View Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments

How to See Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments

Reddit posts contain valuable insights and heated debates. If you stumble upon such deleted posts or accidentally remove your own with many upvotes or comments, you can easily recover them using these methods.

Note: Kindly exercise caution when utilizing third-party software. We neither endorse nor provide support for their usage.

Method 1: Use Reveddit

Reveddit is a website where you can view all deleted Reddit posts. This tool also allows you to track deleted posts and comments. However, it is important to note that it displays content that is deleted by moderators and bots not by any users.

Here are the steps given to see deleted Reddit posts:

1. Go to the Reveddit website.

2. In the user or r/sub box enter the relevant username, post a link or subreddit, and click on go.

Note: This will open a page where you can see details of the deleted post.

3. In the username field enter your Reddit username and click on go located next to the username box.

click on go | reddit deleted posts

4. Click on the 0/1 (or number of posts you have deleted) option.

click on 0 of 1

Note: Now, you will see all the deleted posts.

5. Click on the deleted post you want to view.

6. Click on the View post button from the bottom right corner.

click on View post | reddit deleted posts

Now, you can see your deleted posts as well as comments.

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Method 2: Use Wayback Machine

With the Wayback Machine tool, you can view or find deleted Reddit posts by user, save copies of web pages, and display recorded snapshots spread across a calendar.

Follow these steps to view deleted posts.

1. Open the Browser and visit the Wayback Machine website.

2. Enter or paste the URL of the deleted Reddit post in the Wayback Machine search bar and hit the Enter button.

enter or paste the URL in the box

3. Now, you will see when and how many times the web page was saved.

Note: If there are archived snapshots available, you will see a calendar option.

4. Click on any of the dates from the calendar.

click on any date | reddit deleted posts

You will now see an archived version of the Reddit post for that date.

Method 3: Use Resavr

The Resavr tool might not work best like other tools as it doesn’t allow you to view removed posts, but you can view deleted comments using this tool that you have deleted for any reason. You can also find deleted Reddit posts by user with it using these steps:

1. Visit the Resavr website on your browser.

2. In the Search Comments box type keywords related to your deleted comment.

type keywords related to your deleted comment

3. Hit the Enter key.

Note: It will display a list of deleted comments with post titles.

4. Look through the result page for the deleted comment.

5. Click on any of the post titles to see the details of the deleted comment.

Note: This will redirect you to the page with the full content of the deleted comment.

you will redirect to a page with full content | reddit deleted posts

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Method 4: Use Undelete Reddit Extension

It is a Chrome extension that allows you to access Reddit posts and read deleted comments. Undelete is a helpful tool to view deleted Reddit comments and posts. However, it is important to note that this tool doesn’t offer to recover the deleted comments.

1. To use this tool, first you need to download the Undelete extension from Chrome onto your Desktop.

Undelete reddit

2. Open Reddit, locate the post you wish to cache, and simply click on the Extension button.

3. Now, you will see the URL with a Cache button under the post.

4. Click on the Cache button.

Note: The Reddit page will be cached.

5. Click on the extension button once again to recover the saved page.

How to Archive Deleted Reddit Posts

Many third-party websites offer the ability to retrieve archived versions of deleted Reddit posts. Examples of such sites include Removeddit, Way Back Machine, and Reveddit. However, one notably popular choice for this task is Wayback Machine.

To access deleted Reddit posts through Wayback Machine, please refer to the instructions provided in the previously mentioned section on How to view deleted Reddit posts and comments. You can also refer to our guide on 18 Best Wayback Machine Alternatives to explore more options for archiving deleted Reddit posts.


We hope this article has helped you view deleted Reddit posts and comments. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to drop them in the comments box below. Keep visiting our page for more cool and interesting articles.

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