Uber Eats Promotion You Picked Couldn’t be Applied to Your Order Fixed

Find the code to use your promo code uninterrupted!

Craving for your favorite dish but frustrated because the discount code you selected doesn’t work?

We understand the disappointment it brings when the message – Uber eats the promotion you picked couldn’t be applied to your order appears on the screen when you’re trying to steal some discounts on your food order.

In our guide, we will find out why the Uber Eats promo code did not get applied to your cart and also provide you with some reliable fixes, so you never have to lose out on those mouthwatering deals again.

the promotion you picked could'nt be applied uber eats

How to Fix Uber Eats Promotion You Picked Couldn’t be Applied to Your Order 

Whether it’s free delivery, a deduction on the total value, or a complimentary item, Promo codes provide customers with special discounts & deals and are a great way to save some bucks on your orders.

So, it can be really upsetting when you have promotion codes saved up for an occasion to use on Uber Eats, only to see that have been deemed invalid.

Here is why your Uber Eats promo code is not working:

  • You’ve entered an invalid one
  • It does not apply to the current order value or the food item
  • It is expired or has been used already
  • You’ve sent multiple requests using it
  • It is only available to new customers or is restricted to limited locations
  • Uber Eats server is down.

Quick Answer

Re-login to your Uber account and update the app. If that does not help,  create another account and try to use the promo code from it.

Method 1: Verify Expiration Date

Firstly, check if the promotion is valid on Uber Eats any longer. Why? Because usually, discount codes have a limited time validity.

1. Open Uber Eat and tap on Account at the bottom left corner.

2. Tap on Promotions from the menu.

Tap on Promotions

Active promotions will appear on the top of the page and expired promo codes will appear at the bottom. Use a valid one to get some discounts.

Method 2: Verify Promotion Code Criteria

Read the terms and conditions of the promo code to verify if it is only valid for new customers, if there is any minimum order value required, or if it applies only to selected restaurants or items.

Many times, brands do provide promotional codes for first-time users to attract customers or a minimum order amount. 

So, make sure that your cart fulfills the requirements as stated, or create another account and then use the promo.

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Method 3: Add Promo Code Before Placing Order

Once your Uber Eats order is accepted by the restaurant, the promotion you picked couldn’t be applied backward. So, make sure to use it before placing your order to receive the discount. 

Pay close attention to the order total before completing the purchase and then the summary of costs.

It should clearly show the price reduction from the promo code.

Method 4: Clear App Cache

Your Uber Eats app may have stored corrupt cache data over time which could affect its performance. 

One good way to get the features to work again is to get rid of the cache files. 

Note: Since smartphones don’t have the same Settings options, and they vary from manufacturer to manufacturer hence, ensure the correct settings before changing any. These steps were performed on the OnePlus Nord CE.

1. Open Settings, tap on Apps, and then on App management.

2. Select Uber Eats from the apps list, tap on Storage usage, and then Clear cache.

tap on Clear cache

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Method 5: Force Quit Uber App, Restart Phone & Apply Code Again

In case there is any form of technical glitches in the Uber Eats app, simply force quit the app to fix them.

To do so, remove the app from the background, restart your phone, and then try to apply the promo code.

Method 6: Contact Customer Support

If none of the above-mentioned methods have helped you to fix the issue, it’s better to reach out to the Uber Eats Customer Support team.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q1: Why am I getting the – This account is not eligible for promotions prompt on Uber Eats?

Ans: One of the reasons you’re account is ineligible for promotions on Uber Eats could be that the promo code is only applicable to specific items or locations.

Also, if it is a one-time promo and you have already used it from your current account, you will not be able to reuse it. 

Having multiple Uber Eats accounts and using the same billing information on the other one can also cause this error.

Q2: Why am I getting – We couldn’t activate this promo code on your current device on Uber Eats?

Ans: You may get this prompt if your device is incompatible with Uber Eats or if there is any other technical glitch.

Log in to your account from your desktop using the Uber Eats website to place an order using the promo code.

If the promotion you picked still couldn’t be applied to your order on Uber Eats, reinstall the app and then use the code.

Drop your queries or suggestions in the comments section and keep visiting TechCult for solutions to any such error.

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